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  1. this is the kinda stuff that grows on ya i didnt really get into it at first... some of the melodies actually sound like people singing/rapping like in hirnfraese
  2. hi! i am looking for royalty-free piano sample library. does anyone know ? it doesnt have to be the best quality thanx and happy holidays! dave
  3. sundrop

    Digital Factory

    the 3 Mosketeers track is amazing favorite song on the album!
  4. alot of it is cheesy fun but that last song ... Pilate - The Fairy Tale Of New York ( i think)... its actually a really great feel good tune, never heard anything like it!! thanks damion
  5. im not christian/catholic either, but still like to hear variety
  6. sorry i wasnt politically correct enough i should have said "Holiday tunes"
  7. ya thats a fun tune! also Hallucinogen - Tsunamillenium
  8. hehe yet theres no shortage of psytrance Halloween-themed tracks
  9. im always humming the melody from "Infected Mushroom - Im the Supervisor" such a catchy riff
  10. A buddy and I decided to work on a christmas mix... Normally I play psytrance, but... I cant think of even ONE christmas-related psytrance song! Are there any? And what does it mean...
  11. a race through the twists and turns of high-speed full-on psytrance sundrop - driving in the fast lane 70min, 99mb, 192bits veering from aggressive, intense, and insane, to inspiring, groovy, and bouncy this is my ode to driving as fast as i can through the city streets! mixed live on dual pioneer cdj800s TRACKLIST 1 scorb - lets go raving 2 theoreme - ram 3 cpu - so it begins 4 three musketeers - galactic wisdom 5 logarythm - what you waiting for? 6 derango - we're all mad here (rmx) 7 cpu - thinking machines 8 space tribe vs sirius isness - dead serious 9 inner action - private party 10 theoreme - wagama rmx 11 tickets - the toy 12 e-jekt - high robot 13 rinkadink vs gataka - lost laundry 14 broken toy - psychobitches 15 space tribe vs cpu - wacko hope u like it
  12. ive owned American CDI500 and they wouldnt hold a pitch. i had to sell them because of this, it made mixing impossible. i know this sounds like craziness, on acid i can tell if the pitch wobbles. on pioneers i cant hear any wobble even when high.
  13. theres no rule on volume, just put it at the level you want. when you are playing on a really loud sound system, sometimes the headphones might not even be loud enough at 100% im often cranking up the headphones as loud as possible so i can hear every detail in the mix. and constantly adjusting the headphone volume while mixing. sometimes lowering it to 0 if there is a quiet part on the main system (people can hear the next tracks hihats in your phones) personally i like to hear the combined mix, having it split on each ear makes me dizzy your bro right about the deaf part tho... eventually loud volumes will degrade your hearing
  14. how much money is big money? i imagine that releasing one CD professionally would probably cost less than a new Nord Lead 3. its alot but i think its not too insane. I dont really know tho!
  15. dont be a loser! i asked a simple question. if you are too stupid to answer it then fuck off.
  16. ya it sounds good the beginning song definitely a nice chill track, like chicane should mix well with jaia, but it aint psy i dunno... i bought their last album, but im gonna pass on this one
  17. why is this considered psytrance? "in the dirt" and "chicken shaker" have some psy-like bass, but this sounds like house/trance overall
  18. personally I would hold out for the CDJ200's, they arent very much more than the CDJ100, at the store near me they are only $40 more each
  19. www.sundrop.ca most of my tunes are inside mixes! but now and then i will put full tune for download, and lots more on soulseek!
  20. i have the coolest new mix for Tabla Trek i will try to put it in my next set. that song is one of the best ive ever heard, and the first album i bought when i began to DJ psy
  21. i love this album!! also Noise Unit's first two albums are nice. i wish i could show you my industrial collection sometime ! in psytrance, hmm... newer: G-Light - Final Element older: Children of Paradise - Urban Alien
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