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  1. Kraft is a future classic to me also. Other than that: Psykovsky - Debut Derango - Tumult CPC - Uber den Angst Kindzadza - Waves From Outer Space.
  2. Also VA - Gungfly (Sanaton Records) and VA - Pearls and Pixies (Parvati and Phreex Networx Records).
  3. VA - Lycans' Meeting (Lycanthrop Records).
  4. Yes, but it is in 128kbps which is a shame.
  5. I think Predators - Cosmos is more than decent. In the Laughing Buddha vein, just not there yet. You said you've listened to Phasephour cd already which I quite liked too. What is Atma all about?
  6. And you' re say normal. Not in this outfit mate. I'd say it's not bad, give us some more.
  7. I listened to it a couple of times. Need to listen to it some more to be sure since it's appeal faded a bit in the meanwhile. It is a nice concept and moody minimal techno album with some very good tracks nonetheless.
  8. Heartthrob - Dear Painter, Paint Me (M-Nus Records). It's being a while I was tempted to buy an actual cd but this is one worth it. Check it out.
  9. Thanks . I haven't listened to the one with the Super Mario samples yet. Here's my new one for June: 1) Bushwacka – Back on Top (Olmeto Records) 2) Underworld – Beautiful Burnout (Tiefschwarz Remix) (Different Records) 3) Tatto – Bony (Malo Records) 4) Pig & Dan – Sympathy for the Devil (Cocoon Recordings) 5) Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadset Play Nifty Remix) (Distinctive Records) 6) Dusty Kid – The Riot (Kling Klong) 7) Jerome Sydenham and Tigerstripes – F12 (Argys Source of the Nile Mix) (Ibadan Records) 8) Lutzenkirchen – Jinxed (Flash Recordings) 9) Onur Ozer – Red Cabaret (2000 And One Remix) (Vakant Records) 10) Minilogue – Ahck (KAB Remix) (WIR) Mostly minimal banging tunes. Keep an eye for Luetzenkirchen, Gaiser, Buschwacka, Tiefschwarz, Minilogue, Pig&Dan, Troy Pierce, Habersham, Eelke Kleijn, Onur Ozer, Gabriel Ananda, Paul Kalkbrenner and Trentemoller among others. All of them make nice tunes imo.
  10. Definetely there are almost all top names present when it comes to british full-on. But I also feel that there are a lot of mediocre full-on acts in the line-up (am I perhaps wrong there?). I also wanted to ask those of you in the know about the progressive psy part of the line up. It seems quite good but how good exactly or not is it in your opinion? I'm trying to make up my mind about the fest and I'm troubled about the good to mediocre acts ratio so to say. Thanks for any help and maybe see you there. p.s. I'm not into psyambient so I don't really bother much about it though it perhaps could save the day during some boring pa's.
  11. Hi, this is my electro techno May 2008 Chart 1) Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills (The Last Atlant Mix) 2) Booka Shade - City Tales (Neon Dub) 3) John Dahlback - Everywhere (Dons Remix) 4) Pig & Dan - Moths 5) Butch - Botanik 6) Nudisco - Yaha (Butch Remix) 7) Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills (Gui Boratto Remix) 8) Underworld - Beautiful Burnout ( Mark Knight Remix) 9) Daso & Pawas - Ice 10) Le Noir - Eleny (Luke Dzierzek mix) Mostly glitch electro techno stuff.
