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  1. Namaste _/\_ Fellow Psychonauts Sonic Tantra is compiling it's next compilation at the moment. The BPM range is 150 - 300, the style we are looking for mix of DarkPsy / Hi-Tech / Psycore You can send your submissions via a message to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonic-Tantra-Records/217855634940430 For this particular compilations, we are joining forces! So each track has to be atleast 2 projects which work together for the song. (Example: Aghori Tantrik vs. Enichkin or Aghori Tantrik & Enichkin or Enighri Akin, u get the idea hehe) We release almost all our compilations for Free download with Pro Mastering and nice artwork since 2005. Download our DarkPsy , Hi-Tech, Psycore music for Free on our website. Thanks and shanti shanti b00m b00m!
  2. Tracklist: 01 - Kreiskegelstumpf - Frustum Calling (148 BPM) 02 - Third Eye Of Monkey - Ch'Eh'Oc (150 BPM) 03 - Strix Aluco - Naked Monkey (148 BPM) 04 - Draghul - Ixtra VaganZa (152 BPM) 05 - Yogh - Wormhole Adventures (148 BPM) 06 - Chudl - In The Middle Of Nowhere (151 BPM) 07 - Tohuwabouhu Project - Into The Djungle (154 BPM) 08 - Biomekanik - Welcome To The Underground (164 BPM) 09 - Ohm In - WorldWideWeird (148 BPM) Released by Amaya Productions http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/creatures-of-carnival An artwork caught my eye at Ektoplazm. I have nothing to do with the label but posting this as a listener, so that this awesome music doesn't get drowned amongst a busy holiday season. Very much worth checking out if you like or occasionally like dark & foresty
  3. Artist: Various Title: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Label: Sangoma Records Date: November, 2013 1. Entropy - Hamakor 2. Parus - Vremia 3. Antagon Vs. Ectogasmics - Degradation 4. Sunchild - Think In Tongues 5. Dragon - Flower of Life 6. Mubali - Entering the Neuron Community 7. Fractal Cowboys - Fluid of Life 8. Arjuna Vs. Deepbrianfrombosis - Fractacality 9. Primordial - Time Lord 10. We Are Noise - Acid Milk For All 11. Neesha - Great Ride "There are certain things we can do to become super human." The sexy lady tree will tell you the secret is all in the hips. Anyone else think this gif is a little...sinister? Sangoma is like the foresty darkpsy little brother of the older and well established Timecode Records. I absolutely loved almost everything that Timecode released so I'm hoping that Sangoma will continue the tradition. My first experience with them however was with Gaspard's ode to naptime Seems Legit. It wasn't legit. So not legit that I quit. Hammer shoutout! But hey that's why pencils have erasers right? This compilation is my second go round with Sangoma and I have to tell you...bring a f*cking flashlight. This is dark. Seriously so. Thumping bass lines and kicks rumble menacingly below swampy bubbling. If you're a fan of the Timecode sound this may take some getting used to. While the night time psy from Timecode was also dark there were always melodies that would carry you above the fray. This sound is more psychedelic forest and aggressive. Perhaps it's the logical evolution of darkpsy. It's a hallucinatory journey where sounds are stacked like dead bodies and the mood is decidedly...evil. Metallic leads sound like the dragging of relics across concrete. It's loud and a lush cacophony of sound that requires multiple listens to truly appreciate. Some tracks are horror movie ready and most are a twisting concourse into the mouth of madness. Heavy stuff if you decide to listen in one go. I'm not sure where I stand yet, but I certainly cannot stop listening to it. Sangoma Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  4. Baphomet Engine - Solve Coagula [CD/DIGITAL - OUT NOW] - Horrordelic CD007 Link (Cd + Digital Free @ Psyshop): http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hor/hor1cd007.html We proudly presents the masters of darkpsy from Brazil, the epic project Baphomet Engine. This is the third solo album. Baphomet Engine showcasing a new perspectives behind the darkpsy style, showing a new way of equilibrium (Solve and Coagula). Introducing a new range of frequencies that never was explored in the past. More quality and more simplicity. This is the point, looking forward of his own style and with great co-works with Noise Gust, Yata-Garasu and Low Rezolution. Preview it all: https://beatspace-horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/baphomet-engine-solve-coagula Tracklist: 01. Baphomet Engine - Vacuum Vacation 02. Baphomet Engine - Kabalah Reverse 03. Baphomet Engine - Lee Water 04. Baphomet Engine - Treta 05. Baphomet Engine Vs Yata Garasu - Solve Coagula 06. Baphomet Engine - Soul Caption 07. Baphomet Engine - The Dark Bishop 08. Baphomet Engine vs Noise Gust - Brazilian Ninja 09. Baphomet Engine vs Noise Gust - NoiseEngine 10. Baphomet Engine - Treta (Low Rezolution RMX) More links: http://beatspace.com/8894/Horrordelic+Records/BAPHOMET+ENGINE/Solve+Coagula/detail.aspx Digital: https://beatspace-horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/baphomet-engine-solve-coagula Mastering By Anomalistic Studios (USA)- Released By Horrordelic (Norway) http://facebook.com/horrordelic| http://horrordelic.com | http://horrordelic.bandcamp.com - Visit us, 24/7 - 666- Darkpsy.
