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  1. Come on man, 3 years is too long to be away.

    Come back to us :)

  2. Tracklist "Furyan Sunrise" - Dj set by Krell - [1h38m44s ~ 98:44m] - Recorded live 10-01-05 @ Home on CDJ100s. 01. Sesto Sento "Alchemystica(Time Lock Remix)" [ZMA, 2004] 02. Brain Waves "Black Cat" [Disco Valley Records, 2004] 03. Kindzadza "Coming Soon" [Disco Valley Records, 2004] 04. Megalopsy "Zacatlocozipitl" [Trishula Records, 2004] 05. Gappeq "Birth of the Dragon" [Ketuh Records, 2004] 06. Digital Talk & Triskell "Dream Scratcher" [Hadra Records, 2004] 06. R.A.M. "Sausage and Mashup" [Nexus Media, 2004] 07. Twisted System "Mad Method" [Timecode Records, 2004] 08. R.A.M. "Dreamcatcher" [Nexus Media, 2004] 09. Jahbo versus Shotu featuring Suddha "Blabla" [Hadra Records, 2004] 10. Far East Ghost versus Neural Rectifier Syndrome "Unbreakable" [Last Possible Solution, 2004] 11. Para Halu "Bug in your mind" [Nabi Records, 2004] 12. Para Halu "N Nomine" [Mistress of Evil Records, 2004] 13. Deviant Species "The Retinal Circus" [Ambivalent Records, 2004] 14. Artax "Slippery when wet" [Glowing Flame Records, 2004] Download Link -> http://www.doei.org/misc/DJ_Krell_-_Furyan..._-_10-01-05.mp3 Size 135MB. Estimated download time ADSL 256kbps ~80 minuttes ADSL 512kbps ~40 minuttes ADSL 1024kbps ~20 minuttes ADSL 2048kbps ~10 minuttes ADSL 4096kbps ~5 minuttes Other Links. http://www.myspace.com/dj_krell http://www.jesterrecords.ca/ -[ A bit of information about the set ]- This is a dj set I recorded for my 27th birthday party, I believe it was the third of 3 recordings for that evening, starting off with a progressive set, then a full on one and this faster and edgier set to finish it all off. The title "Furyan Sunrise" is inspired from the movie "Chronicles of Riddick", where there is this bad ass super hero "Riddick" who belongs to an almost extinct warrior race called the Furyans. The Furyans are from the Planet Furia, which was attacked and destroyed by another race called "Necromongers". In the movie, there is a sunrise on a planet called "Crematoria", which completely scorches the surface of the planet as the sunrise progresses. It is quite a sight, flames, explosions, plasma and stone melting. I think the music in this set reflects the sunrise on Crematoria, and the furious nature of the Furyans. It has to do with inner and external power, pushing everything unwanted in its path away and moving forward in a tremendous display of natural power! "Furyan Sunrise" was my second set ever targetted solely towards a dark and more aggressive sound, even though it is a couple of years old now, for me the music never faded. Good music never goes out of style. -[ Stay updated on the artists in this set below ]- Sesto Sento - http://www.myspace.com/sestosentovs Time Lock - http://www.myspace.com/timelockmusicfelix Brain Waves - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Brain+Waves Kindzadza - http://www.myspace.com/kindzadzamusic Megalopsy - http://www.myspace.com/Megalopsy Gappeq - http://www.myspace.com/gappeq Digital Talk - http://www.myspace.com/digitaltalk Triskell - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Triskell R.A.M. - http://www.discogs.com/artist/R.A.M.+(4) Twisted System - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Twisted+System+(2) Jahbo - http://www.myspace.com/jahbz Shotu - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Shotu Suddha - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Suddha Far East Ghost - http://www.fareastghost.com/index2.html Neural Rectifier Syndrome - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Neural+Rectifier+Syndrome Para Halu - http://www.myspace.com/parahalu Deviant Species - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Deviant+Species Artax - http://www.myspace.com/artaxsweden
  3. I dug out Koxbox "Forever After" not long ago, listening through all my old releases.... I was amazed how wonderful it still sounded, after so many years lying in the dark :-) - Krell
  4. And if people stop talking about them, they will be forgotten and only remembered by those special people who have not burned their brains totally with acid yet :-P I think, when stuff people write is On Topic, and it comes from the heart and need to share and debate something On Topic, they should have the option of doing so. Thats basically it. I like to see people bring it up, makes me happy to see the music I danced to and played back then is still making people shake their booties :-) Now, why dont you just find another topic to troll around in, telling people what they can and cannot do ? :-) *hugs* Your very own colleague Troll, Krell of Denmark :-) Ps: Saiko-Pod = Psychopod, but a new name because the old one was licensed to Tip Records, and could not release on another label. Saiko-Pod then become Ian Ion, but actually Koxbox "The Great Unknown", was first known to be a Saiko-Pod album... until finally the Koxbox name was made available ? From Blue Room Released I think. Psychopod = The name used on TIP Records. Dont bang me on the heads with the details, but it was something like the above I believe. Might remember it wrong, long time ago now :-)
