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  1. Artist: Various Title: Siesta Label: Phonokol Date: October, 2002 1. Earthling - Chill or Be Chilled 2. Water Spirits - Jah Feedback 3. Earthling - Helix 4. Spacedrifters - Reverse (Vocal Version) 5. Orion Vs. Alien Project - Cryptic Aliens 6. Earthling - Kilamanjaro 7. Earthling Vs. Alien Project - Fantasy Island 8. Etnica - Trip Tonite (Playa Mix) 9. Alien Project Vs. Astrix - Crystal Skulls (Long Version) 10. Logic Bomb - Normalised I'm gonna go on record here and say this was one of the best things Ari Linker (Alien Project) was involved with. Smooth downtempo tracks with laid back grooves. Earthling or Alien Project are on most of the tracks which are full of deep bass. Some of the beats are grimy, but they all have a floaty feeling. The samples speak of alien landings and government coverups. Unlike other downtempo comps this one ends with two upbeat numbers heavy on the psychedelia. To be honest it's kind of dark with melodies that can make you think about past decisions. The only one I didn't care for was Kilimanjaro which broke the flow of the album. Otherwise this is really good stuff. Mdk
  2. hi people, let me introduce the hungarian Psychotria Record's first psychill release: http://psychotriarecords.bandcamp.com/releases feel free to listen to it!
  3. Artist: Easily Embarrassed Title: Tales of the Coin Spinner Label: EE Records Date: August, 2011 01 - The Truth (66 BPM) 02 - Blessed Day On Distorted Shape (79 BPM) 03 - Sylphesizer (100 BPM) 04 - The Coin Spinner (60 BPM) 05 - Moon People (70 BPM) 06 - The Old Ways (100 BPM) 07 - Little Match Sister (97 BPM) 08 - Triplets (95 BPM) 09 - Nothing But Spirit (82 BPM) 10 - Under The Jester's Hat (58 BPM) Before Jon Stewart was making fun of politics and the media he had a bit part in the Dave Chapelle vehicle Half Baked where he said, "Yeah, but have you seen it...on weed?" That stuck with me because that's how I used to be. I was that guy. Event Horizon was a great movie, but on weed? It scared the sh*t outta me. Silence of the Lambs? I thought I would suffocate because I couldn't catch my breath. It seemed like the infrared scene was an hour and a half long. Hell I even stood up in the movie theater during Alien Resurrection. Yeah, not one of my proudest moments. Like Rick James said, it's a helluva drug. Point is that's how I would watch all my movies. But you know...I got kids. Besides I was also the paranoid guy who swore the chick at Applebees knew I was high. What gave it away, the smell or the fact I had to point to the picture on the menu because I couldn't speak? So wasted. Don't do drugs kids. All roads lead to drinking out of a urinal. This is Jeffrey van der Schilden, Nick van der Schilden, and Peter Spaargaren with another free offering. Guys love making music and giving it away. This is their 3rd full length album and it is wonderful. The journey they take you on is a combination of the analog warmth of Jean Michel-Jarre and the celestial atmosphere of Vangelis. It's viewing the glare of a stare from an enormous window of a starship. Of Androids walking among us like it was the most natural thing in the world. Of the old man spinning coins describing a world the way it used to be. Futuristic samples stretch out between wavering choir pads and Vangelic synth runs. Ambient laments and breakbeats that harken back to the days when Crystal Method knew what the f*ck they were doing. Somehow they manage to work a reggae style beat in there and it doesn't seem the least bit out of place. The title track with its acoustic guitar melody is a melancholic short story of regret. Most of the melodies are of that type...and they do a great job mixing real and electronic elements with a lush cinematic scope. Nowhere is that more evident than in Moon People with its crawling eerieness that should make you a little...uncomfortable. An awesome trip through space that I cannot recommend highly enough. The fact that it's free is just icing on the cake. Good show boys! Ektoplazm Mdk
