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Found 124 results

  1. Psychaos - Future Rocks E.P. Flying Rhino Records 1997 Here we have perhaps the greatest work of once visionary psychedelic goa trance artist, Joti Sidhu. He has been around for as long as goa has been and has a commendable amount of material released, mostly on various compilations. He had a debut album in 1999 called Cause And Effect, but at that point he had already strayed away from the industrial/raw sharp goa sound for more hard techno psytrance style. What was interesting, though, that his ideas pretty much stayed the same as before, just with a completely different production point of view. That kind of demented industrial, very heavy soundscape. I wasn't a big fan of the album and it hardly gets playtime from me, unlike most of his goatrance works, which are in the very top of my favs from the old days. The Goa style really manufactured his wanted sound to different quality. So here we have the 2nd Psychaos EP 2 years after the first EP released on Blue Room. That one also had two solid tracks, however this EP is on a whole new level. Future Rocks The title track starts with bubbly acid and a growly bassline, leading up to a kick and the golden hi-hats. The atmosphere is already massively dark and then the twisted melodies arrive at around 1 minute mark. Demented twisted layers sound in the background and the melody already explodes at 1:40. Just really groovy dark raw power. 2:40 gives us some breathing room. Those twisted leads in the background accompany a repeating sample "psychological". This eventually leads up to another injection toward 3:33 climax where the raw synths in the background just fill the soundscape and loom a maddening cloud of electricity. The melodies continue to travel your sub-concious. The track keeps going solidly till 5:50 where the whole track again starts to just inject raw full dark power. The psychological sample comes back and the synths are revving like no tomorrow. 6:46 Boom! I say. There's such awesome groove with this dark and twisted old school style that I cannot even comprehend how wonderful it really is. What a track. Dense Dawn Here's a more known track. Found in several compilations, including the classic Air Born by Flying Rhino. The style of this track is a lot more calmer, though bear in mind the first track was pure speed. The melodies are much more, I'd say, refined and longer, quirky. The track starts in similar vein to the first, the bassline creates a massive atmosphere, kick gets lost easily though it's still grinding your sub-concious. The melodies appear at around the 1 minute mark again and are a lot more, say seriously demented and not just demented. The texturing is palpably magnificent. At 2 minute mark there's almost a complete key change. Very dim synths accompany the bassline and then the acid hits, and it hits hard and fast. It sounds raw, sharp and groovy. It evolves into an ever-green old school goatrance melody no doubt. We get some breathing room at 3:22 where the bassline really comes into play. You can hear it grinding the nervous system! Some acids come into play and the groove is off the hook once again.4:28 brings us the twisted melodies back yet again and this time it evolves after a while into such a playful yet dark and serious melody. Toward the end we get the main memorable melody once more and Joti sends us off with a working outro. What can I say. For the price this fetches in discogs makes me feel this is underrated. Maybe my favourite EP ever. Two blazing dark goatrance from the heyday of 1997. Fuck. This is something worth owning. Even the cover kicks serious ass. http://www.discogs.c...EP/master/29140
  2. https://soundcloud.com/fotel/magnum-p-s-y-preview
  3. Just out, the new instalment from 1200 Micrograms and straight to number 1 in the Beatport New Releases chart. Check out the page here... http://www.tiprecords.com/promo/1200mics/ and next up Raja Ram´s Pipedreams 2. Tip are firing on all cylinders... http://tiprecords.com/promo/pipedreamsVol2/
  4. RELEASE DATE: 2013-11-11 LABEL: The Hypnotic LFO Room CATALOG: THLRDIGI001 http://www.beatport.com/release/hypno-e-p/1183340 Two pioneers from the international Goa/Psytrance scene join forces on this first release on Danish Elysium's new label The Hypnotic LFO Room. Elysium (Denmark) and ManMadeMan (United Kingdom) need no introduction both with 20+ years long artist careers and extensive discographies on the major legendary Goa/Psytrance labels and traveling the World many times over playing at international Festivals and Clubs. On the "Hypno E.P" they remix each others tunes to perfection. Elysium has remixed ManMadeMan's classic "Desire" into a deep atmospheric yet uplifting and melodic tribal mix and ManMadeMan has taken Elysium's "Jupiter" keeping the Vibe of the original and updated it into a beautiful fresh and uplifting mix. In a few words. This release is wicked!!! Mastering by Martian Masters
  5. Recorded 2 sets in the last day, the equipment used was mc808, electribe esx, microkorg, and 2 kp3's all recorded live in one shot. This first set is heavy with zips and zaps and pitch LFOs Warpbox http://soundcloud.com/gadgetg-2-0/warpbox-gadgetg-mc808-esx This second set is all Goa, starts out with much air, and ends with some transposing melodies I have been working on with my 808 http://soundcloud.com/gadgetg-2-0/lifeforce-gadgetg-mc808-esx I am always looking for any feedback good or bad, and ways to improve my sound into a trippy euphoria. Much appreciated if you decide to listen!
