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What new music did you get today?

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Special thanks to Antic NP - Hyperspaced. Flying Saucersss

I got this a couple of day ago.

OMFG! Fuck yeah   Many many thanks to Anu for this wonderful gift.

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:D latest order from psyshop.


VA - Compilation: Primordial (Bio-Sine Records)

Crop Circles: Tetrahedron (Dat Records)

B.L.T.: Presence (HOM-mega Records)

VA - Compilation: Dj Banel in the mix (Iboga Records)

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Guest antic

Hello guys, I think, I did say about 70% of labels send out full retail copies... And that's cool - I'm a raging collector myself, and I want full retail version in my collection - or close to retail version at least...

Posted ImagePosted Image





Anyway, I just got:


Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image


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V/A - Unidentified Floating Ambience

V/A - Chilled Trance (Rumour Records)

Vidna Obmana with Capriolo Trifoglio + Diego Borotti - Landscape In Obscurity

Hybrid Leisureland - Crossbreed

Hybrid Leisureland - Scroll Slide

V/A - Fire

Slackbaba - Perverting Mankind

Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Quid Est Veritas

Green Nuns On Ice - The Pan Electric Variations

Kaya Project - Desert Phase

Scann-Tec - Facial Memories

Various Artists - Vital Signs

Jason Corder & Opium - Thepresentday

Pleq - Our Words Are Frozen

The Circular Ruins - Invisible Cities

Robert Davies - Geography of Memory

Robert Davies - Primordial

Offthesky - Cold Distances

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"Vital Signs' is a concept compilation comprised of tracks that were custom created for this project by renown artists such as Aes Dana, Asura, Solar Fields, Cell, Androcell, and Distant System. Each artist was carefully chosen and assigned a specific track title/theme to interpret the essence of their 'Vital Sign' through the sonic medium. Title assignments were based according to each artist's individual music style. Together, like the modular structure of sub-systems in the body, the tracks function as an interconnected unit which depend on each other to complete the whole. Each 'Vital Sign' serving as a reminder that these systems are operating and we are alive."



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I've ordered these via psyshop:


The Infinity Project: Mystical experiences

Artha: Influencing dreams

Crop Circles: Tetrahedon

Celtic Cross: Hicksville(RE)

Dream Creation vol.1 CD + MAG

Haiti Appeal Project(Organic)V/A

SynSUN: Unstoppable

Filteria: Daze of our lives

Electrypnose: Magnetic memoirs vol.2

Derango: Tumult

Total Eclips: Delta aquarids(RE)

Carbon B. Lifeforms: Hydrophonic garden

California Sunshine: Dark side of the brain

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