  4. OUT NOW! Wonderful collection of the best psychill tracks from around the world! Mystic Chill is another masterpiece from Mystic Sound Records. It takes you to another side of electronic downtempo – amazing psychill and groovy chillgressive. Through gentle percussion beats to the sounds of live instruments and vocals, each track makes your dive into mystical experience deeper and deeper while, finally, you find yourself in a wonderful world, full of happiness and joy. Preview with track tags Tracklist: 01. KAYATMA – Anthem of Space 02. Dhamika – Ayurveda 03. Kanc Cover – Sirius A 04. Chilled C’Quence – Beyond 05. Stefan Torto – Revive 06. Maiia – Spanish Kiss (2014 mix) 07. Fraxi – Blue Vortex 08. Alba – Inu (The Cosmosatvic Cowboy) 09. Taruna – Magic Earth Garden 10. TRD – Banook 11. Obzerv – Winter Night Official page of the release Buy links: Beatport Amazon Google Play Juno Download Type: VA Title: Mystic Chill Chapter 1 compiled by Maiia Style: Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive Release date: 14 May 2014 Format: Digital Cat-No: MSRDG02 Mastering: Manifold Studio Cover art: Art group Line About Mystic Sound Records: http://mystic-sound.com/ https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records https://www.facebook.com/mysticsoundresords
  5. Artist: Sound Strider Title: Intrepid Travels EP Label: La Briche Records Date: February, 2014 01 - The Stakes (115 BPM) 02 - Menlo Park (115 BPM) 03 - Childhoods End (115 BPM) 04 - Limit (130 BPM) 05 - Betoniere (105 BPM) Gritty beats, juicy bass, and samples aplenty is what you get here. Throw in some turntablism and the recipe for nasty in a good way is there. Sometimes the percussion is off beat on purpose which is kinda cool. I feel they do themselves a disservice though with the extended length of their tracks at this slow bpm. What's that? They're not that long? So why the f*ck did it feel like I was running through pudding? Childhood Dream sounded like a slow depressive spiral where they were just f*cking with their machines. Betoniere was random messing about to my ears. The whole thing didn't have enough variation to fill the space. It's an...interesting break from the everyday I would say... In May... On a stack of hay... If you're...gay? *phone rings* "Hello? You're with who? Ah, human resources. Yes, I understand, I'll...I'll be right up" Damn, that's the third time this week. They must really like me. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  6. Artist: Schlang Title: Little Information Deposits EP Label: Ektoplazm Date: March, 2014 01 - Gangster Computer God (75/150) 02 - Philip K. Dick Stuff (128) 03 - Plus Or Minus (67.5/135) 04 - OneHundreds (80/160) What is the fascination with project names that sound like a man's junk? Schlang is one vowel away from being known as the private parts of a man. And to title your EP Little Information Deposits suggest that you and your tiny junk have a leaking problem. Maybe Schlang is German for Itchy Weiner. Meh, maybe it's only my juvenile mind. I say itchy cause this sh*t is glitchy with heavily manipulated samples. There are elements of techno, electro, and dub all over break beats. Some of it is well done, but there are a LOT of samples. Too many I would say and the long tracks can make the listener weary. Frequent changes can be good, but there wasn't any phrase or part in any of the tracks which I could grab on to. And if you don't grab me right away then I'll be happy to introduce you to one of my closest friends. "Hi there, have you had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend the delete button?" Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. Epicuros - Artificial Intelligence vol. 2 (Ambient, Psybient, Downtempo, New Age, IDM) Mixcloud "'More human than human' is our motto." — Eldon Tyrell 01.Blade Runner - Prologue 02.Vangelis - Blush Response (Esper Edition) 03.Subheim - Howl 04.Subuaya - Eternal Angels 05.Zero Cult - Robosong 06. Enigma - Superficial 07. Ten Madison - Horizon 08. Sysyphe - Mindscare 09. Koan - Dance of Nereids 10. Zero Cult - Heartwork 11. Vibrasphere - San Pedro 12. Zymosis - One Day 13. CJ Catalizer - Life Origin 14. Subheim - Hollow 15. Erot - Binary Perception 16. Vangelis- Wait For Me
