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  1. This is listenable music. Car or _Headphones two thumbs up.
  2. I understand what you say, I would definately put some of the songs in sets, they fit my musical taste so good. When it comes to seeing the albuns as a whole, they actually seem pretty eclectic, very diverse from song to song enought to get my attention. And thats what I love about them.
  3. Just recently listened to VOC, paired with this one, the albums I was waiting for without knowing.
  4. Levels and spontaneous existance (1&2) are awesome, I didnt like some parts of other songs but I believe that a second album will sound incredible.
  5. Sour Milk

    Shift-Byte Me

    Was impressed by tracks 1,2 and specially 3.
  6. if this guy sings, Im the queen of england. yeah, the mexican crowd can be very receptive towards IM I really, really dont know why some of them when asked about psytrance automatically answer "Iinfected".
  7. nice, I'll check them out.
  8. Sorry if this has been told before, but I cant find the links. Can you guys point me at some cool psychedelic videos? thanks
  9. madness, like little baby aliens eating your brain.
  10. xibalba d-tek vazik mexican trance mafia teen sluts sharigrama ...just to name a few...
  11. Im liking Antix - Forever Changing but that could change with the new Ticon.
  12. very nice find, I could think of a improvement or two but indeed nice samples.
  13. try listening to a southener, compared with a guy from boston, or new york amazing differences...
  14. 10K+ mexico city, cant remember which was...
  15. Orbital - Green Album Orbital - Brown Album Underworld - dubnobaswithmyheadman
  16. some of them are perfect for a party, obviously to have its own slot and not to interrupt a psy mix. they can be quite uplifting and put you on the right mood before starting the madness.
  17. Now this is an odd idea FP! But if I had to suggest something, I would be a kind of warm up with psychedelic music from the 60's just to set the mood right I agree with your selection of underwold music, it can be quite trippy, specially the lyrics.
  18. no, good mixing is a matter of technique, which as everything technical, it can be learned with practice. about the taste, maybe youre right, but if you cant put people on the dancefloor I guess the dj isnt doing what it should, but it depends on the situation, a warm up or chill out dj shouldnt be all about dancing. I guess the only way to measure the success of a dj, is how many people show to listen/ dance.
  19. Well, if you have the mixing skills but an awful selection youre doomed. If you have great selection but awful mixing skills there is hope
  20. he said in the MoS interview that he was finishing the new younger brother and metal sharon.
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