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  1. Hi, this is my latest set,it was recorded live at the opening party of Captain Morgan, at Haifa, Israel. The set varies from 127 up to 133 BPM. Tracklist: 1. Paracozm - Acid In Wonderland 2. Sensient - 308 Negra Arroyo Lane 3. Kliment - Serial Spider 4. Millivolt - Reality Show (Ivort Remix) 5. Hypogeo - Trip To Ixtlan 6. Minimal Criminal - Tobor 7. Grouch & Tom Cosm - Switch Arms (Grouch's Version) 8. Krumelur - Crazy Circle 9. Pick - Deep Meditation 10.One Tasty Morsel - Minimalisticism 11.Grouch - Mayan Toolkit 12.Pspiralife - Glass Half Empty (Ryanosaurus Remix) 13.Merkaba - The Link 14.Minimal Criminal - Possessed By Papa Legba Much love and respect to the artists and the labels. link: https://soundcloud.com/jerikho/dark-progressive-captain-morgan-live-set
  2. Hello, here is my latest set: Soundcloud Tracklist: 01. Kromagon - Mushroom Therapy 02. Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Dr. Strangefunk Remix) 03. Dirty Hippy - Fractal Cabbage 04. Evil Oil Man - Westworld 05. Minimal Criminal - Possessed By Papa Legba 06. MoGo - It's Gonna Be Hot! 07. Pspiralife - Glass Half Empty (Ryanosaurus Remix) 08. Captain Hook - Human Design (Smoke Sign Remix) 09. Pick - And Your Mama Told You (Brujo's Bowl Remix) 10. Tetrameth - The Quickening (Dharana remix) All the credit goes to the artists and the labels. Peace upon you and yours.
  3. Hello people, Im looking for a track, probably GOA, that has a sample of the mentioned above song. The track begins rather slow but picks up the tempo as it continues. Thank you for your help. P.S. This is the song I was referring to.
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