  5. Tracklist- 01 Olien - Transmoveport 02 Olien - Granularis 03 Laatoka - Witch Technology 04 Froog & Polybius - Plastik Elephant 05 Fafazz - Homo Homini Lupus 06 Shadow Noises - Gone Forever 07 Ka-Sol - Shut Up Alien 08 Yara - The Power Of Mind 09 Hagenith vs Zaiklophobia - Neurogenic Shock 10 Zaiklophobia - Extreme Voyage 11 CrowNick - Dragola 2012 12 Palex - Teen Spirit 13 Miquiztli - Valley of Death 14 Khorshid - Interior Castle DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD16 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: http://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  6. Horrordelic Proudly Presents - A Free VA called: Horror Stories - OUT NOW !! Bandcamp: https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/va-horror-stories-horrordelic-2015 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp298NMF4QkHJZNN9dxvNnKTIJ Mastering By Anomalistic Studios (USA) Artwork by Antikriz&Psytanic (Norway) The world is full of mysteries; murders and deeply disturbing true stories. So with Halloween just around the corner here are 16 true stories that seems perfect for a horror imagination ...... Here we go ; Take hope as we are floating to the sky.... Tracklist: 1. Baphomet_Engine_-_Psypain-[151_Bpm] 2. Blind-Ox_-_Sinister_Masquerade_[210_Bpm] 3. Crone_-_Horror_Stories_[180_Bpm] 4. Dhrupad_-_DarkThroHolic_-_[160__Bpm] 5. Grainripper_-_Written_on_stones_[152__Bpm] 6. Gurgamesh_-_Zephyr_[162_bpm] 7. Master_Of_Horror_-_Passage_to_death_[160_Bpm] 8. Miquiztli_-_Road_To_Death_[170Bpm] 9. Nazrael_-_Ohhh_No,_I_Now!!!!__[170__Bpm] 10. Sepehraka_-_Shingon_[185__Bpm] 11. Setek_-_Dream_Mechanics_[190__Bpm] 12. Sick_Lion_-_El_Olvido_[200__Bpm] 13. Unfug_-_Dead_Rabbit_[173__Bpm] 14. Voidscream_-_Lim_Dul's_Vault_[180__Bpm] 15. Xhamanik_Ritual_-_Boson_de_Higgs_[165__Bpm] 16. Psy4tecks-_Inshah_Allah_[155__Bpm] Stay tuned every party needs great music to make your Halloween memorable check out this best choices to start your play list. Releases (Horrordelic FREEVA0XX series): FREEVA009 - VA - Horror Stories- 2015 FREEVA008 - VA - Smiling Through Your Horror Times - 2015 FREEVA007 - VA We Are Dead Vol.2 - 2014 FREEVA006 - VA Doors Of Shiva - 2014 FREEVA005 - VA The Fallen - 2014 FREEVA004 - VA Mysteries Of Death - 2014 FREEVA003 - VA HoRRoR TecH MecHanIcA - 2013 FREEVA002 - VA Dance Of Shadows - 2013 FREEVA001 - VA We Are Dead - 2013 Get them all at https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/ http://horrordelic.com/- Visit Us.
