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  1. still long way to go for me what about Bore whore there's the door? i wouldn't know... it would probably change every week...
  2. sorry, couldnt remember your name, only thing I remember was the blinking STFU and your face. the avatar is kool!

  3. Pay no attention to those guys - your new avatar rules

  4. memories green nuns rocked, hallucinogen was too packed so kindof couldnt stay in the room it was nice meeting ppl from the forum and its always funny to see the face behind the text still in london now, met up for drinks with OD and Majoony yesterday, they are fun and Titsu is sitting two comps away from me... counting the last hours of being in london, then its off to brighton for me and switserland for her it was fun life is fun
  5. found him and me hey, rik, my pics of boom you can see: http://eekhoorntjespu.spaces.live.com/ if you think any are good enough, i can send them to you , pm'd you on psychedelic but bad timing...
  6. i know, joske said frank said hi to spongebob... maybe next time they'll meet again seems like a very closed party though...
  7. you didn't run after me???? tsssssssssssssssssss
  8. i spotted you guys :) boom was great btw and spotted skeletonman too (btw, spongebob's quite dissapointed that he didn't see frank again either ) but what do my eyes see! frank found a gf???? pics here msn myspace under Boom and Valladolid, and the preboom-holiday (leading up to boom) under Espana por favor! Now getting used to a difference of 20 to 25 degrees! brrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  9. is there any way through badajoz??? i tried to find it but no luck :s once we cross the spanish border we might be willing to take the train as its quite cheap no? so... or: does anybody have a big car to take 5 lovely belgians to boom festival from sevilla and is leaving on the 3d of august? anybody?
  10. okay will definatly come check again here for your further info now there's another problem: somseensee's (=sammy scheipers) wallet was stolen on our first day in valencia, his boom ticket which he had bought from somebody else who bought it in kairoo records was in his wallet (it was a ticket from 80 € without name or smth) he didn't write the ticket number down or smth so anybody with contacts on boom festival: i plead to get this guy into boom (he lost quite a lot of money too so paying again would be a big chunk out of his budget) pity he's not from india plus he's too tall t
  11. ofcourse we'll take a walk in sevilla thing is we're leaving tomorrow already (to do some citytripping in valencia, cordoba, granada en sevilla) but thanks already for you quick response it was the only thing that still needed to be figured out
  12. ok serguei we need to know how to get from sevilla to boom, the cheapest way, if it's not that slow ofcourse... which way should we go? there are several options no? thing is, i do have spanish class in school, but... it's the whole world of internet out there + having to cross a border... i tried going to www.viaserguei.com but it doesn't seem to exist
  13. hey watuse boom is much more than just the music, believe me don't get me wrong: i am going for the music too (ofcourse) but it doesn't mean that if you don't know smth it's going to be bad right? just ask around about the live-acts... imho a festival is also getting to know what you don't know. cheer up, it's going to be awsome ow and harry you found the stuff in your van??? :)
  14. yes you have that right! but i'm suddenly thinking of marco borsato's first hit single here in belgium, for no apparent reason...
  15. great idea! i wanted to play it on my bday party but couldn't find ours so... anybody? Oh and btw, if you are going with the plane and taking in your backpack smth to cook on, you can't take the gas with you in you backpack, you'll have to buy it in portugal or spain (or if you know somebody that's going with the car, give it to them)
  16. i'd have gone for TNT titty nightmare trancer
  17. bigger better and uncut about 2m on 5m, like a banner??? you cant miss that!
  18. cool! as for the meeting why don't we do two? one the first day and one half way (for the ones who havn't arrived yet the first day or missed it due to an epileptic tent problem (...they keep falling down)
  19. i was trying to figure out if i hadn't seen you before... you kinda look like a guy who had a foodstal on Shishu in Belgium last summer (a party on a farm). As i recall those guys from the foodstal wern't belgian so... who knows... was it you???
  20. wow where did you get those??? i got distance to goa 5 flying rhino records - boyd in the void and coming up soon: Hallucinogen - Twisted well ya know, we've got a good dealer
  21. online is cheapest, but.. credit card... otherwise kairoo??? dunno ps... didn't know you were going :):) that's wicked!
  22. you going to shishu 15th of july by any chance? 'cause i might be festival hopping to rhakti dei, so might not have it with me
  23. i thought so... see: well, you shouldn't have used the same avatar as on psychedelic then hey, you're going to boom no? 550864[/snapback] And the list of Psynewsers also coming to play (with each other) SkeletonMan Gemnini Serguei WizKaz Watuse Alex604 Spifer Jo Anoebis Mutilated Core Ace Ventura Djinn HEY! btw harry, i want to take smth inflatable for on the water with me to boom, it's not that big but it would take up a lot of space in my backpack (as we are first seeing a bit of spain) would there be a bit of space in your wicked
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