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Artifakt - Artifakt II

Guest Le Lotus Bleu

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And he's definately not pretentious.

He's a fucking cool guy, very humble and he plays a big part in the local scene.

He's played at some of my friends parties for free, just to help them promote it.


If you don't like the CD, great, but there's no reason to make assumtions

about his character or intentions, because chances are you don't have a clue.


I like the idea of symbols for names, it's better than the majority of cheesy

and/or lame track names. I swear there must be a million tracks called

Hyper Blastoff or Turbokinetic Frequency horshit.

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Man this is one oddball album... At first I just didn't get what all the fuss was about, it all sounded just too random for me so I set it aside. Then I put it back on a few months later and found some interesting parts, but still the other parts just seemed to wierd for me. So my apreciation climbed from "mediocre" to "pretty good". I set it aside again for a few months and just decided to give it yet another try... and lo and behoold this time around it sounded GREAT!!! So there you go ladies and gentelmen: a new album that grows on you... that's something that doesn't happen anymore these days.


So in conclusion, it's not one of those "OMG this is KILLARGHHH" album that makes you want to listen to it constantly for weeks and weeks BUT in the longterm (in this case it took almost a year!) it does get more playvalue than like 99,9% of releases these days. So 9/10 from me :)

And again, DO let it sink into you before giving this album a proper apreciation...

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true lemmi! i also really the whole concept of the cd, as with the first cd.

best track is the last one, IMHO. that quite from blade runner gives me the shivers :o


Yep, I love that sample. Gives me shivers too. Hecq's Demon Flux has it too and it's even better in that track imo.

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I have been contemplating buying this unique album since its release. It has these moments, melodies, sounds and great use of samples...


Although I favor originality and creativity, some of this album sounded too off beat for my taste...but then there are these parts... haunting, beautiful, ambience and melodies together... wild, funky, random, innovative, catchy sounds mixing together... and sometimes things just sound completely random. There are parts and bits throughout this album I find arresting, the artist finds a coming together of sounds/melodies and the track lifts off and sounds great.


On the other hand, many parts seem to go on and on in their funky, weird way which tend to occasionally lose my interest. I find the more ambient/melody driven intros and songs, (and voice samples) far more effective than the beats and strange noises without them. An example is track 3 and the final one for starters. Both are very catchy!


The songs sound generally unpredictable, the direction unknown, which is intriguing to me...regardless of where the song goes. They're interesting. I wish there was more ambience and melodies, like the part in the last track right before the "in your eyes" sample. Moody, eerie, dreamy soundscapes like that are VERY cool. I also like the melodies in that final track...and the voice samples are great, and then the arriving melodies that follow, that's great. Final track rocks. More like that and more melodies would be great.


If Artifakt creates a follow-up with even greater melodies, key changes?, dark brooding atmosphere and ambience, crazy, wild, unexpected parts, animated lift-offs, voice samples, several powerful, awesome climaxes, etc...and I'll go nuts!!!!

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Yea I guess I'm in the camp that really likes parts of this album, but not all or even most of it - in some places it comes together in this totally kickass way though.... Track 10 just freakin rocks here and there...


Some of the melodies are fantastic and have great personality, although they're few and far between, and are played so briefly it feels like a tease...


A large part of this album though I find very harsh and jarring sounding such that I just can't take it - harsh and jarring sounds seem to be popular in a lot of psytrance but I don't care for them...


Definately an artist album here, and I sure appreciate that - this album isn't trying to conform to anyone but the artist's idea of what is good music...

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i agree that a lot of it is 'harsh' sounding, but i think that's part of artifakts style.

he uses a lot of sounds that u wont hear anywhere else, and yes a lot of them are harsh.


and it can get kinda noisy but i think mostly it works really well.

i love the distortion in track 8. i always wanted someone to do something like



the only track i couldn't really handle was 3, male. the whole porn sample

thing is a bit of a cliche. no. 6 is fucking awesome though, that lead is insane.

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I liked this album when I first got it, it took me a couple weeks to get to love it, I still listen to it streight thru a couple times a week six months after buying it.


It really is one of those albums that grows on me, all the little quirks were slightly annoying and disconcerting at first (even though I liked it overall), but the more I listen the more I come to appreciate the genius of them, how perfectly they are placed.


Another great thing about this album is the way it flows as one complete train of thought, not just a bunch of tracks. I rarely ever listen to just 1 or 2 trax from this album, if I play anything from it I play the whole thing start to finish, its just too good to listen to a small piece of.


Definatly among my top albums of all time, along with the likes of Hallucinogen-Twisted, Pleaidians-IFO, Infected Mushroom-The Gathering and Midi Miliz-Antistat

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Hehe it sounds like he got some samples cooking in the kitchen ^_^ This album grows along with my appreciation of music. It's a couple years later and there still is a unique style and I especially appreciate the risk taking. Without risk we would still be monkeys in the trees :ph34r:

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Hehe it sounds like he got some samples cooking in the kitchen ^_^ This album grows along with my appreciation of music. It's a couple years later and there still is a unique style and I especially appreciate the risk taking. Without risk we would still be monkeys in the trees :ph34r:

hehe true :lol:


that middle section (tracks 6,7,8,9,10) is a psychedelic joy ride. brillianto :clapping:

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:o This is so much better to what i've heard on the first Artifakts. The concept is really awesome with all the tracknames and the cover art is just CLASSIC. I really liked most of the tracks and some of them were more than pleasers. Here they are:

1. Zulu

This track has the beginning of the age - what i mean - the sample form the SPACE ODYSSEY 2001, my all-time favourite movie. I just heard it and the whole scene in my mind appeared and voltage jumped red in my veins. .... an then breaks - breaks of a monster - i wish he made it 10 minutes longer :P

8. Fish

The atmospheric synthetic melody on the background made my hair stand up through the whole listenning experience of this ultimate track. ULTIMATE.

12. ?

I don't get why Artifakt didn't give a name to this masterpiece. Oh, it's a monument to the unknown masterpiece. ;)

Well it is just

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G- :o



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