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  1. Hey FD! Long time no hear! Wazzup in good ol` India?

  2. oh yeah I never planned to have her on for long but just kind of drifted. I shouldn't expose my sexy sig babe to everyone

  3. you know what I wont let psytones squeeze anyone out of your comment box dats how good of a friend I am

  4. thuf question!

    i wont answer it !

    why? because i can!!

  5. im so damn tired of that punjab sample.. there was a time when almost every other track in my cd player used to have a punjab sample.
  6. Im glad you noticed it enough to voice your opinion about it. I thought it would be cool if I put a k instead of a c just the way its kool at times to say kool instead of cool.
  7. Sundial Aeon - Together we are (remix) Solar Fields - Cocoon moon (glastonbury mix) Suria - Izak Electrypnose - do you know what it is
  8. ddode, heres what im replying to.. (hence the Journey Man quote in my last post) sorry, i wasnt replying to your post dint quite realize you dug the topic out... thanks for thanking me for the effort anyway
  9. Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries young brothers - the last days of gravity sundial aeon - apotheosis ace ventura - rebirth flooting grooves - upsyde downe the khooman album perfect stranger - changed I havent heard the new bluetech.. but im sure it can fit in here. also, yet to here the new frozen ghost album
  10. oops.. indeet VA downbeat liquid va - midnight soul dive (not that great though) kumharas 4 (not sure if this was 2006 or 2007)
  11. +1 definitely a great buy!
  12. these imo are MUST buys apart from the usual ultimae and aleph zero ones that you are already aware of. VA Magical journey & vol 2 VA Butterfly Dawn - this ones no longer available but if you could get your hands on it sometime in the future.. don't waste the opportunity VA Portal of perceptions VA Chillum vol - 4 - this is more like ethnic spiritual chillout (not too psychedelic) VA Downbeat Liquid - one of the best compilations ive heard lately VA Twelve - another compilation thats no longer avaliable there are some more... il check and put here later :clapping:
  13. Ott - Hallucinogen In Dub - Angelic Particles (Buckmaster Fullerine Mix) :clapping:
  14. one of me fav artists... I had this awesome chance to see him play live a few months back.. but couldnt because my boss wasnt giving me leaves
  15. ive been hearing this set over and over again lately... clicky
  16. If you like CBL.. then you must listen to.. Solar fields Aes dana (though this is is more like slow morning trance, but very beautiful none the less!) H.U.V.A Network (must listen!!!) infact yeah... most ultimae releases (farenheit project is nice.. but they all the older releases are sold out now, farenhiet 4 has just been released again afaik) Ishq (though this gets beatless, its very very pure and romancing) there are a lot of other atmospherica amibient artists like Thom brennan, robert rich, Vidna obmana, Solar Quest (another must listen - orgship and orgisms) also, CBL has thier first album - The Path (officially unreleased, but download available from their website)
  17. did you know when you sneeze, your heart stops for a sec?

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