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Found 23 results

  1. Hey everyone, My new chill journey mix is finally ready, full of gentle, nourishing, psybient sounds. Closed eyes, drifting away, floaty recharge goodness. Yum! Massive thanks to all the artists for their wonderful sounds & inspiration And to you guys for listening! 1. Beatfarmer - Long Day, Over (spaced out 2017 mix) 2. Yaima - Cinis 3. In the Branches & Bluetech - Behind The Sky 4. PEIX - NGC 224 (Lumino's Dub) 5. Brombaer - Silencio 6. Logical Elements - A Purple Rose In The Sky Garden 7. Stratusphere - When the Lotus Blossomed 8. Stellardrone - Red Giant 9. Solar Fields - Air Song (8am Version) 10. SinePearl - Electric Winds Through Imaginary Flute 11. A Path Untold - Mirror Touch 12. Logical Elements - Seraphic 13. Erothyme - Reaching Out is Reaching In 14. Temple Step - Gracias, Gracias (Feat Darpan & Themis) 15. Lifebloom - Life Signs 16. Atmoswaves - Into The Sun 17. Ancestral Elephants - Celestial Lullaby 18. Wolf Tech - Lost In a Dream Happy Listening! Love!
  2. Part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset... (1hr27min/320MP3/212.7MB/©2018) [::::download::::] Genre: Midtempo Acidic Funky Psychedelic Goa Trance for your Mindset to Reset This is part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset. The Mindset disk gives us a moment to exhale our breaths slowly, find our resting heart rate, and ground our center. Featuring music from: Kino Oko, Loopus in Fabula, Ectima & Phaxe, Rezonance Mood (aka Yuta & Asteroidnos), Magnat, Juno Reactor > New Order > Juno Reactor, James Monro, James Reipas, Bumbling Loons, Ticon, Saiko-Pod, XV Kilist & Rocco, Eric Prydz, Terra Ferma Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goaconstrictor/mindset Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-mindset/ Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/goaconstrictor-mindset/
  3. In The Mix 2019 - DJ Set by Artmox Follow Artmox : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/artmoxofficial Website : https://www.artmox-music.com Bookings E-Mail : booking@plusquam-agency.net Bookings Hotline : +49 (0) 1573 83 89 153 Plusquam Records : http://www.plusquam-records.net Manager : Thomas Vitali E-Mail : contact@plusquam-records.net Artmox is an progressive psytrance act from germany and was founded in 2004 by Timo Müller. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its unique sounds and experiences. During the last years was he experimenting a lot with digital and analogue instruments to realize his own interpretation of music within psytrance. He visited audio-engineering school back in 2001 with the intention to start producing after that. His music can be described as pure psychedelic trance with driving bass-lines, screaming leads and atmospheric textures. In 2014 he releases his debut EP called "Cosmic Dash" and in july 2016 his full lengh album "Gentry of the Dusk". He is also presented on nine compilations with other artists such as : "Sonic Entity", "Ital", "Liquid Soul", "Allaby", "Day.Din", "DJ Fabio", "Synsun", "Hardy Veles", "Safi Connection", "Simply Wave", "Klacid", "Space Buddha", "Earthling", "Hamelin", "I.M.D.", "Monu", "Cyklones", "Dark Nebula", "Tikal", "Pakman", "Silent Sphere", "Paste", "Johann Bley", "Nexus", "Cryptexmarble", "Liftshift", "Human Blue", "Erotic Dream", "Jiser", "Ski Fi", "Eleusyn", "Liquid Sound".... on labels like : "Midijum Records", "Goa Crops Records", "Plusquam Digital", "Sin Records", "PsyTropic Records", "Icarus Creations", "Planet B.E.N Records", "Plusquam Believed", "Zombster Records" and he is currently working on his new album. For the mastering and the final fine tune of his productions, Timo intends in the near future to work in collaboration with Hector Stuardo and Shahar Shtrikman. He has already been live on stage with world-famous acts like : "Antix", "Ritmo", "DJ Fabio", "Benni Moon", "Ticon", "Helber Gun", "Materia", "Solaris Vibe", "Kularis" ....