  6. V.A. Astronot (Goalogique Records) AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.beatspace.com/7620/Goalogique+Records/Various/Astronot/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/gol/gol1cd002.html Goalogique Records deliver us a quality release with his second compilation called Astronot, this album will take you to a long journey in space and each track will be another destination. This time Goalogique Records wanted to make you discover the differents sounds of trance, get ready to feel the energy with Astronot album. Track by track the sound will be stronger and step by step you will transport to the deep space haze. In that album message comes to us from space. Tracklist: 1) MINOMAR - Dancing Universe 2) TRINODIA - Top Secret (2013 mix) 3) CARBON - Dandelion Fx 4) SOMNESIA - In Search Of Our Origin (live mix) 5) JENNIS - Hollow Grams 6) VISUAL BRAIN - I have Riddle To Solve 7) LABORATORY X - Light and Dark 8) OGO - GOAstronaut
  7. Hey everyone , I have start a Facebook page now , you can found me here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ohm-Mind/535909766467734 I have upload a lot of video from Goa Trance festival and parties , espicially in Belgium ! You have also my new logo and some of my track like this one : https://soundcloud.com/ohm-mind/cosmic-trance I am working a lot for finish the mixing process correctly and after begin to make some Live Stay tune Cheers Jèr
  8. We are proudly present the next adventure by PsiloSiva productions: "Resonance" - 18-19.10 - Israel Line up : Green Nuns of The Revolution - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Wizard - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Nuns - The Reunion Special Set (Slinky wizard Vs. Green Nuns Of The Revolution) Flying Rhino Records , UK Man With No Name - Live Retro Set Dragonfly Records / UK Filteria - Live Set (Launch New Album - Lost in the wild ) Suntrip Records /Sweden Deviant Electronics / Solar Systems - Live Retro Set Helix Records, Intruder Records / UK Ciaran Walsh - Live Set Blue Room Released / UK Aes Dana - Live Set Ultimae Records / France Sandman - Live Retro Set Matsuri Production's / Israel Shidapu Vs. Skizologic - Retro Set Zion 604 Records / Israel Sparrow PsiloSiva / Israel feel free to ask for more info also you can follow us on this links: Official Websaite : http://www.psilosiva.com/index.html Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/333276453476062/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Psilosiva Productions.