  5. Isnt it the same thing really ? "Let it RIP" and "Psytrance is going nowhere" are Suzuki statements. "Psytrance is dead" is from another label, Nabi Records. Anyways, Suzuki earlier stated "let it RIP" as in "rest in peace" something you say when someone died. The connection should be obvious to you now. - Krell
  6. They rock, and I dont see whats wrong in bringing it up to the surface for new people to become aware of it. - Krell
  7. It certainly is not true. In 1997 Suzuki released VA "Let it RIP", pointing to letting the music (goa / psytrance) Rest In Peace. This is where his argumentation starts, now, 10 years later he repeats something along the same lines as Let it RIP. So, was psytrance "dead" as a musical genre back then ? No. Since back then, we have had several developments into new sounds, the psytrance of today is different from the psytrance of back then, since it evolved, and to evolve it needs to have been ALIVE - and also, it needs to have been moving, ergo, it is going somewhere. So, its neither dead(1997) or not moving forward(2007). Just to name a few developments I will repeat myself, Dark Psychedelic Trance, Suomi Style, Tech Trance and a shit load of cross genre work. All which are developments and proof of movement, from 1997 to 2007. He was wrong back then, and he is wrong now. Just because you have a strong opinion and your famous, doesnt mean that you are right. These are the facts, and they prove that I am right and you are wrong. I can say this with confidence, since this is really as simple as I put it. When something is dead, it does not live, when something is not moving forward it does not change. Psytrance did all of those things, so, there must be a fault in the argument "let it rip" "psytrance is going nowhere" or the copy cat version "psytrance is dead"... To all of those you might add "for me" or "to me" at the end, then the argument would become true, but not before. Only question that remains is, are you too stubborn to acknowledge the truth when it is presented to you... Perhaps you are, like him, too mesmerized by your own opinion for you to be able to take the facts into consideration. - Krell
  8. I wonder why they chose to feature him on this release... What is the intention behind it ? Making money ? Poor investment, especially since Im sure 90% of todays psy community never heard of Suzuki or Prana, or Matsuri Productions for that matter. It is clear, that Mr Suzuki holds opinions in regards to "psytrance", then again, he was trying to sell the same message 10 years ago now... Since then, we had an explosion of Psychedelic Chillout, Dark Psychedelic Trance, Cross genre House&Deep Trance with Psychedelic, Suomi Style and other subgenres. So, I wonder if he really noticed those developments, keeping his head in the ground, coming out with this opinionated statement ? I mean, I dont really see much new in his tracklist no.... so I wonder, is he aware of the developments at all ? Seems like he is mostly focussed on getting his own, 10 year old, message out once more... Which is sad, since when you are offered a chance to compile and mix a set for release, you owe the people employing you and the people buying it to honor the idea and to do an honest days work and put together something professional. This being said, I dont know the details of this release, wouldnt bother listening to it either. More than 10 years ago, Suzuki was one of the Djs I very much respected, and to some extent, I still do - For what he was. However, I think this is in the past, while I dont disrespect him as a person now, I in no way consider him a good psytrance dj, or really, even a psytrance dj. This I trust, is no problem for him, and I would not wish for it to be so either. However, I think its a sad waste of resources to release something half baked, only to get a message out which is so outdated, and simply not true. Sad those resources didnt go to a freelance dj, or whomever most qualified.... and not some psychedelic relick from the past. Psytrance is going somewhere, to hell maybe ? Doesnt matter if you dont like where it is going really, but it IS changing and moving forward - slowly but surely. - Krell
  9. I normally dont post my complete reviews in english, this time I make an exception however, to give labels an impression of what my reviews are like. They are written for another site, electrobeat.dk, which focusses on electronic music in general, but which has mostly trance users. There are more newbies to the music on our site, therefore the focus is on the whole of the release, instead of a track by track walkthrough. --- Sound Field – Audio Surfin’ (Oxygen Records, 2007) Andy Yakovlev(Prosect, Sonify & ICO) teams up with Liron Atia to create the Sound Field project, whose debut album we review in this article. The album also offers a collaboration track with danish Lars Knudsen, the genre is Progressive Psychedelic Trance. Tracklist OXYCD006 01. Sound Field “Psychedelic Revival” (9:41) 02. Sound Field “Technological Terror” (8:57) 03. Sound Field “Midi Tales” (8:20) 04. Sound Field “Return To The Field” (6:55) 05. Sound Field “CrossBreed” (9:28) 06. Sound Field “Dub Vibration” (8:11) 07. Sound Field “Funk Science (Southern Mix)” (9:00) 08. Sound Field “Second Step Above The Sun” (10:36) 09. Sound Field & Lars Knudsen “Lifted Higher” (8:09) Sound Field is made up of 2 israliens who go by the names of Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia, in 