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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: TRD Title: Apostles of the Universe EP Label: Chaitra Records Date: February, 2014 01 - Forgotten Paths (115 BPM) 02 - Apostles Of the Universe (140 BPM) 03 - Redeem (140 BPM) 04 - Resurrect (115/145 BPM) 05 - Spiritualization (140 BPM) 06 - Cotton Haze (80 BPM) Where is the f*cking toilet? I listen to a f*ckton of music. Absolute f*ckton. Everyday. Whenever I can. While I'm making dinner or dropping some kids off at the pool, my headphones are never out of reach. I've been reviewing albums for a long time so does that mean I've gotten better at distinguishing the wheat from the chaff? I'll leave that up to you, but if you do something long enough you should eventually get rather proficient at it. Don't know a thing about brain surgery, but give me a decade of daily study and I'll have you drooling in no time. But what if you nailed it on your first try? No med school, no residency, you just picked up a scalpel and signed your name on somebody's medulla oblongata? Yep that's some ol Doogie Howser sh*t right there. Legen...wait for it...dary. Well that's what this kid did. And yes I called him a kid cause at 21 years of age that's what you are to me. The debut from Swede Par Carlsson (extra s added for "superb") is lush with melodic layers and bursting with atmosphere. It's crystal clear sound is your guide for a trip through the galaxy. His breaks are deep and rich and keep the tracks fresh and vibrant while his use of percussion makes it stand out. Robotic voices and a cold feel drive home the theme that you are about to go where no man has gone before. Beautiful. Electronic. Music. Normally I'd avoid anything with a morning label on it because it just ain't my bag baby. But this is a must hear. We got ourselves a prodigy and the doctor is definitely in. Colin Oood on the master again and he did a bang up job. Give him a shout he might hook you up with the penis lengthening thing you wanted. It'll keep the girls from pointing at your junk and laughing. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  2. EP - Party People - GB RR1EPD012 - 02/03/2012 The debut EP from GB is sure to be an epidemic blasting on any dance floor with its huge basses, floating melodies and crystal clear atmospheric sounds. The 2 tracks EP features track one Narcotics and track two Party People. Track list: 01.Party People - GB 02.Narcotics - GB Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:02/03/2012 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: GB Catalogue Number: RR1EPD012 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk http://soundcloud.com/gb-2012 BUY HERE: http://www.junodownl...ple/1924226-02/ http://www.junodownl...allize/releases ____Recrystallize Records_________ _+22_________________+222_______ _+222_______________++22_______ _++22______________+222________ _++22_____________++22________ __+222___________++22_________ __+222_________++222__________ __++222_______++222___________ __++222_____+++222____________ __++2222__+++2222++22_________ __+++2222+++2222++2222________ ___++222++2222+++222222+22____ ___++22++2222++2222222++222___ ___++++++2222222222222222222___ ____++++++22222222222222222___ ____++++++++222222222222222___ _____+++++++2222222222222222___ ______+++++++22222222222222___ _______+++++++222222222222____ _______+++++++222222222222____ ________+++++++2222222222_____ _______+++++2222222222___ ______Peace & Blessings
  3. Qubenzis Psy Audio invites you for a one hour epic musical story. A journey into a world of well produced, original, percussively intelligent, underground (kind of melodic) Psychedelic Trance. --------- Album Info --------- Name: Alien Face Lift 2012 Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio Style: Psychedelic, Melodic Length: 59:35 min Tracks: 7 Released: 1/1/2012 Net Label: Qubetech.net Track List --------- 1 - 9:10 min 142bpm - Synchronicity By Design 2 - 7:45 min 143bpm - Breakfast on Sirius A 3 - 9:18 min 143bpm - Ark of the Covenant 4 - 9:23 min 146bpm - Twisted History 5 - 8:19 min 144bpm - Banana Republic Earth 6 - 8:43 min 142bpm - The Ant People 7 - 7:06 min 143bpm - Liquid Impressions QPA clearly define the Alien presence in the music by blending mind teasing sound samples with melodic, bubbling twisted synthesizers. A "wake up" call to all you guys who still doubt that 2012 (and onward) is an extremely crucial time period for the evolution & ascension of humanity. --------- Links --------- BUY WAV, FLAC, MP3 320kb... http://www.qubenzis....-face-lift-2012 Free MP3 192kb........................ http://www.qubenzis....-free-mp3-192kb Full Tracks previews.................. http://qubenzis.band...-face-lift-2012 Video :: Banana Republic Earth. http://www.youtube.c...bed/fOFOdetGRJo BooooM Namaste Peace Qubenzis Psy Audio
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