  9. 01 - Jetpulse - Clavia (145 BPM) 02 - Tympanik and Jetpulse - Atomo Solar (145 BPM) 03 - Tympanik - Matrix Cerebral (146 BPM) 04 - Jetpulse - Pulsar (146 BPM) 05 - Tympanik - Neurotico Natural (146 BPM) Tympanik and Jetpulse from Argentina gather forces to present their debut mini album: "Interacción". A masterpiece collection of tracks with killer base lines, complex melodies and lot of psychedelic effects from professional equipment like Clavia Nord Lead, Access Virus, Roland Sh among others that will blow your mind. Mastered by Erofex with Artwork by Antonela Mastay. Free Download: http://neurotrance.org/tympanik-and-jetpulse-interaccion License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ Neurotrance Records "Free the music because the music sets you free"
  10. It's here and it FREE(!!!): ► Psychedelic.FM's Streaming Radio-app ◄ Download our Android-App. to you smartphone and enjoy 24/7 streaming ‪#‎psychedelic‬ radio. With this App you can: * listen 24/7 to our Mind Manifesting Radio. ♪ Streams: - Full On - Progressive - Dark Psy - Ambient * visit our website * follow us on Twitter * check out the latest news on our FB-page * download our promotional material More to come in the next version. Stay tuned! ♪ ♫ ♡ ॐ
  11. Hi everyone For all you that miss or still enjoy the old 2004 Filteria sound; I am bringing you the Sky Input Remixed EP. All these tracks were made 2003-2005. They have been remastered though to make them more balanced in the frequency spectrum. However I have left my trademark sound in there from that era. This release will be available at filteria.bandcamp.com and other online stores on Thursday (2013-02-14). I would like to mention also that there will be more unreleased stuff coming digitally, a 4th Filteria album and also a K.O.B. album. I hope you will enjoy it! Tracklist: 1. Operation Pulse (Remix) 2. Stars (Warped Remix) 3. Navigate (Pitch Down The World Mix) 4. The Snuggling Snail (Live Remix) 5. Ultimator (Ultimated Remix) 6. Operation Pulse (Live Remix) Thank you for your support! Take care / Jannis
  12. Title: Breath of the Universe EP Artist: Universcience Label: SANGOMA Catalogue: TSANEP01 Format: Digital Release: June 2013 1.Universcience - Singularity 06:44 2.Universcience - Illusion of Paradise 08:25 3.Universcience - Breath Of the Universe 07:56 Sangoma Records is happy to announce it’s first EP by the russian duo Universcience. Elena and Sergey deliver us their vision of modern psychedelic Goatrance. They combine classic elements and shape them into a modern, forest friendly outfit - perfectly fitting the early morning or afternoon dancefloors. Hypnotic morning music for the mind, body and soul! http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/breath-of-the-universe-ep https://soundcloud.com/sangoma-recs/sets/universcience-breath-of-the-universe http://www.sangomarecords.com http://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords gatafreak@sangomarecords.com daksinamurti@sangomarecords.com
  13. Hi Goa Heads, We are happy to announce on our upcoming compilation in Zion 604 records : Tribal Encore (ZION604CD004) A mixture between never released old school tracks side by side with new materials which shares the same spirit. Album mastered by Tim Schuldt. Partial tracklist: B.E.T.H (Tim Schuldt) - Back To Blighty (Previously released in vinyl only) Jaia - Insomnie (Previously released in vinyl only) Sandman - Starfinder (1996/Unreleased/Live mix) Aurax - Cone Nebula (1998/Unreleased/Remix) UX - Third Eye (1997/Unreleased/Remix) And much more.... Stay tuned! Bom! Aurax. Zion 604 Records, Israel http://zion604.bandcamp.com