  4. After the relative success of the previous Etnica / Pleiadians mix set that I posted some four years ago, I decided to make another mix set. This time I experimented with mixing in and out between different versions of the same track. So each segment in this mix is a sort of mash-up of two different versions of that track. I hope that I managed to convey that there is simply no rest from the onslaught that is Etnica - Pleiadians - Crop Circles. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART I will post the track list in a couple of days. And - if you like it, please consider a repost!
  5. Uploaded new mix on my mixcloud profile and I am happy to share it here. Feel free to check it out and please enjoy. https://www.mixcloud.com/strahinjam/progressive-psytrance-mix-journey/ Tracklist: 1. Ascent & Shogan - 3D Visions 2. Vandeta - Free Your Mind 3. Symbolic & Sonic Species - Alma Libre 4. Faders & Lyktum - Blueprints Of Creation 5. Sideform - Digital Fortress 6. Shake - Spiritual Healing 7. Genetrick - We Are Gods 8. Zone Tempest - Strange Voices 9. Mindbenderz - Wormhole 10. Helber Gun - The World Around You 11. Invisible Reality & Atacama - The Future 12. Liquid Soul & Neodyne - Cherub It's pure 138 bpm mix.
  6. https://www.mixcloud.com/Pagoan/pagan-mental-hygiene/ Some darker goa trance music for your mental hygiene! Listen / comment / like and share if you like it!
  7. SFX - Sativa Prana - Kiba (Tristan & Process Remix) Indoor - Vertigo MFG - Magnetic Activity Adrenalin Drum - God Mountain Electric Universe - From The Heart MWNN - Own The World Chi-Ad - Eye Am The I Etnica - Tribute Somaton - Infinite Reality Miranda - Green Man Psygone - Spirit Of The Jungle Multiplex - Flotation California Sunshine - Tears In My Eyes Power Source - Goaway Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization UX - Pure Intellect (Reloaded) Cosmosis - Spores From The Space (A Microscopic Trace) Bypass Unit - Shanti Shakta - Cosmic Trigger Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence https://www.mixcloud.com/Pagoan/pagan-try-not-to-dance-old-school-goa-session/ I would like if you give me any feedback on this one!
  8. Tracklist: BlackStarrFinale - Uyulala Radical Distortion - Goa Station GoaTree - The Force Omnivox - Spectral Mutant Cosmic Dimension - Alien Civilization Ephedra - Acid Rain Siam - Colorful Expansion E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned ( Imba Remix ) Arronax - Dreams Of Planet Earth Filteria - Earthrise Goasia - Sunrise Morphic Resonance - Psychoactive Landscape JaraLuca - Minds Circus Kurandini - Kalindian Sky Technology - Back To The Future ( Nova Fractal Remix ) E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru Mindsphere - To Infinity Celestial Intelligence - Anapa Space Elves - Drop Zone Psychowave - Sunshine Reborn SETI Project - Endorphin Veasna - Quantum Conundrum Dimension 5 - Return To The Source Lunar Dawn - Zorya Alienoma - Deya Vu Dhamsuta - Lucent Venture Sirius - Universe FREE DOWNLOAD https://soundcloud.com/pagoan/pagoan-transcendence-goa-trance I'd like you all listen and comment my goa trance mix, to give me some feedback and if you like it, follow me! Here's my mixcloud where you can find some more mixes: https://www.mixcloud.com/Pagoan/
  9. Greetings friends, I hope this finds you well! After a small break for a little travel & general life shenanigans I am pleased to return with the latest edition in the Dreamtime Diaries psychedelic chill series. This one starts a little dark & creeps slowly yet surely towards the place where we need to be. The message is about perseverance, & making things happen regardless of what our goals are. Just keep turning up, put the hours intruly get stuck in & have fun playing with options...sooner or later the desired results will manifest. Enjoy the journey, & as always big thanks to all the artists for their wonderful music! Forever in your debt! 1. Dead Melodies - Superficial Stasis 2. Kaj. - Human 3. Owen Ear - Expectation 4. Nibana - Far Eden 5. Easily Embarrassed - Nothing But Spirit 6. Soulacybin - The Activation Part 2 (Sequencing Complete) ft. Alaya Love 7. Tanina Munchkina & Ajja - Equinox 8. Sk P - Eye Earth Part 2 9. Whithe X & Introvert - Alone 10. Indigolab - Medicine 11. Man of No Ego - Galactic Girl 12. Tripswitch - Deer Park (Joey Fehrenbach remix) PS: Remember sharing is caring!