  8. Epicuros - Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1 (Psychill, Psybient, Downtempo, D'n' Mixcloud 01. Vangelis - Tales of The Future 02. Ghost In The Shell - Making Of A Cyborg 03. Asura - Atlantis Child 04. Sysyphe - Legend of Winter 05. Deep Dive Corp - Enjoy 06. Ten Madison - After The Cut 07. Scann-Tec - Aviator 08. Phutureprimitive - Xotica 09. Scann-Tec - Signals 10. Koan - When the Silence is Speaking (Blue mix) 11. Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix) 12. Zero cult - Cosmophobia 13. Galaxy - Highlight Diver 14. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis 15 .Vibrasphere - Ensueno 16. H.U.V.A Network - Something Heavens 17. SUNDIAL - Together We Are One (SCANN-TEC remix) 18. Scann-Tec - ASD 19. Sysyphe - Pandora 20. Fracture Design - Rise & Fall 21. Apollo 440 - Vanishing Point 22. Asura - Everlasting 23. Carbon Based Lifeforms - M 24. Vangelis - Tears In Rain 25. Outro - M83 26 .Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)
  9. LINEUP GOA FLOOR : SHAKTA (retro) LIVE (Suntrip/Dragonfly) UK https://www.suntriprecords.com/artist/name/Shakta/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shakta-Seb-Taylor/179526058746351?ref=br_tf http://www.discogs.com/artist/11440-Shakta M-run LIVE (Cronomi) https://soundcloud.com/runmrun https://www.facebook.com/Mrunpage http://www.discogs.com/artist/2167508-M-Run Anoebis (Suntrip) BEL https://www.suntriprecords.com/dj/name/Anoebis/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anoebis/202926626775 https://soundcloud.com/anoebis Hip (retro vinyl set) (Tribal Vision/Hadshot) Kanc Cover (Soundmute,Spacedock) https://www.facebook.com/kanccover http://www.soundmute-recordings.com/xsite/artists/kanc_cover.html https://soundcloud.com/goasia https://soundcloud.com/kanc-cover Stevo (Suntrip) https://www.suntriprecords.com/dj/name/Stevo/ https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg PSYBREAKS/ELECTRO FLOOR : DIGITALIS (Matsuri) UK http://www.discogs.com/artist/30784-Digitalis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seb_Taylor Microslav LIVE (Crobot Muzik) http://shamelesstoady.bandcamp.com/album/pwm-is-the-new-cutoff http://microslav.bandcamp.com/ http://www.discogs.com/artist/1805979-Microslav Utilizer LIVE (Crobot Muzik) https://soundcloud.com/utilizer Xed (Crobot Muzik) http://crobotmuzik.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/dj-mi-xed Zmayo (Pistolero) https://soundcloud.com/zmayo Morph (Hypnodelix) https://soundcloud.com/ba-morfije Revolver (Hypnodelix) https://soundcloud.com/revolvertvrtko Mirth (Oddvod) DOWNTEMPO FLOOR : KAYA PROJECT (Interchill) UK http://www.kayaproject.com/ http://www.discogs.com/artist/157927-Kaya-Project https://soundcloud.com/seb-taylor-kaya-project Anoebis (Suntrip) BEL https://www.suntriprecords.com/dj/name/Anoebis/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anoebis/202926626775 https://soundcloud.com/anoebis Atombased (Metacept) LUX https://soundcloud.com/atombased http://www.mixcloud.com/amphetax/ PsiloCybian LIVE (Ovnimoon) http://psilocybian.com/ https://www.facebook.com/psilocybian https://soundcloud.com/psilocybian Dovla (Interchill) https://soundcloud.com/dovla Val Vashar (Zenon) https://soundcloud.com/val_vashar http://www.mixcloud.com/val_vashar/ Indra (Maia Brasil) https://soundcloud.com/indra_dj Majah (ChilliBar) https://soundcloud.com/ma_jah Pipal (Chillozofiranje) https://soundcloud.com/ratko-b Chillin Glow (Hypnodelix) AMBIENT GARDEN FLOOR : TBA SOOON Deco : LUNARDECO (Forestdelic records) MK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunar-Deco/410406372393215 ODDVOD CREW Flyer(s) Artwork : RICHPA https://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign?ref=br_tf Print support : ROLL TROLL http://www.rolltroll.org/ Media partners & support : PSYBIENT.ORG https://www.facebook.com/psybient.org CP PSY TRANCE https://www.facebook.com/CpPsy Soundsystem : Function One & RCF PLACE : Samoborska cesta 215, Zagreb, Croatia http://goo.gl/maps/cEt0F ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SUPPORTED BY : MW Work_ers© "DHC 2 & 3 club" https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.664867113524582.1073741829.661866587157968&type=1&l=47a1970214 Webs: www.machinewhisper.com https://www.facebook.com/MachineWhisper http://goo.gl/maps/cEt0F ENTRANCE : 8/9 €