  7. Artist: Various Title: Tales From The North Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Style: Psytrance, Forest, Darkpsy, Goa trance, Suomisaundi, Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se Release Date: 2015-03-18 Troll N’ Roll Records presents their seventh release, Tales From The North, a strong collection of darkpsy and forest music with hints of Suomisaundi and Goa trance. Scandinavia’s dark forests, deep lakes, and high mountains are home to a variety of mythical creatures. We do not see them unless they choose to show themselves but they make themselves constantly known. When someone mysteriously disappears in the woods, when you hear strange noises in the attic, when the milk turned sour overnight—it is the mark of the supernatural. In the past they were a natural part of our world, a way of reminding people about having respect for nature… Tracklist: 01 - Squees & Toxic Anger Syndrome & Gubbology - Tales From The North 02 - Oliveira - Shadowland 03 - Maan - Huldrehaug 04 - Gubbology - Chaku Hachi 05 - Squees vs Gubbology - Kråkestan 06 - Cut The Cheese - Trollsommar 07 - Trance-Ingvars - Den Sjunde 08 - Oginok - Fraxinus Excelsior 09 - Zoon - Monsters 10 - Captain Kirk - Midnight Carousel Ride 11 - Discolin - Shiokara Situation 12 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Ragnarök Free download @ http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/tales-from-the-north
  8. Pack Preview: Featuring unique elements created by Low Rezolution this unique Heavy Psygressive sample pack will revolutionise your productions. The download includes a comprehensive collection of psychedelic loops and samples includes kick drums, basses, atmospheres, drum loops, uplifter and miscellaneous effects, leads, synths, percussion and much more! As a special bonus Rezolution have included jam session stem files created during the packs creation. These awesome resources include plenty of never-heard-before synth effects and sounds. Download the pack now and get more than 3 GB of samples and loops in high quality WAV format. download now: http://www.dancemidisamples.com/psygressive-sample-pack-by-low-rezolution.html FOLLOW THE ARTIST! https://soundcloud.com/soulcast-low-rezolution FOLLOW THE LABEL! http://www.facebook.com/speedsoundmusic http://soundcloud.com/speedsound CONTACT: xvibe.com@gmail.com
  9. hey folks! its been a few years since ive been on here, hope everybody is keeping well! i recently put together an album featuring 17 psychedelic trance tracks ranging from the bright-side to the dark-side, 147bpm and upwards, i decided to put it on bandcamp as im a firm believer in the D.I.Y aspect of the psychedelic scene, so you can check it out here if you like https://mariochainsaw.bandcamp.com/releases
  10. DISTORTED PERCEPTION May 2 2015 DARK STAGE : YARA ( Live, Lycantrop / Banyan / Triplag, Spain/Venezuela ) MALKAVIAM ( Live, Lycantrop / Bhooteshwara / Lost in Reality, Spain/Venezuela ) YARAKAVIAM ( Live, Lycantrop, Spain/Venezuela ) VIC TRIPLAG ( Triplag Music, Russia/Ireland ) WHRIKK ( Live, Sanaton Records, Parvati) PZYKO ( Skitzofrenik Lifeform Records, Belgium ) STROPHORIA ( Dark Forest set, Unio Mystica, Belgium ) ACID - TECH : SAM ON ACID ( Acid Underground Purpose , Germany ) BEMMEL ( acid dj set ) MATTACID ( 303 acid LIVE set ) JAN LIEFHEBBER ( Acid Flash, Waalhalla ) SANDER BRUIJS ( Technobinkies ) Decorations : Deco-Droom Shivanki Chi Deco War of the Robots VJ Kyle Lyons (USA) CampAttack Visuals @Social Underground Rotterdam Boompjeskade 10, 3011XE Rotterdam, Netherlands from 22h till 08h presale: 12 euro at the door: 14 euro limited capacity so try to go for presale! websites www.campattack.com/events https://www.facebook.com/events/1390442794584745/
  11. Hello Everyone! I recently applied for a volunteer position as a radio DJ and got accepted. My show will be featuring mainly genres of underground and alternative trance! Unfortunately, due to broadcasting guidelines, I need a certain amount of Canadian music per episode in order to keep the show running. I'd like to give anyone who would like some radio play the opportunity to send me their work, so that I may be able to feature it on my show once I start broadcasting. I am not making any money off of this show; I just love trance, and I want others to enjoy it too. I will be putting up more information about my show as it becomes available, I am just in the beginning stages. Once I start to broadcast, you can hear the episodes online for free anywhere in the world! Please feel free to send any questions or suggestions! Thank you!
  12. Hello my friends! I'm new here and i really happy to see a big community that i havent know! so right to business. i made a new demo for my upcomming track and ill be more than happy to hear your thoughts and recommenditions! this demo contains a bassline, voice sample and a few loops i havent add a melodies and synths yet, there you go Appriciate! Orr.
  13. Horrordelic proudly presents their new album, a friends compilation with Holix. URL: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hor/hor1cd006.html 10 tracks and 4 Bonus tracks for download, all in the psychedelic forest realm. Original psychedelic artwork by talented Artist Sebastian Gallegos (Mexico), Digipack CD package. Mattias Lindholm aka Holix (Stockholm, Sweden) a Psychedelic Dark-Forest wizard from the north, invite friends over for psychedelic blasts and experiences. You are invited to share this experience. Mastering by Anomalistic Records (USA). Join us into the Powerful Forest Experience, let go and let's Rock! Sampler: Tracklist: 1. Sacrament HOLIX AND INPROGRESS 2. Unexpected Journey HOLIX, SEVEN DARK AND SPRUCE 3. Forests And Deserts HOLIX AND CTHULHU 4. Prayer HOLIX AND CYKO 5. Silent Scream HOLIX, YATA-GARASU AND GURGAMESH 6. Pakawulu HOLIX AND SEVEN DARK 7. Third Eye HOLIX AND NYKRONDS 8. Fifth Element HOLIX AND ASHIANA 9. Kerberos HOLIX AND MOTORBRAIN 10. Why So Serious HOLIX AND DARK ELEMENT + 4 Exclusive downloads, link inside cover...
