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  1. Dear all Feel free to listen and download my latest progressive-/psy trance track called music for the masses. Enjoy
  2. Dear all Here's my new track.... feel free to listen to it Abort the Mission Kind regards & thx for your feedback -Marc a.k.a. DJ Singleton
  3. Dear all Here's my latest track.... feel free to listen to it. Believe it Feedback is happily welcome. Cheers -Marc a.k.a. DJ Singleton
  4. Hi Fair enough! Yes I know that's not "the" burner, but I am working on it! I still try to figure out how some of the producing guys I like (Human Element, Liquid Soul, etc.) create that element that makes it special. A good example is "Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Liquid Sould Rmx)" found on the album Extrasensory Perception vol. 3. That's the burner track. I played it in my last DJ Set and the folks just went crazy. Unfortunately I still don't know how to make it. But at least - and that's something that makes me very happy - you do not dislike the track :-) I started today with a cover version of "New Order - Blue Monday". Maybe this one will do it ;-) Cheers -Marc
  5. Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards -Marc
  6. Dear all I am not so familiar with writing in a forum.... as well as I do not believe in a strict border that gives the music the "psy" genre. There are people that tell me, that I am too much in trance. Other peope say that it's too much psy (or goa). Needless to say that they were talking about the same track. It was hard to believe, that receiving constructive feedback.... or just feedback of the music I am creating. Well... Only with 3rd party help I can make progress. Therefore I give it a try here and I kindly ask you for your oppinion. DJ Singleton - Alert Kind regards -Marc a.k.a. DJ Singleton
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