  14. PsiloSiva Productions Present : Genesis Festival 2013 (3rd Edition) - Israel Some say when the soul goes down from heaven to the physical body she comes with the sound of melody. Psilosiva is a production that follows the spirit and truth of music. Genres that are highly emotional, melodic and psychedelic for a perfect spiritual, magical, and profiling experience. We believe with all our heart's in what we create. We are trying to provide the audience the ultimate event's that people can be free and happy to be who they truly are. Combining top artists from around the globe, power full and quality sound systems, visually harmonic color full decoration and the most important thing from all the felling & atmosphere of home. So if you hasn't tasted psilosiva yet now it’s the moment . Come and hear, see and feel something else! On the 14-15 of June 2013, We will all travel back in time on a 24-hour journey through Live Shows & Live DJ sets that will make us loose our consciousness and all connection to matter… There will be 2 Stages, The Main & The Alternative. ►►►►►►►Main Stage ►►►►►►► ►Qlipadelic Rythm vs. Izzy (Psilosiva , IL / MMM Studios , UK) ►Andy Guthrie * A.k.a * ⊙100Th Monkey ⊙ Prana ⊙ Medicine Drum⊙ Funkopath ⊙ L.S.C⊙ ( Matsuri Productions , UK ) ►Technossomy By ⊙ James Monro ⊙ - live ( Flying Rhino Records , UK ) ►Nick Taylor * A.k.a * ⊙Snake Thing ⊙ Prana ⊙ Reflecta⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Parasonix⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records , AUSTRALIA ) ►Logic Bomb ( T.I.P Records , SWEDEN ) ►ManMadeMan - live (Transient Records , UK ) ►Ray Castle * A.k.a * ⊙Exotic Matter ⊙ Masaray ⊙ Insectoid⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Meta-Ray⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records ,New-Zealand) ►Joti Sidhu / Psychaos - live (Mandala Records , UK ) ►Shakta - live ( DragonFly Records , UK ) ►Hux Flux - live ( Koyote Records , SWEDEN ) ►►►►►►► Alternative Stage ►►►►►►► ► Asura - live (Ultimae Records,FRANCE) ►Kaya Project (InterChill Records,UK) ►Kaminanda - live ( Merkeba Music , CANADA ) ►Bird of Prey - live ( Addictech Records , U.S.A ) ►Hibernation-live (InterChill Records , UK) ►Banco De Gaia / 100Th Monkey (Planet Dog Records,UK) ►Symbolico - live ( Phantasm Records , IL ) ►Agalactia (Aleph-Zero Records,IL) ► Cut N Bass -⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Avshalom Farjun ⊙ Bustan Abraham ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Light Child (Merkaba Music,IL) ►Echo&Tito - ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Sparrow (Psilosiva, IL) At the location you will find camping areas, food stalls, chill out zone (mahal ). artistic work shops, colorfull & psychedelic special made decoration by amazing artists. The event will be powered by 'Function One' sound system. Our past Artists that play'd in our partie's: Man With No Name / Asia 2001 / Total Eclipse / X-Dream / Cosmosis / Laughing Buddha / Tsyoshi Suzuki / Prana / Juno Reactor / Etnica / Pleidians / Kox Box / Shakta / Digitalis / Blue Planet Corporation / Jaia / S.U.N Project / Ubar Tmar / Tim Schuld / G.M.S / Slinky Wizard / Nervasystem / Rhythmystec / Ray Castle / Nick Taylor / Elysium / Kayya / Sheyba / Kaliash / Squaremeat / Oforia / Sandman / Shidapu / Chakra / Afgin / B.L.T / Jikooha / Tomocomo / Kaya Project / Ott / Toire's / SlackBaba / Entheogenic / Mystery School Ensemble & many more... *Find us at: Official Websaite : psilosiva.com Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/520684781311510/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Love & Light - PsiloSiva Family - Israel.
  15. OMEGAHERTZ-Gamma Sirius_15 Feb 2013 release by elxisdg.com 21st century.. new things order the call, already heard.. ..an end is a beginning of a new cosmos Gamma Sirius by OMEGAHERTZ a delicious 80 minute musical route 14 track codes, ready to inflame everyone who will overturn the data Planetis EpsilonAnthrax ZetaAl ArabiyaGorgoneionHold My HandPantanassaMetacatastropheSee You Inside Our DreamsArgonautsEremitesOnce Up On A LimeOrbital EchoesOrphanGamma Sirius 15 February 2013 digital by https://www.cdbaby.com psychical exclusive by https://www.elxisdg.com BOOKINGS: omegahertz@elxisdg.com https://www.omegahertz.gr 00306977594312 GENERAL & ARTWORK: info@elxisdg.com https://www.elxisdg.com _by Fantapsy All tracks written arranged produced - all live instruments & electronics - audio engineering & digital mastering by Dimitrios Pouranis @ Athens Ikaros lab. "Thanks everyone for your zeal, love, support and encourage for this release and for every single one of the past. See you on our next flight!" ΩHZ
  16. After a 10 years break & 60 gigs in 4 month in India Goa PSYQUEST one of the 1st french psytrance project comeback with actually 2 new track! CHAPORA JUICE: http://soundcloud.com/newom/chapora-juices-by-psyquest & BE HERE NOW: http://soundcloud.com/newom/be-here-now-psyquest Baba Ramdass speak about Here & Now feeling on this one. Thx for sharing & support this music