  10. Epicuros - Cosmic Hibernaculum (Psybient, Dark Ambient, Psy-Chill) "When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships." ― Johannes Kepler (1571--1630) Mixcloud 01. Phobium - Distant Sol 02. Jaja - Mintaka 03. Vangelis- Bounty 04. Atrium carceri - ERASER 05. Julien H Mulder- Fragments 06. Mystery Of The Yeti - The Call; The Journey 07. Altus - Black Hole 08. Al-pha-X - Operatic Meow Prelude 09. Solar Fields - Dust 10. Mank - Dijima 11.Hollan Holmes - Zero-Point Energy 12. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Endospore 13. Global Communication - 4 14 14. Hollan Holmes - Outskirts 15.Cell - Under your mind 16. Jose Amnesia - Eternal (Sunrise Remix)
  11. Epicuros - The Fall (Dark Ambient, Psybient, Downtempo) Mixcloud 01. Palpatine's Teatchings (intro) 02. Altus - Event Horizon 03. Simon Wilkinson - Through The Ergospher 04. Biosphere - Hyperborea 05. Tangerine Dream - Rubycon Part 1 06. Biosphere - Third Planet 07. Cosmic Replicant - Space Creator 08. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Supersede 09. Aes Dana - The Meeting Point 10. Blue Planet Corp - Mangrove 11. Bluetech - Oleander 12. Prisma - Extract Of A Fragment Part (1&2) 13. Cyber Cartel - The Stones 16. Asura - Regenesis 15. Molokow - Hydroponic Circuit
  12. Epicuros - Artificial Intelligence (vol. 3) Mixcloud 01. Vangelis - Deckard meets Rachael 02. SCANN-TEC - Hello Human (live edit) 03. Ray Charles - Say No More (Sinoptik Music Remix) 04. Zero Cult - Seclution 05. Chilling Matenda - Flashback 06. Human Blue - Wonderworld 07. Antiloop - Analogue Relaxation 08. Bluetech - Enter the Lovely 09. Sundial Aeon - Aerospace Labyrinth 10. Ten Madison - After the Cut 11. Lounge Conjunction - Composite Five 12. Koan - Odysseus Under the Old Tree 13. Sesen - Sun Ritual 14. Scann-Tec - Aviator 15. Koan - The Island of Deceased Ships 16. Gysnoize - Everything And Nothing 17. Phutureprimitive - Cryogenic Dreams 18. The XX - Intro ps. And Happy New Year 2014 everyone!! ✩✩ \ (•◡•) /
  13. Ares Voo – Atmologic Free Music | Downtempo, Psybreaks | April 15, 2014 | Posted by Basilisk 01 - Atmologic (120 BPM) 02 - The One (125 BPM) 03 - Stelios (125 BPM) Atmologic is the debut release from Ares Voo (Aris Voultsos), an electronic music producer and DJ from Thessaloniki, Greece. Here he demonstrates a modern fusion of psychedelic chill out and atmospheric psybreaks music, combining ambient moods with progressive synth-work to tell new stories through sound. Mastered by Tasos Papalias. MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. DOWNLOAD HERE aresvoo.com
  14. Artist: Shantifax Title: Complete Tranceformation Label: SarnarSchourt Records Date: March, 2013 01 - Awake (120 BPM) 02 - Aum (90 BPM) 03 - Concrete Combination (100 BPM) 04 - Amygdala on diamonds (130 BPM) 05 - Rudra (138 BPM) 06 - Stone Steps (124 BPM) 07 - Karma Never Forgets (102 BPM) 08 - Be Human (120 BPM) 09 - The Same (104 BPM) 10 - Northern Lights (140 BPM) Wow. That's a big f*cking image. This is Klaus Balzarek with his sophomore album. That is all. Awake is a nice spiritual opener that sets the table. Aum has a dirty hip hop groove like I'm about to go put in some work and catch these fools slippin. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta...But it's hard to feel like a gangsta with that damn Buddhist chanting. Can we do another run through? Concrete Combination has a couple of good beats but I found it much less powerful and a little aimless. The percussion was top notch though. Kinda felt like I was high and things were happening around me in which I had zero control. Amygdala On Diamonds is more hallucinating while sh*t happens around me. Minimal and boring. Maybe if I was high. Unless my reads this in which case you guys are a bunch of drug addicts who need help. Stop trying to corrupt me. Love you honey. Rudra has more