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  1. This is listenable music. Car or _Headphones two thumbs up.
  2. I understand what you say, I would definately put some of the songs in sets, they fit my musical taste so good. When it comes to seeing the albuns as a whole, they actually seem pretty eclectic, very diverse from song to song enought to get my attention. And thats what I love about them.
  3. Just recently listened to VOC, paired with this one, the albums I was waiting for without knowing.
  4. Levels and spontaneous existance (1&2) are awesome, I didnt like some parts of other songs but I believe that a second album will sound incredible.
  5. Sour Milk

    Shift-Byte Me

    Was impressed by tracks 1,2 and specially 3.
  6. if this guy sings, Im the queen of england. yeah, the mexican crowd can be very receptive towards IM I really, really dont know why some of them when asked about psytrance automatically answer "Iinfected".
  7. nice, I'll check them out.
  8. Sorry if this has been told before, but I cant find the links. Can you guys point me at some cool psychedelic videos? thanks
  9. madness, like little baby aliens eating your brain.
  10. xibalba d-tek vazik mexican trance mafia teen sluts sharigrama ...just to name a few...
  11. Im liking Antix - Forever Changing but that could change with the new Ticon.
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