  17. On every place on earth people dance to a different rhythm. But the essence of the dance is all the same. The shamans have guided there tribes through rhythmic mantras to a new consciousness. The year of 2012 is a special time. It’s a year of insights, a year of awaking all over the world. This year we celebrate 5 years of creation in a very special event. Like the shamans, we also know that dancing into "trance" can open new wisdom and new channels within the soul. This time we will dance the shamans dance. We're going to connect to the Rhythm of the soul, and send our conscious free! We welcome you all brothers and sisters from all the tribes around our mother earth to join with us this event and get the most psychedelic experience ass possible. Our Shaman's Symphony: Psychedelic Goa Trance: Man With No Name (Martin Freeland) - Live Retro Set - Uk Perfecto / Dragonfly Records. Prana (Tsuyoshi Suzuki) - Retro Set - Japan Matsuri Production 18 Years Celebration. Elysium (Kristian Thinning Andersen) - Live Retro Set - Denmark Nova Zembla / YoYo Records. Sheyba / Kaaya / Kaliash (Kristian Thinning Andersen) - Retro Dj Set - Denmark Dragonfly / Matsuri / Flying Rhino Records. S.U.N. Project (Marco Menichelli) - Retro Dj Set - Germany Spirit Zone Recordings. NervaSystem (Mark Dressler) - Live Retro Set - Uk Matsuri / Proccess / Psychic Deli / Phantasm. Bell Size Park (Shlomy Kaufman) - Live - Israel B.N.E / YoYo Records. Qlipadelic Rythm (Alon Shitrit) - Live - Israel Psilosiva Productions. Dup / Chill Out / Ambient / Glitch / Funk: Mystery School Ensemble (Mark Dressler) - Uk Artifact Records. Cut ' N ' Bass (Alon Carmali) - Israel MantiSmash (Natan Lansky) - Israel *********************************************************************************************************************************** The event will take place in the Israeli out doors. The event will be powered by function one sound system Special hallucinogenic & colorful decoration by Alon deco In the party u can find food stalls & bar Artistic workshops, big and comfortable camping area Jugglers, fire shows and many more surprises. *Find us at: Official Websaite: http://www.psilosiva.com/ Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook...ilosiva/?ref=ts TICKETS PRESALE (WorldWide): https://www.tixwise...._of_the_shamans For more information (Tickets/Transportation&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Facebook Event: https://www.facebook...7961439/?ref=ts *For preview about the production follow this link: http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Psilosiva Productions.
  18. greetings buddies!! I just recorded a set last night, which was the set I performed at a festi a week or so ago. The set progresses from goa-trance to darkpsy (backwards from the festi, where it was darkpsy-goatrance). It is all live hardware production, and a one shot recorded performance. The equipment I used in this set was the mc808, dx200, sh101 and 2 kp3s, samples are from the movie "the Last Unicorn", thus the name of the set, the dark unicorn. http://soundcloud.co...ix/dark-unicorn I would really love all and any feedback, good or bad! thanks in advance for the listen!!!!!
  19. Last year we had a blast of a festival, people who like a broad range of deep electronic music transformed the dance floors into whirling seas. We had our cup of live painting, mind boggling visuals, fantastic decoration and music made out of cybernetic fabric. The landscape is rough, stitched together with mountains, and we have a beautiful river that nourishes everyone with cozy freshness in the heat of the sun. For six days we will wander among our peers in total freedom, enjoying the music, art & people. So, let me tell you this, we’re setting up camp in Deringaj, on the banks of the Otuča (Ooh-tooh-tsjààgh) river. The terrain is divided by a 1 km long poetic riverside. It’s a wide open joy to the eye, you have small waterfalls, glimmering pools and small bridges throughout the terrain. Come with us and flow along the river vibes between mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature. First names released, full line up