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What new music did you get today?


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I had no idea this existed. Any good?


Me neither. I went to the store to buy the rest three and it was there all of a sudden. :D

I gave it a quick listen, it's exactly as you'd imagine from the tracklist. Non stop in your face madness.


Listened to it yet?

I gave it a quick spin yes. It sounds amazing. Very spacey IMO.
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Afgin - Astral Experience

Battle Of The Future Buddhas & Ka-Sol - Masters Of Outhouse

Cujorius One - The Art Of Mindfucking

Various Artists - Temple Of Chaos

Bluetech - Love Songs To The Source

Sgnl_fltr - Vebra

Mirror System - The 69 Steps Vol 4

RND - Ask The Dust

Sunkings - Before We Die

Various Artists - Planet Meditation

Various Artists - Future Sound Theory 2

Various Artists - The Mandala Mirror



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Recently received


Nunc Stans: We Leave Without Speaking

Nunc Stans: Stanzas From The Museum Of Dreams

Entia Non: Fold

Description Without Place: Filaments

Entia Non: Updrafts


so relaxing :wub:

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i didn't like this one, compared to other somnia releases this wasn't as satisfying, never really got me.


I really liked that one, best Somnia release for me! Different strokes eh?
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