  10. https://soundcloud.com/astralseeker/psychill-set-ravelation 1- Suduaya - Empty Your Mind (Feat. Amin) bpm 81 2- Stefan Torto - Common Future bpm 90 3- Nuxx - Jupi's Pahaar bpm 93 4- Flucturion - Untouched Revelation bpm 95 5- Nibana - I Am A Soul bpm 100 6- Nibana - Our Eyes (Sephira Remix) bpm 100 7- Cydelix - The Holly Wood bpm 100 8- Crystal Vibe - Inside bpm 100 9- Sesen - The Observer bpm 100 10- Flowertz - Psychedelic Dance bpm 100 11- DeeperNET - Movements bpm 100 12- Astronaut Ape - High Above The Clouds bpm 100 13- Flucturion - Aimlessly During Sleep bpm 100 14- Flucturion - Anytime Fades Secrets bpm 101 15- Astronaut Ape § By the Rain - Starfall bpm 102 16- StereOMantra - Neverland bpm 105 17- Tentura - Theme Patcher Magobee Remix bpm 105 18- Astropilot - Rod bpm 107 19 - Sygnals - Among Others bpm 110 20- Alwoods - Psychedelic Dream bpm 110 21- GMO vs. Dense - Bouncing Around bpm 110 22- Crystal Vibe - Change is the Only Constant bpm 110 23- Flucturion - Reload Lost Illusions bpm 110 24- Crystal Vibe - Ancient Technology bpm 115 25- DeeperNET - The Eagle Has Landed bpm 115 26- Lab's Cloud - Found the way bpm 115
  11. Its cold out there, so get comfy & let these deep organic tribal beats take you on a journey to wherever you need to go... Massive thank you to all the artists for their wonderful music & continual inspiration! 1 - Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth 2 - Kaminanda - The Great Alignment 3 - Chronos - Dandelions As Memory 4 - Wei-Chi Field Planting My Roots 5 - Labs Cloud - Indian Culture 6 - Ishq - Forest Stream 7 - Globular - Timeless Vibration 8 - Chronos - Warmth 9 - Om Sagar - Shengualaya https://soundcloud.com/tripnip/dreamtime-diaries-vol-iv-call-of-the-wild Enjoy! PS: Remember sharing is caring! All comments & feedback very much appreciated!
  12. Here's a recent nostalgic mix of mine "Open Your Mind" going back to the roots of tribal, acid and classic trance. Enjoy! The Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Exit 23 (Drum Club Remix One) Source - The Real Thing Rigor Mortis - La Sirena Pulse - Mikado Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles Hardfloor - Reverberate Opinion F.U.S.E. - F.U. Ramirez - Volcan De Pasion Circuit Breaker - Overkill Plastikman - Krakpot The Source Experience - The Source Experience Tranceporter - Open Your Mind http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/open-your-mind/
  13. A little gift to all the dreamers, meditators, journeyers of consciousness & lovers of chill, this latest edition of the dreamtime diaries series provides luscious soundscapes for all your still time needs. So get comfy, close your eyes & lets flow to a place of beauty where all is as it should be. With love https://soundcloud.com/tripnip/dreamtime-diaries-vol-iii-medicine-for-the-heart Big thanks to all the artists for their wonderful music! 1 - Master Minded - Fearless 528Hz 2 - Lab's Cloud - Vibrannection 3 - Siebzehn - The Calling 4 - Brombaer - The Quietness 5 - Bandarlog - Point of View 6 - Cicrular - Lunokhod 7 - Indigolab - Dreamland 8 - Wei-Chi Field - Embracing Flight 9 - Sinepearl - Illusion of Control 10 - Zen Baboon - Cymru 11 - Labs Cloud - Esmeralda 2011 Enjoy! PS: Remember sharing is caring! All comments & feedback very much appreciated!
