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  1. this is the kinda stuff that grows on ya i didnt really get into it at first... some of the melodies actually sound like people singing/rapping like in hirnfraese
  2. hi! i am looking for royalty-free piano sample library. does anyone know ? it doesnt have to be the best quality thanx and happy holidays! dave
  3. sundrop

    Digital Factory

    the 3 Mosketeers track is amazing favorite song on the album!
  4. alot of it is cheesy fun but that last song ... Pilate - The Fairy Tale Of New York ( i think)... its actually a really great feel good tune, never heard anything like it!! thanks damion
  5. im not christian/catholic either, but still like to hear variety
  6. sorry i wasnt politically correct enough i should have said "Holiday tunes"
  7. ya thats a fun tune! also Hallucinogen - Tsunamillenium
  8. hehe yet theres no shortage of psytrance Halloween-themed tracks
  9. im always humming the melody from "Infected Mushroom - Im the Supervisor" such a catchy riff
  10. A buddy and I decided to work on a christmas mix... Normally I play psytrance, but... I cant think of even ONE christmas-related psytrance song! Are there any? And what does it mean...
  11. a race through the twists and turns of high-speed full-on psytrance sundrop - driving in the fast lane 70min, 99mb, 192bits veering from aggressive, intense, and insane, to inspiring, groovy, and bouncy this is my ode to driving as fast as i can through the city streets! mixed live on dual pioneer cdj800s TRACKLIST 1 scorb - lets go raving 2 theoreme - ram 3 cpu - so it begins 4 three musketeers - galactic wisdom 5 logarythm - what you waiting for? 6 derango - we're all mad here (rmx) 7 cpu - thinking machines 8 space tribe vs sirius isness - dead serious 9 inner action - private party 10 theoreme - wagama rmx 11 tickets - the toy 12 e-jekt - high robot 13 rinkadink vs gataka - lost laundry 14 broken toy - psychobitches 15 space tribe vs cpu - wacko hope u like it
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