chanting. Sense a theme? Exotic instruments fire away in a mid tempo groove which I suppose would be good for meditating. Stone Steps is another tribal ambient offering and I wish the album was a lot more of this. It's lush and full of feeling. Karma Never Forgets - Shoulda used your right foot. Karma never forgets, but I will. And this minimalistic progressive stuff makes it easy. Be Human- See every track here with a beat. The Same- Oprah can't believe you described your whole album in a track title. He finally ends this disappointing album with a hopeful and very positive downtempo piece that sounds very relaxing. Northern Lights sounds like the forest bursting with life after a cleansing thunderstorm. Meh, I was hoping for more. A lot more. When I first heard Aum I thought he was going to combine hip-hop beats with tribal elements, but that's not what happened. He does dip his toes in a lot of genres (progressive and tribal mainly), but it didn't really stand out to me. It just kinda went. The scope is large however with huge pads and a deeply spiritual feel and I believe he excels in the ambient stuff. It just seemed to have more gravitas than the minimally boring stuff. Cue sad price is right music. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  15. DOWNLOAD THE RELEASE HERE: http://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-1 Mystic Sound Records proudly presents the first chapter of the brand new series of compilations – Ethneomystica! Ethneomystica invites you to a wonderful journey through deep, groovy psydub and psybreaks, to melodic psychill from the masters of the genre - Chronos, Slackbaba, Globular, Vlastur& J.P. Illusion, ManMadeMan, Yggdrasil, Maiia, Mahaon, Naturelement and more. Each track is brilliant and the whole compilation is a real treasure that will definitely decorate your collection. Welcome to the world of Ethneomystica with its mystical psychedelic sounds embraced by traces of ethnic elements. Take a deep breath and dive into an unforgettable psychedelic experience! 01. Manmademan - Sub Aqua 02. Chronos - Swinging Satori 03. Naturelement - Black Hole To The Soul 04. Radioactive Sandwich - Damien el Racho 05. Globular - Infinity Inside 06. Slackbaba - The Wanderer 07. Yechidah - Shamanic Wisdom 08. Vlastur & JP.illusion - Faces Come Out Of The Rain 09. Mahaon - Pink Glasses 10. Yggdrasil - Riddlefish (Maiia 2014 Remix) Mastering: Manifold Studio manifold-studio.com/en/ Cover art: Art group Linewww.facebook.com/groups/325430850881320 Cover design: Ulsei mushrushu.deviantart.com CD preorder: mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-1-cd-reservation
  16. Fingerprint - Delusions Of Graindeur Genre: Downtempo, Dub, Experimental Release Date: Mar 08, 2014 Catalog No: gc-027 Release Info: We are proud to finally present Fingerprint's debut release. Various styles mixed into one musical journey, especially rich on granular synthesis, which is the main goal of this wonderful work. This release was originally recorded as part of a master's thesis in music technology with emphasis on composition with granular synthesis. Flac version is mixed up and including cue file for splitting - it's the part of conception here, mp3 version already splitted, for simplicity. Tracklist: 1. Delusions of Graindeur 2. Shades of Grain 3. And the Colours Made the Earth Sing 4. Entwined Universes 5. A Brief Glimpse of Eternity Download @ Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/fingerprint-delusions-of-graindeur Download @ Gliese 581c Records: http://gliese-records.com/releasez/gc-027/
  17. Erot's new EP is out. It features 2 original tracks, Eos (2012 Edit) and Choose Your Dream. Senzar has done a remix of Eos and N.A.S.A. did a remix of the Choose Your Dream track. Written and Produced by Tore Mortensen Except track 1 originally written and produced by Tore Mortensen remixed by Thoke Thomsen and track 3 originally written and produced by Tore Mortensen remixed by Mikkel Leonhardt Rasmussen Mastered by Simon "Seamoon" Neumann Coverart by Sorin Pricop Bandcamp http://erot.bandcamp.com/album/thoughts-from-the-past-ii-ep Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/erot/sets/erot-thoughts-from-the-past-ii