soon! ✩ HALLUCINOGEN(uk) ✩ HILIGHT TRIBE(fr) ✩ COSMOSIS(uk) ✩ SHPONGLE(uk)dj ✩ FURIOUS(ru) ✩ DARSHAN(uk) ✩ ASIA 2001(fr) ✩ DERANGO(se) ✩ GROUCH(nz) ✩ OCELOT(usa) ✩ ENCEPHALOPATICYS(mk) ✩ TOI DOI(fr) ✩ HALLUCINOGENIC HORSES(se) ✩ FLYING SCORPIONS(fi) ✩ SQUAREMEAT(fi) ✩ TEXAS FAGGOTT(fi) ✩ ZIK/ADRENAL GLANDS(gr) ✩ FRACTAL COWBOYS(usa) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(mk) ✩ ✩ MAKADAM(se) ✩ GOJJA(se) ✩ DIGICULT(be) ✩ NOLM(jp) ✩ ANKUR(de) ✩ DOSMPA(de) ✩ EPHEDRIX(be) ✩ VAL VASHAR(hr) ✩ ANOEBIS(be) ✩ BODHISATTVA 13:20(usa) ✩ NEMESIS vs OONAH(be) ✩ SCOPE(be) ✩ M-RUN(hr) ✩ STEVO(hr) ✩ FOOSE(be) ✩ JAVI & SKOOMA(be) crossover stage: ZION TRAIN(UK) ✩ VIBRONICS(UK) ✩ ACID KIRK(BE) ✩ STOORNIS(BE) ✩ DIGITRON SOUND(HR) ✩ VRX(HR) ✩ BLACKOUT DUB(BE) ✩ STEFAN ZMK vs LIZ(NL) ✩ ZMAYO(HR) ✩ BOYSWITHOYS(BE) ✩ CULTIVATE & RESCUE SOUND(BE) ✩ PISTOLERO SOUND(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ MONORF ✩ X&TRICK(BE) ✩ ANKUR(DE) ✩ KRASIUS(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) chillout: BIOSPHERE(NO) ✩ DERANGO(SE) ✩ TENGRI(MK) ✩ MASTER MARGHERITA(SWI) ✩ OCELOT(USA) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(MK) ✩ FISHIMSELF(GR) ✩ MAX MILLION(GR) ✩ APHATEK(GR) ✩ ANOEBIS(BE) ✩ VAL VASHAR(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ FOOSE(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) ✩ INFINITA SOMNIA(BE) ✩ DRONESCAPE ✩ NIELS & ALICE ✿ Decorations by 3Delica(RU), Shoom(LT), & more... ✿ ✿ 6 days and nights in full nature ✿ ✿ 3 stages with Psytrance, Goatrance, Dub, IDM, Ambient, Tribal, Experimental & beyond ✿ ✿ Funktion One soundsystem ✿ ✿ HD cinema with experimental movies at night ✿ ✿ Workshop & Lecture area ✿ ✿ Proffesional children care ✿ ✿ Art instalations ✿ !!!tickets now on sale for 80€!!! ~Flow along with the river vibes between the mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature~ http://www.losttheoryfestival.com http://www.losttheoryrecords.com
  20. Hello friends of the Goa-Sound. After a long time i recorded a new Oldschool/Newschool-Set. The tracklist you will find on mixcloud. http://soundcloud.co...cid-dj-set-crop http://www.mixcloud....e-kindergarten/ Enjoy!
  21. Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled 'Stargazing'. From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9. 'Stargazing' is a concept album with each track having a focus on deep space observations, presented through intelligent and epic melodic sounds and patterns not heard often in current music trends. Daniel is from Sweden and first found his love for performing psychedelic trance in 1992, since then he has been perfecting his sound and releasing his musical creations on hisown and through net-labels since 2003. All psytrance fans are sure to enjoy this musical adventure through the cosmos while at home or while trancing on your favourite dance-floors anywhere in the universe. Be prepared for much more amazing music from Trinodia as well as upcoming albums from his Voxel9 ambient side project. TRACKLISTING: 1. Arietis 2. Tau Ceti 3. Ursae Majoris 4. Alderamin 5. Sirius 6. Nashira 7. Groombridge 8. Eltanin 9. Stargazing DETAILS: Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance Released: Feb. 2012/08 Format: CD, Compact Disc Cat-No: OVN1CD024 Barcode: 881034889690 Currently this has been released at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ovn1cd024.html It will be put up on more places as time passes by. More links will be put up then Peace! //Trinodia - http://www.facebook....8201382?sk=wall
  22. Hi psynews hope youre all doing well. Iam Fernando Hood (aka smiley pixie) , once oppon a time I had a goa and psytrance music project called "Message To Earth", started in 1999 and lasted until 2006/7, maybe a very few of you remember my tracks on good old mp3.com and Acidplanet , http://www.message-to-earth.web.pt/ . Anyway i have a new hangout were ill be releasing old and new tracks My new page is www.messagetoearth.bandcamp.com These are my Latest Releases: Hope you guys like it. All the releases are on a "pay what you want" basis p.L.U.R
  23. http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-rambo-of- the-mind Twisted story. all comments welcome! Looking for a label for this one.
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