  12. Thanks, anyway. I'm not going after all so consider this post case closed. @Nurbs: It could be for less also.
  13. Hi, I'm am looking for somebody most preferably in a squat in Amsterdam who would be kind enough to accomodate me with my sleeping bag for a few days between the 05th-11th of April (the date of the topic title is mistaken). I am 28 years old, male and come from Athens, Greece. I do not speak any dutch but I do speak english and german. I also dj sometimes in free parties (full on psychedelic trance) and would be more than happy to play in one if there's such a chance (most likely in a squat if such a thing exists). andonisatha@hotmail.com
  14. I would recommend: 1) Cycle Sphere - Call it What you Want (Phantasm Records) 2) Atomic Pulse - Direct Drive (Yoyo Records) 3) Manmademan - The Legend Remixes (Turbo Trance Records) 4) V/A - Pygmees' Groove Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 (Turbo Trance Records) 5) Fatali - Dawn (Yoyo Records) 6) Hujaboy - Party Animals (TIP Records) 7) V/A - Accelerator 3.0 (Turbo Trance Records) 8) V/A - Neo:caine (Neurobiotic Records) 9) V/A - Grey Area (Exposure Productions) 10) Panick - ? (Neurobiotic Records) 11) Aphid Moon - Global Culture (Nano Records) 12) V/A - Elegraffiti (Solstice Music) Some are old but most of them are worth checking into imo. And maybe also V/A - Accelerator 4.0, AMD - Big Fish(Nano Records it is), Prosper - When the City Sleeps, V/A - Origin Stage 3, Eskimo - Baloonatic Pt.2 which I plan on checking for myself too.
  15. I would recommend: 1) Cycle Sphere - Call it What you Want (Phantasm Records) 2) Atomic Pulse - Direct Drive (Yoyo Records) 3) Manmademan - The Legend Remixes (Turbo Trance Records) 4) V/A - Pygmees' Groove Vol. 2 (Turbo Trance Records) 5) Fatali -
  16. Me. Samples sound interesting indeed and this one along with the Nommos one are the few dark albums that tempt me so far.
  17. Judjing from the tracklist and his good reputation this must be one to look for.
  18. These came in for me yesterday: 1) V/A - Pygmees Groove Vol.2 (Turbo Trance Records) 2) GBU - Wanted (Twisted Records) 3) V/A - Neo:caine (Neurobiotic Records) 4) Panick - Lab-o-matic (Neurobiotic Records) 5) V/A - Solar Agent (Alchemy Records) 6) Hujaboy - Party Animals (TIP World) 7) V/A - Mind your Own Isness (Phantasm Records) 8) V/A - Event Horizon (24/7 Media) 9) Multistate - Collaborating with Machines (Timecode Records) 10) Tickets - Timelapse (Timecode Records) 11) V/A - Tempus Viator (Tantrumm Records) 12) CPC - Double Bouble (Manic Dragon Records)
  19. I think you're right. This has been the first time I heard that sound too. Haven't heard the other old stuff (Oforia, X-Dream) mentioned here though.
  20. Well, I've liked these this year: V/A - Lucas presents God Save the Machine (TIP Records), Koxbox - U Turn, (Twisted Records), V/A - Accelerator (Turbo Trance Records), V/A - Neo:caine (Neurobiotics Records), V/A - Pygmees Groove Vol. 1 (Turbo Trance Records), V/A - Alpha Rhythms (Wild Things Records), The Commercial Hippies - If you Can't Stand the Heat... (Nano Records), V/A - Robosapiens (Materia Records), Phyx - Kiss the Blade (Timecode Records), Slug - Elemental (Nexus Media). V/A - Grey Area (Exposure Productions). Any other suggestions?
  21. V/A - A Walk through Neptune's Garden. Thanks Faze and merry christmas to all.
  22. I managed to only listen to 'X-Dream - The Best 1991-2001' once untill now. I took this for historical/educational reasons mainly since I did not have the tracks nor had I listen to most of them. I guess it's quite good if you're into techtrance and some tracks are outstanding and should be concidered classic ones I guess (e.g. Out Here We're Stoned, 5th Dimension, The Frog, Aspirin, Irritant etc). I did not regret buying this let alone since I did not have the original ones as said. p.s. Haven't manage to listen to the other one yet, will reply as soon as I do.
  23. To me this was immediate order since I find his previous album 'Über den Angst' to be up there with Psykovsky's.
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