  18. Artist: Mumukshu Title: Time Passes At Various Speeds EP Label: Released on Ektoplazm Date: January, 2014 01 - Transformative Adventures (100 BPM) 02 - Parallel Planes (105 BPM) 03 - Time Passes At Various Speeds (105 BPM) 04 - Folding (108 BPM) Sounding more like something you'd order from a sushi restaurant Mumukshu is American Jacob Penn who has made something I can nod my head to. Bouncy breakbeats and plenty of bass sounds with melodies that give it a sense of grandeur. There are glitchy tendencies of course, but it's not just noise. Computer sounds are melded creatively with melody and the whole thing is rather juicy. Sometimes I think it can lose it's way, but definitely worth a listen. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  19. "Survival" is Radioactive Sandwich's first release with Tech Safari Records and their first new material in 2014. This EP highlights their signature mix of worldly sounds across different genres, and features remixes from Globular (UK) and Tron Sepia (Canada). Mastering by Polaris. Release date: April 4th. Tracklisting: 1. Ex Nihilo 2. The Storm 3. Icefall 4. Icefall (Globular's Thawing Sunshine Remix) 5. Icefall (Tron Sepia's Tron Sandwich Remix) LISTEN TO PREVIEWS HERE Purchase the EP at these fine establishments: iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/icefall…p;ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Juno Download: www.junodownload.com/products/radio…al/2433951-02/ Amazon: www.amazon.com/Survival-Radioact…words=Sandwich+DJ Google Play: play.google.com/store/music/album…dqznv4vlfq45worta Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/survival/1268180 Reviews: Outtallectuals LostinSound.org (review by Supersillyus) Sun is Shining Dub'n'Chill
  20. Hello, Another month, another mixtape Soundcloud 1. Globular - Up the Xylem Elevator (Kukan Dub Lagan remix) - http://globular.bandcamp.com/ 2. Gargoyles - Spacebaby (Sieberg-Witten Mix) - http://www.ottsonic.net/ 3. Flowertz - Psychedelic Dance - http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/flowertz-avocado 4. Elea ft. Bahramji - Flying Carpet - Atmospheric 5. Friends, Lovers, Family - 20 Camels - ??? 6. Bird of Prey - Kiva (Kalya Scintilla remix) - http://kalyascintilla.bandcamp.com/ 7. 528Hz - Drifting Spiral - Irrespective Music Minds & Liquid Seed 8. Nocti Luca - Follow the Signs - Trimutri 9. Balancé - Willing to Go - Maia Brasil 10. Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness - Twisted 11. Psilocybian - Strange Place to Play - Neogoa 12. Lemonchill - Mantra (Erot remix 2.0) - http://erot.bandcamp.com/ 13. Desert Dwellers feat. Ixchel Prisma - You Can See Forever - Desert Trax 14. Tengri - One We are - Peak 15. Astral Waves - Momenta - Altar 16. Yarn - Ancient Seeds - Psylife 17. Androcell - Endless Wonder remix - http://androcell.bandcamp.com/ 18. Yggdrasil - Headfoam Jack - Digital Psionics 19. Schlang - Fifth Element ReSchlanged - https://soundcloud.com/schlang-official 20. Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates remix) - Twisted Enjoy :>
  21. Artist: Bogtrotter Title: Sonic Visions EP Label: None Date: December, 25 2013 01 - Bogtrotter - Mystery Beneath (72 BPM ; 7/4) 02 - Bogtrotter - Sonic Visions (68 BPM) 03 - Grouch - Perfukt (Bogtrotter Remix) (70 BPM ; 6/4) 04 - Bogtrotter - Unknown (80 BPM) 05 - Bogtrotter - The Escape (70 BPM) 06 - Bogtrotter - Dismal Direction (74 BPM) This is some slow twisted sh*t. Know how I know? For starters, there are 6 tracks and the size is 66.6MB. "I am evil Homer! I am evil Homer!" Whattya need a f*cking roadmap? That's some evil sh*t. You know that's what he was going for it's not a f*cking accident. Do you know how hard it is to make a file size come out to that exact amount? Second, look at the bpms. Barely average a c*nt hair above 70. Waiting for the last bit of ketchup to tumble out of the bottle clocks in at 80. The producer is from the Midwest and it's a known fact that the portal to hell is around there some where. And then there's Charlie Sheen. Yeah he's on here. And he's "winning." There are quicksand slow beats with underworld bubbling. Dubby basses and satanically manipulated samples. Even the track titles are dark. It's not for me, but I can appreciate the effort and attention to detail. This isn't just some cut and paste sh*t. