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Most twisted Psytrack?


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Lotus Omega's Lighthouse and Diwali still do it for me.


As for the newer stuff, that Schlab vol. 7 compilation was packed with fucked up stuff!


Then there was this old Elixir tune, released on one of those old 3D Vision compilations, which was mad mad mad.

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and how could I forget:


Fragletrollet - Manik II (Knights Of The Awakening)


probably the most twisted track I have heard to this day, 18:15 minutes of mind-ducking-trip-land, holy shit, that guy is seriously nuts :rolleyes:




X Mash Hard from Savage Scream is pretty sick too. I also agree in Derango, and Psykovsky has some pretty twisted tracks as well!

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infected mushroom - twisted, doremifas, mush mushi, montoya, virtual voyage, psycho, anyone else but me, look at me, deepongi, evadawn(!), coolio remix

hallucinogen - gamma goblins (infected mushroom remix)

psylent buddhi - convergent images

hiscore - identify


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