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Blue Alphabet - Cyber Trance.




Ah, sooo much emotions in such a simple riff.


It catapults me straight into this blissfull state.It also has this mysterious, dark, even freaky feel to it.

This track shure makes my heart pounds faster.

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Solar Fields - Air Song (8am Version)


Such a majestic track. Always fills me with morning wonderment. Like walking back from a club in the early morning.

Even when I listen to it in the evening, outside it always feels like early morning. Excellent work!

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Eat Static - Pachama. Quite groovy, I must say. Funkeh!

:posford: *thumbs up*


That track is super :) the nitzhonot kick is qrotesque and does its job very well :posford:

I tought I was the only person who liked that track. I love it! :wub:


Track of the day : De La Soul - The Magic Number, old school hip hop at it's best. There is no way that todays hip hop reaches the same level...ever.

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David Bowie - A Space Oddity


this has been my track of the day a few times in the last weeks. Ask supergroover, sherlockalien or tashira about it. :P


Ground Control to Major Tom,


Ground Control to Major Tom!



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