  14. SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/elysium94/kristian-elysium-my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-5 Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-5
  15. yo people feel free to check out my new studio mix, it was mix i played in Belgrade 04.10, this year, fueled with high quality music and mixes, massive respect to all artists and friends who approved me to publish this, get ready for 2 hour take off Pic artwork by Richpa @ https://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign Tracklist : 1. Sheyba - Trans Africa Express (Adrenalin Run RMX, intro by Stevo) unrl 2. Fiery Dawn - Cosmic Ascention unrl 3. Moodsyne - Frogs Breath (VA-Binary Sequence/Resonant Earth) 4. Adrenalin Run - Sixt Sense unrl 5. Omneon - Sirius (Soon released on Timewarp Records/VA- Goa Energy 2014) 6. Sun Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance RMX)unrl 7. Fiery Dawn - Hyperspace (Cosmic Ascension/Timewarp) 8. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid (Colours Of Goa/Timewarp) 9. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance RMX) unrl 10. Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats last mix (unrl) 11. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer (unrl) 12. GoaTree - Hide & Clap (Morphic Resonance Remix) (Soon released on Timewarp Records/VA- Goa Energy 2014) 13. Adrenalin Run - Nova Era (unrl) 14. Celestial Inteligence - 1001 reasons (Album track for forthcoming album release on Suntrip Rec) 15. Kobaya - Free Your Mind (Colours Of Goa/Timewarp) 16. Artifact 303 - Feelings (Opus Iridium/Suntrip) no download ofcourse mix link: https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg/dj-stevo-belgrade-memories-2014<3
  16. Calling all Psy-Trance / GOA / Progressive DJ's, Producers, Artists! Submit your mp3 mixes until the end of JULY for a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of history! We are producing a 24hr long non-stop collaborative mix. Already on board are: Yahel, Suntribe, Vibe Tribe, Stanislav Psyboy, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat, Ohad Aharony, Vtek, Psysex. Limited space available: ONLY 14 MORE SPOTS LEFT! Visit https://www.facebook.com/1440DJMix?ref=hl for more info.
  17. Calling all Psy-Trance / GOA / Progressive DJ's, Producers, Artists! Submit your mp3 mixes until the end of JULY for a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of history! We are producing a 24hr long non-stop collaborative mix. Already on board are: Yahel, Suntribe, Vibe Tribe, Stanislav Psyboy, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat, Ohad Aharony, Vtek, Psysex. Limited space available: ONLY 14 MORE SPOTS LEFT! Visit https://www.facebook.com/1440DJMix?ref=hl for more info.
  18. http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-3 Tracklist Byte 1 - Byte 1 Doof - Let's Turn On Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) Spacetribe - Geo Matrix Nucleus - Superluminal Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Mix) Ayahuasca - Ayahuascan Chant Koxbox - Acid Vol. 3 Manmademan - Purple Merlin Man With No Name - Axis Flip Disco Volante - Moonraker (Morning Mix) Hallucinogen - LSD (Doof Rmx) Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization Etnica - Intense Visitation Technossomy - Elektron Bender Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest Prana - Scarab Union Jack - Two Full Moons And A Trout Eat Static - Survivors Moog - Euromotors
  19. 'I Am Psychedelic and at Peace Within The Cosmos'-Shaman-E- Recorded in Amsterdam 6.6.13. From Going With The Cosmic Flow Vol. 8. http://www.mixcloud.com/andytours3/i-am-psychedelic-and-at-peace-within-the-cosmos/ This the latest Fullon Psy mix from Shaman-E. Meditation thru Dance. Enjoy with Peace, One Love and Unity in your souls, Namaste, Shaman-E