2003 they chose to create a new musical project together (Sound Field) which was to unite Andy’s melodic sounds, grooves and structuring with Liron’s flair for progressive and softer sounds for the morning hour dance floors. Furthermore Sound Field is about having fun thru the development of fresh music, the project name itself in its own way symbolizes the freedom to create anything within the field of sound. The title of the album ”Audio Surfin’” is connected with Liron’ s love for the sea, a love he has enjoyed surfing the waves earlier in his life. Unfortunately Liron is today confined to a wheel chair due to an accident. Therefore, the title is also dedicated to him personally. The cover art is symbolic for the colors of sound the album explores. The album offers several facets of electronic music who all seem to integrate into the general course of the album following the softer psychedelic sounds. Genres are eagerly crossed, for this reason the tracks on the album are quite diverse from each other. This diversity offers the listener funky melodies, dub & reggae sections, electro grooves, technoish repetitions, classic 303 build ups and old school goa moods, all whom are integrated into the general trend towards the softer progressive psychedelic trance style which has been so popular during the last years. In its search for new sounds I think Sound Field has succeeded in producing a very good result, a result which quality is apparent in the diversity present on this album. In regards to flow the album works well, since I definitely feel a connection between the different variations of the tracks. That being said I dont want to promote Sound Fields album as something ground breaking new in its genre either, since other artists are also able to produce the same level of diversity and flow. Instead, I want to say that it is a good album and a text book example of how an album can be turned into an interesting and versatile experience for the listener instead of it just being a collection of tracks of the same sound with no real progression from start to finish. Something I miss with the Sound Field album is one or more tracks who seek to increase the tempo and energy level somewhat over the other progressive tracks. This could have added a bit of extra contrast to the album, something that would have made a positive difference for me. I have set this album at a rating 4/5, for its variation, quality, story and all the other positive things I mention in this review. There is still something missing musically before a rating of 5/5 is a possibility for me, at least a couple of the tracks didn’t really catch me to take me on their journey or were simply not melodicly compatible with me. I look very much forward to listening to more releases from Andy Yakovlev, I dont know if Liron Atai will be able to produce again after his accident. For now, the project is being continued by Andy. If you are into Progressive, whether it be of the House, Psychedelic or Deep Trance variety I can recommend you this album with a good conscience. The same can be said if you love a funky sound woven into softer progressive psytrance. Highlights: !Sound Field “Midi Tales” (8:20) !Sound Field “CrossBreed” (9:28) !Sound Field “Second Step Above The Sun” (10:36) !Sound Field “Funk Science (Southern Mix)” (9:00) Sound Field “Technological Terror” (8:57) Sound Field “Return To The Field” (6:55) Sound Field “Dub Vibration” (8:11) Karakter: 4/5 (isratrance rating 7/10) Listen to tracks or order: CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oxy/oxy1cd006.html Other links Label Website: http://www.oxygenrecords.com Artist Website: http://www.prosectorium.com
  10. Heres a watery track Element "From the Rain" Nice detail, for me about this track, I once used it on a prerecorded set me and some of my friends where listening to at this really nice cottage my ex girlfriends father had. The cottage was overlooking the most beautiful lake in Denmark, with forests all around us, and was situated on the side of a hill.... So, all in all, a marvelous place for tripping, listening to music, with natures beauty right next to you as well as the comforts of modern civilization such as high quality hifi, a roof, terasse at tree top level... So, once that track began, it also started raining slightly outside, in the morning :-) Heres a picture from the terasse view, with the rainbow in the background :-) - Krell
  11. Krell


    The perfect formula for new or future music is called "No Formula" - Krell
  12. Doesnt anyone else have something to say about this fascinating topic ? WHATS WRONG WITH PSY TODAY !? ??!?! - Krell
  13. We just need a proper test some day. I wanted to do one at one of our parties, but when the time comes everybody is stressing to make sure everything is perfect for the guests. Hopefully some day we can make a credible article on this subject. - Krell
