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  1. Various Artists - powered UP!! Label: flash-BOIL audio Release: FBAVA01 Style: Modern Psychedelic Tempo: 190-220 BPM Mastering: High Shelf Mastering Studio Artwork: ravin SHANKAR Release Date: 13th July 2012 Format: 96Khz 24bit flac 2012, CERN & the global transformation of consciousness. Just as we approach the mythical popular culture enddate of the “mayan calendar”, CERN is powering up to unleash the power of 14 TeV particle collisions on a mostly unsuspecting world, the Bavarian illuminati bilderberg group prepares to plunge us all in the darkness of WWIII as the final step toward the NWO’s “One World Government” & yet, suddenly a new voice is arising amongst the power-mongers of yore. No longer just a quiet voice in the crowd, but THE VOICE OF THE CROWD!! All over the planet people are waking up, standing up, connecting & joining together in what could easily be described as a revolution of the mind! The global collective subconscious is finally becoming conscious!! Be it anonymous hacktivists, the occupy movement, massive international protests against internet censorship legislation or full-blown riots in Greece against “The most severe austerity measures introduced in any country since the second World War”. We shall no longer go on silently obiding as all our rights & freedoms are slowly stripped away! We will strike back against the oppressive grip of fascism! Not with hate, anger or violence! But with knowledge, wisdom & love! Break free of the shackles of mainstream media! Switch off your TV! Stop reading newspapers! Seek out your own independent trustworthy source of information (Unbiased journalism still exists, it’s just harder to find..). Amidst all this, one thing is undeniable: a massive global transformation of consciousness is taking place, growing & spreading exponentially at an unprecedented rate. Everything seems to move a little faster everyday. Technology is helping connect people in such a way that, whether you are aware of it or not, we all form part of a global neural network, much like a human brain, if you will… In light of the upcoming.. coincidental, synchronous, synergetic(?), culmination of events programmed for this year, it is my great honour to present to you a compilation born of the genius of some of the finest up&coming producers of this “genre”, coming together out of their love of FREE MUSIC & DANCE!!! & because it’s dancin’ we love, we bring you a collection of EXCLUSIVELY full power dance-floor blasters!!! trackLIST: 00. steam-PUNK - powering UP.. (intro) [190-215] 01. Gamba - Kill The Sanity [190] 02. Pangea - Safe House [192] 03. NOIZHARTT - La Souris Delinguee [195] 04. L.M.O. - Infinity Psychedelic [205-220] 05. Pangea - Kbbb [202] 06. MaleficiuM - BANG [200] 07. Shanti Shala - Peyople are Strange [194] 08. MaleficiuM - Inori [200] 09. shrOOmix - I am the Architect [200-210] 10. Retox - You Just Got Punked (steam-PUNK edit) [190] BONUS TRACKS: A. L055 - 0N3P01NT0 2.1 [~] B. Retox - You Just Got Punked (Original cut) [190] C. Kos-Mos - Alsdok [233] Artwork & Compilation: ravin SHANKAR @ the VAPORIZER (AM) 96 kHz 24 bit Mastering: Xikwri Neyrra @ High Shelf Mastering Studio (MX) recommended platform: TRAKTOR PRO 2 & a 96kHz capable soundcard BOM BHOLE NATH
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