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  1. thanks man! dig you signature bytheway one of my fav simpsons episode, and i guess iam not the only one...
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Y-aixelg4&feature=player_detailpage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-G9UqCqRgw&feature=player_detailpage
  3. Videos: http-~~-//vimeo.com/35765628 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNW7scn5OTg&feature=plcp&context=C3ef20d4UDOEgsToPDskI-TZHGJ-fj9YgCTW7sIQz7
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Fernando Iam from Portugal and Iam available for graphic design, video (edit and animation) and webdesign! You can find my website here, Dissolvingstudios.com Some services provided: .webdesign (flash or html) facebook pages (flash) facebook competitions, mp3payers and other applications .video editing - promos, video clip, music video, visual fx .Graphic Design - cd design, dvd design, digital ep design, business identity and much more Here is some work ive been making latelly, some professional and some personal: contact me o
  5. Hi psynews hope youre all doing well. Iam Fernando Hood (aka smiley pixie) , once oppon a time I had a goa and psytrance music project called "Message To Earth", started in 1999 and lasted until 2006/7, maybe a very few of you remember my tracks on good old mp3.com and Acidplanet , http://www.message-to-earth.web.pt/ . Anyway i have a new hangout were ill be releasing old and new tracks My new page is www.messagetoearth.bandcamp.com These are my Latest Releases: Hope you guys like it. All the releases are on a "pay what you want" basis p.L.U.R
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