  14. A statement which is TOTALLY illogical, since just about ALL big sound systems are inferior to home hifi setups or headphones. They often dont go deeper than 40Hz - 50Hz nor higher than 16KHz. Could it be, that it is actually not because its MP3s being played but something else ? Perhaps you just hear a bad sound and conclude "Oh, that must be Mp3" ? Or perhaps, if you know a DJ just spins MP3s, it is not a professional DJ who knows how to use the mixer properly (over gaining or eqing the tracks). I for one am able to tell a bad mastering from a good one easily on CD, something I can also do over a PA. Why cant I tell an MP3 from a CD then ? We have 20-40kW sound setups at our parties, and have never had bad sound due to an MP3 being played, at least as not as I nor the other people noticed. Instead other factors touch the sound quality, over gaining tracks or pushing mixers beyond their dynamic range for instance, bad mastering and stuff like that. - Krell
  15. The test on isratrance was blind folded in the way that people received .wav files, some of them were made from mp3 and others were originals. Big PA soundsystems actually reveal less detail than high quality hifi og headphones do. In regards to amplification being important I think you need confront the fact that MP3s might remove some frequencies you dont hear, but it shouldnt as such add anything. At least, thats what I think. So, the amplification of something not there = nothing. Then of cause, if something is removed it could perhaps have been heard if it was louder yes ? But, the thing is, what is removed you dont hear. If we just address the volume topic, which is what it really is about, I have had my DJ headphones playing those test MP3 as loud as I could stand, and still, no difference (same story from other people). I have never EVER read a test which had its facts sorted (such as that the MP3 is encoded correctly for instance), which showed anything that could justify that CDs are noticably better. So, when you dont notice something, it doesnt matter that much does it? You might be able to get vinyl sound which is better than CD, depending on the vinyl and if its a very high level (shit ass expensive) turntable and needle. However, Im sure you can get sound which is also even better - So whats the point ? The two are no longer real rivals I think, at least not for me. In 99,99% of the situations there exist where the REAL choice is one over the other, the equipment used will yield a result where the CD sounds better. There have been multiple tests made which underline the mp3 vs cd thing... I browsed and found this one also. http://www.geocities.com/altbinariessounds...al/mp3test.html Take a long hard look at it :-) - Krell
  16. Or perhaps your .mp3 is not properly encoded. I might add, I was not the only one who couldnt hear the difference. The challenge to spot the files was made on isratrance, well known producers and djs took part, as well as anyone willing. Noone spotted 100% what was what, and also most were far from sure. So, statisticly the test was far from conclusive, which it would really need to be if you were to present a fact of "mp3s sounds noticably worse then cds". When push comes to show, people cant hear the difference, those who say they can either have superhuman hearing or are full of bs. MP3s depend on the enocoding software and the playback hardware... much like vinyl, which depends on the turntable and needle plus the quality of the vinyl disk itself. The same can be said for CD, which needs a good DAC and signal path + of course sound system to shine. These things all formats have in common. - Krell
  17. I agree with all of your choices. Green Nuns of the Revolution "Rock Bitch Mafia" never caught my ear either... sorry guys... Pleidians "IFO" did at first, but later the sound became to thin & metallic for me. Astral Project "The Astral Files" was too copy paste in regards to "Trust in Trance". Those were a few. - Krell
  18. I FULLY concur. Koxbox - Insect & Insect Bite - 12" - Released on Harthouse (Sven Vath & Brainchild's label) 1994 http://www.discogs.com/release/18184 Very organic and trippy stuff, for its time very good production. Was it released today it would still work. - Krell
  19. In my opinion the most overlooked X-Dream track is "S.T.O.P" released on a Blue Room Released 12" 1997 - http://www.discogs.com/release/106790 Deep, mysterious and I love it as much now as I did back then. - Krell
  20. God damn, that was one of the most interesting interviews I ever read. What I like a lot is the confident analysis of the developments through the years and his take on the present scene. So, you can decide to either trust him that he knows his stuff, of question some of the facts. For me, it all seems very credible. I like also, very much, that he doesnt try to take credit for early day psychedelic trance, in fact he does the opposite by very frankly explaining that it was not much of a focus back then. It would have been very easy just to go with the flow of the interviewer. Great job. - Krell
  21. Krell

