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"Euphoria" - uplifting progressive/full on mix


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Title: Euphoria

Style: Uplifting progressive psytrance and full on

Recorded: Sunday the 28th of August, 2005

Total running time: 101 minutes

Format: Extreme VBR MP3

Size: 191 MB


A new mix I recorded yesterday with a bunch of new and old favourites in the uplifting morning oriented sound. Starting with some delicious progressive delights, increasing in intensity and finishing with some pumping full on material. Hope you all like it




001: Son Kite - Other Side // MPDQX/Digital Structures

002: Sub6 - 7th Son (Ticon Remix) // DOMO/VP

003: Antix - Forever Changing // Iboga

004: Liquid Soul - Be Free // DOMO

005: Luna Spice - Eclipsed´ay // Iboga

006: Yotopia vs. Etic feat. Dana Zamir - Hypnotize // Flow

007: Jaïa - Out Of Control // MPDQX/Digital Structures

008: Midimiliz - Cyclic Structure (Wizzy Noise Remix) // Maniac I.Q.

009: Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade (Wizzy Noise Remix) // Candyflip

010: Pixel Vs. Sub6 - One Shot (Wrecked Machines Remix) // Neurobiotic

011: Hydrophonic - Creepy Cheeky (Remix) // Flow

012: Lish - Slow Me Away (Remix) // Com.Pact

013: Protoculture - Magnetik (Glastonbury 2004 Live Edit) // Nano

014: Wrecked Machines & Panick - Spotless Mind // Spun

015: Sub6 - El Novasion (Trance Mix) // HOMmega


Get it here: http://www.doei.org/misc/pr0fane_-_euphoria.mp3

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Thanks a lot for the nice comments. I'm also generally quite happy with the way the mix turned out (apart from a few slightly offbeat mixes, and a few mixes that where too hasty), and I'm glad that you also enjoyed it :)


DP: You're right about Middle Earth - 4 of the tracks are recycled from my set there. Lunaspice, Antix, Jaïa and Ticons remix of 7th Son :)

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I'm also downloading this thingy at work, hope it's as nice as I think it is...

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I'm listening to the mix for the first time and I'm only at thrack 4 but I have to say that so far your mixes are very neat and they sound just great. And another thing: That Antix track rocks!!! So far when I heard the name Antix I thoug no thank you, not for me. But the singers voice in it is just so beautiful I will have to check out some more Antix tracks.

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196 mb? wow, but worth downloading fo sho


just hope the IT guys dont see the bandwidth meter haha


Haha! Defo - they've had a go at me already for hogging the bandwidth here lol!


Thanks for the link mate, downloading now!

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Thanks for the nice comments. I can honestly say, that I've been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I have received after making this set public (here, and on a few other forums), and I'm thrilled that some people enjoyed it :)


Feel free to spread it if you like, and don't forget to support the wonderful artists featured in the mix :)

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Great set for starting off an evening softly, and slowly picking up the pace when moving into full on.


Also, very good transitional tracks between the progressive and the full on part.


Good mixing, and quality.


Keep it up :-)

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