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Sputum Rotgut

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Dextro - El Viento


16k Records is proud to present Consequence Music, the debut full

length album by Dextro. With previous releases on James Holden's

Border Community imprint and cool London electronic label Jumblefunk,

this long awaited album promises to deliver a rich collection of

downtempo electronic works representing the pinnacle of the young

Scot's current sound.


Dextro is the electronic alias of Glasgow based musician and composer

Ewan Mackenzie, who's sound is very much a blend of ambient synth

textures and subtle but intricate beats, demonstrated beautifully in

this 60 minute collection of 9 quality tracks.


With echoes of Ulrich

Schnauss and a nod towards the heritage of fellow Scottish electronic

musicians Boards of Canada, Consequence Music is very much an example

of contemporary indigenous Scottish electronica - taking the listener

on a late night journey of emotive melancholy.


With a solid background in music, multi-instrumentalist Mackenzie,

who also plays Drums in local metal band Snowblood (see their 2005

full length release, "Being and Becoming") is a percussionist at

heart and this is none more evident than in this latest release under

his Dextro moniker.

Consequence Music is available now on special edition CD Digipak.


Great release!

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