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    Then I can call you master. Dear Master Rino Well, you see, I did explain my judgements on the album in the first place, I just didnt elaborate on them in detailed analysis. I explained that I found that Quote Myself "Compared to the other Koxbox albums this lacks in diversity, imagination and evolution." So, I guess thats what I thought right ? Next step would be to perhaps say a little about why I am of that opinion which I do here. Qoute Myself "For me, the best Koxbox albums are "Forever After" and "The Great Unknown", those are true classics, someting "U-Turn" will never be." Where you can see that I compare the album to their earlier works, 2 albums in particular. I explain why "U-Turn" is a let down for me, since it will never be a classic like the two other albums I mention. And yes, I could go on and on in details about it - but thats basicly all there is to say, and as you see, though brief I do express my opinion, and I do offer further thought and explanation on it. What you might be missing also, is that I like the music on the album, I djed tracks from it last time I was on a lineup, and I plan to do so again. It is just not the "classic" for which I could have hoped. Anyways, a "fun" situation to be in for me, usually its the other way around "Krell you write toooo much!!!" "You must make your point shorter" e.t.c. :-) I accept your apology Master Rino, always nice to know people like in depth information on something. - Krell
  22. You can get comprehensive party info and other stuff on www.electrobeat.dk - there are currently 115 parties/events of all sorts online Its in danish however, but I think the party section speaks for itself. "fester" = "Party" in danish. In case you need it, most people there also speak english. - Krell
  23. Krell

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    Dear Mr Rino As you might have noticed, I did not post a "review" but merely a comment on the album as such. I dont post reviews on international sites these days, I do however write them for our danish website in danish. In case you would like to see, how many words I am able to conjure up, if I want to go into depth with something, you can refer to this article http://www.isratrance.com/www/general/arti...ticle.php?id=16 It is not always, that I have the time to write that much, I write a lot on many forums, meaning I contribute a lot.... actually, most of my free time is spent on trying to create something for our culture. I think, I gave this album more of a comment than the following contributors before me in this thread. - phatpat - qa2pir - Time_Trap I could go on adding names, would be no problem. I dont mind short comments, I think all who is willing to contribute with their honest opinion should be welcome to do so. You should ask yourself why you choose to "attack" me. I dont have to explain every word I say to you or anyone else. I have my own subjective experience of art and how it might relate to other pieces of art, that is what I wrote here - Though short, its there and its honest. Reviews are not about justifying your experience as a listener, but only communicating it honestly. As you can see, I am certainly no idiot, and really, should you be putting such words in your mouth ? I think it is totally uncalled for. About the album - a bit more detailed, just for you Mr Rino Yes, I think it lacks diversity (and originality). When you look at an album like "The Great Unknown", you have an album where you move from downbeat to almost dark psy, covering all the ground in between. You have tracks like "Lunar Bin" pounding away @ 146 BPM slowly breaking into dubby grooves... Its a masterpiece of its time. With "Forever After", you have an album released long long time ago (mid 1990ies), where much other stuff released was melody driven Cut N Paste goa trance, whilst "Forever After" goes new ways, with its totally organic sound... also presenting the very deep 13 minute long track "Neurobiotic". The album "Dragontales" was never a favourite of mine, the sound is too polished and flat in my view. When I hear a Koxbox album, I hope for it to live up to the last one, or even surpass it. What makes a Classic is that it sets new limits for its genre, surpassing earlier releases and starting off new trends. Koxbox, with "The Great Unknown" certainly achieved this and more, again "Lunar Bin" is basicly the mother of all dark psychedelic trance, along with Paps "Vibes from the Other Side". Like I wrote, U-Turn is a good compilation of tracks, but as an album, telling a story and creating true diversity, its fallen behind the earlier Koxbox standard, and does not live up to its name. This doesnt make it bad music, just means that some of the earlier works are more outstanding pieces of art. We look for Koxbox to break the limits and set new standards, that didnt happen. Instead of creating a trend, the Koxbox sound latched on to already existing trends. Theres a difference there. Mr Rino dont go around calling people idiots when they try to contribute as much as they can, not only is it rude, but if you call people idiots for contributing with their honest and frank opinions on these matters, what you do is only give them less of an interest in contributing to our culture in the first place. When you do that, you are the idiot. - Krell
  24. As a DJ you just need to know how the music works, and put your faith in the fact that the crowd is there for the music. Problem solved :-) More difficult if the crowd isnt there for the music though, if they are only there for the hysteria, shouting and so forth - then you might have to play stuff like Skazi to satisfy the crowd, then again, perhaps you should just not give a damn and still just refer to yourself for quality and not the crowd. If you do, then perhaps those people wont come next time, and more people will come for the music. The truth is always simple! - Krell
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