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  22. We have gathered together a list of around 400 psychill releases of 2013 and we hope you will find something new and magic for your taste. - This list is ongoing project and we will update the 2013 and 2014 list on a bi-monthly basis. - If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to this page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in next update. - Do not forget to support artist and buy their music full post is here => http://www.psybient.org/love/2013-releases-psychill-ambient-downtempo/
  23. Hello everyone! My debut album was released yesterday on Uxmal Records! You can find previews on YouTube, Soundcloud and Beatport. If you wish to buy, you can do so on Beatport or Junodownload. It's available on Psyshop in a few days as well. In a month it will be on Spotify and iTunes. If you like my music, please let others know and spread this all over our solar system! https://soundcloud.com/psyrius/sorry-pluto-album-preview
  24. Artist: Koan Title: Argonautica Label: Section Records Date: October, 2012 1. Orpheus and Eurydice 2. Lost Lyre 3. Peleus and Thetis 4. Irida falls to Morpheus' pits 5. Crying Prozerpine (Blue mix) 6. Pegasus 7. In the garden of the Hesperides (Golden apples mix) 8. Seven mirrors of Atlas 9. Ladon (Serpent mix) Holy crap this sh*ts rainbows. I was gonna say it was hopeful in feeling but we're way past that. Like Yanni meets OMD type stuff. It is tremendously grand and beautiful no question, but my refrigerator is more psychedelic. Were you trying to impress a girl? Cause I would totally put this on if I was trying to get some. Once I got the green light then the Ginuwine comes out. "If your horny, Let's do it, Ride it, My Pony" You can't hump to this, but you can certainly lay the groundwork. Floating pads, heavenly strings and melodies so sweet you'll get diabetes. It's sparkling electronica that manufactures smiles and is superbly well done. There are layers upon layers of delicious ear candy. I just didn't see it coming from this Russian duo. I think it's less downtempo and more new age, although I don't think the new age guys could make something this good. Beautiful music that you should listen to if you're looking to be in a good mood. Psyshop GoaStore Mdk
  25. 01 - Whodoes - Waves (85 BPM) 02 - Ktones - Fire (69 BPM) 03 - Dimmat - Aztec Trip (70 BPM) 04 - Rootkid - New Hope (70 BPM) 05 - Naturelement - Radio Astronomy (110 BPM) 06 - Oxya - Detective Poetry (120 BPM) 07 - Sonic Crime - Leaving (135 BPM) 08 - JP Illusion - Fade Out (80 BPM) 09 - 528hz Project - Drifting Spiral (100 BPM) 10 - Liveloula - Eternal Love (100 BPM) V/A Down the Fractal Dimension is a free download release A collaboration between Liquidseed Recordings and ᓮᖇᖇᙓᔕᕈᙓᙅ♈ᓰᐯᙓ ᗰᘮᔕᓮᙅ ᙢᓮﬡᖱᔕ . Is a musical act and experiment on collective and free compilation. The music is ambient, psydub ,downtempo psychedelia and is specified to spiritual awareness, collectivity and freedom. Catalytes for this Act are : Psyslot(ᓮᖇᖇᙓᔕᕈᙓᙅ♈ᓰᐯᙓ ᗰᘮᔕᓮᙅ ᙢᓮﬡᖱᔕ),Sonic Crime”(esad music), Maria liveloula and Acid lagos(liquidseed). We want to thank all the artists for this beautifull & great music,our friends and our families also want to say a big thanks to all the artists who sent us their music but couldn’t be in this compilation. for the end a GREAT thanks to Hakan Hisim who make this beautiful artwork on the cover (www.hakanhisim.net/) to Nick Piliouris (Sonic Crime) for the mastering @ ESAD Music Studio ……and special to YOU …spread it around freelly !! Down the Fractal Dimension V/A was released under a (CC BY-NC 4.0) free licence. LINK BELOW: http://irrespectivemusicminds.wordpress.com/ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/down-the-fractal-dimension
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