  20. Hey, I found a somewhat older set that I recorded 2.5 years ago. There are some Full on Psychedelic gems inside Style is Morning Full On Psytrance Enjoy!! And please leave some feedback https://soundcloud.com/sibren/sibren-vegter-cloudy Tracklist: 1. M-Theory & Ital - Mano 2. Sonic Species - Infinity 3. Burn in Noise - Last Window 4. Zen Mechanics Vs. M-Theory -Ultrasonic 5. Sonic Species - Drums at Dawn 6. Man Machine - Outfilled 7. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra 8. Hyperion - Light Reflex 9. Cosmosis - Self Discovery 10. Ital - Healing Zone 11. Aphid Moon & The First Stone - Star Birth 12. Double Collision - Steak and Potatoes 13. Dickster & Burn in Noise - Tumbleweed 14. Flip Flop - Sonic Air 15. Flip Flop & Burn in Noise - A Besta 16. Chameleon Vs Temporal Coding - Tachyon Generator 17. Zen Mechanics & Headroom - CBR 18. Aphid Moon - Hyperdimension 19. Astrix - Life System (Delirious Remix) 20. Dickster & Burn in Noise - Induced 21. Shove - Goa Times 22. Ital - Healing Zone 23. Aphid Moon - Go for Orbit
  21. Free Download >> https://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/new-old-unreleased Here's a mix I did with a unreleased L&F track, unreleased edits of L&F tracks, alongside some of my all time favourite tracks from artists like Wizzy Noise, Absolum, Koxbox, Synthetic, Shift, Insomnia and Hallucinogen ,,,,,, Enjoy and please share
  22. Dear friends! We are happy to present new release from Triplag Music ID : TRPLGCD013 Artist: Vic Triplag Name: Imaginarium Label: TRIPLAG MUSIC Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: 11/11/11 Format: CD Length: 73:28 4 panels Digi Pack Compiled and mixed by: Vic Triplag Track 1,2,5,6 - Mastered by: Colin Bennun at The Stooodio, UK Track 4 - Mastered by: System Crash (Germany) Track 3,7,10 - Mastered by: Heaven & Hell Masters (Japan) Track 8,9,11 - Mastered by: Mastering Online (Germany) Track 9 was previously released on Fish'n'Trips Records (Austratia) Illustrations by: Valentina Kallias Finished art by: Barry O'Reilley Distributed by: SaikoSounds From the beginning of Triplag project in 2005 as DJ Vic has put together and released many compilations on CDs and digital media. Working tirelessly on promoting and spreading his favorite style of psychedelic trance Vic and Triplag Music have given an opportunity to many various artists to present their music to a wide audience. Vic's vision and support from fellow artists helped to established Triplag as one of the influential darkpsy community and record label. With this release Vic makes a next step in label's evolution when DJ delivers music to the listener in a form of a continues sound journey through his own imagination and not just collection of single tracks. Imaginarium is a mix of tracks that were acquired over a period of 1.5 years and played by Vic all over the world in club parties and open-air festivals. It brings together various flavours of darkpsy genre that over the years have defined and shaped as Triplag Music and subsequently as Vic's own DJ style. TRACK LIST 01. Fungus Funk - Microcosmos (Astroff rmx) 02. KiRu feat Maximus feat Omega - Fall into Dream 03. Diablos - Inferno 04. Dark Whisper - Doctors of Mauthausen 05. Zero-Blade feat Omega - Day Turns Into Night 06. Glarvas - Space Density (Vic Triplag mix edit) 07. Urban - Follow On Space. 08. Dharma Project - HFDB 09. Satori - Voices In The Dark 10. Gloomy Phantom - Gatekeeper 11. Perseus Mandate - Exorcism 12. Omega - Designer Dreams 01. w&p Sergei Prilepa (RU) 02. w&p Eugene K. and Khapaev Maksim (RU) 03. w&p Takeomi Matsuura & Mizuki Nishihata (JP) 04. w&p Manuel Bellini (IT/GER) 05. w&p Kristiyan Karev (BG) 06. w&p Gleb (RU) 07. w&p Vitek (RU) 08. w&p Luca Kagasotto (IT) 09. w&p Rory Robinson (AUS) 10. w&p Timo Coerdt (GER) 11. w&p Gloomy Phantom and Pan Gohr (GER) 12. w&p Chris Cox (US) Special thank you to Chris Cox a.k.a. Omega for lettig us use Designer Dreams steams throughout this mix! Official release page : http://www.triplag.com/music/cd/Vic.Triplag.-.Imaginarium/ Available from: SaikoSounds, BeatSpace PsyShop, Goa Store
  23. Dear all Here's my latest track.... feel free to listen to it. Believe it Feedback is happily welcome. Cheers -Marc a.k.a. DJ Singleton
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