  14. PARANOIAC - RITMO Y SUSTANCIA EP DVSM Records / DVSMDIG005 / 2015.02.25 Mastered by Maxim 'makus' Kurushyn @ Overdream Studio Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart Atmospheric rhythms for the small hours (featured in Goa Gil's Divine Dozen). Hailing from Argentina, Paranoiac is the first South American artist to release an EP through DVSM Records. Through an infinite corridor of sound rhythmic sequences emerge – guiding and transforming – sustained by the ritual dance. Three tracks, each delving deeper, and deeper. Proud to present you with our new release, we bring you Ritmo Y Sustancia EP. Tracklist 01 - To Wash You 02 - Ritmo Y Sustancia 03 - Y Me Perdi SAMPLES / PURCHASE DVSM Bandcamp ​If you're interested in reviewing this release, please get in touch with us at info (at) dvsmrecords (dot) org.
  15. Out Now: V/A Freaks in Love Vol.1 Converting the Illusion. Compiled by Mantra Flow Tracklist: 01 Flooting Grooves – La Moqueca - (136 BPM) 02 Geocentric – Acid Inside Moon [Michrosphere Remix] (145 BPM) 03 Pura – 2 the Brain (144 BPM) 04 Zenkai - Agrabah (154 BPM) 05 Prozac – Lost Luggage (145 BPM) 06 Mantra Flow – Terra Incognita (146 BPM) 07 Atome – Root (154 BPM) 08 Parandroid – Liminal Proper (178 BPM) 09 Shunpo – New Meta (190 BPM) 10 Technical Hitch - Complex Emotions (160 BPM) 11 Argon Sphere – Space Safari (145 BPM) 12 Nocti Luca – Last Forest Standing (144 BPM) Free Download available! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/freaks-in-love-vol-1 All donations goes to the next edition of Freaks in Love Festival. http://freaksinlove.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-freaks-in-love-vol-1-converting-the-illusion Freaks In Love Family proudly brings you their first compilation, Freaks In Love Vol. 1, subtitled Converting The Illusion, in celebration of this year’s edition of their international gathering in Izmir, Turkey. Set on a beautiful beach near the ancient city of Ephesus, this festival offers a unique experience of true Turkish family vibes, a wide variety of psychedelic art and music, and experiences of traditional practices, food, and healing. This compilation features a handpicked selection of artists from this year’s festival line-up arranged to showcase the musical flow of a day on the main floor in a twelve chapter freak fairy tale story full of surprises and pure psychedelic dance floor delight! Compiled by Mantra Flow with mastering by Antilogic and cover design by Hakan Hisim.
  16. Horrordelic Records Presents -----A Xmas Gift for You---- Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes [Full album] Fast direct download: WAV: http://goo.gl/cyDvQR MP3: http://goo.gl/bYMwHz Youtube Playlist: http://goo.gl/KdLrzR Tracks made by Yata-Garasu between 2007 and 2010, once lost but now found and brought to you mastered and salvaged from the abyss. Tracklist: 1. The Begining Of The End 148bpm 2. Sloth 148bpm 3. Yuna 148bpm 4. Pull Me Away 150bpm 5. Ragnarok 150bpm 6. A Place On Earth 154bpm 7. Inside Sin 160bpm 8. Steven & Paul 160bpm 9. Yata-Garasu vs Osito vs Twisted Nerve - Silent Abyss 160bpm Original cover artwork by Florence Nicodèm, remixed by AntiElf. Mastering By Anomalistic Studios. Released 26. December 2014 By Horrordelic Records.
  17. VA - We Are Dead (Horrordelic Recs, 3 CD, Free, 2013) Horrordelic Presents 3 CDs of Deadly Psychedelic Trance!! Here I will post the FREE albums as they are released 1 by 1!! ...Every Moment Of Life Is a Step Towards Death... Cd 1: 01.- Necromicyde - Almas Del Purgatorio 02.- Gromo - Awevo Sta Muerta Estachingon 03.- Toxinexia - Evil Game 04.- Karash - G War 05.- Cispailonx - We Are Dead 06.- Sick lion - Hitter 07.- Psy Horror Noize - Pennywise The Dancing Clow Rebirth 08.- Indaco - Day Of Dead 09.- Darknesss - Below Dimensions 10.- Phal - Anx - Tomorrow is Another Day CD1 MP3 File(175 mb): http://depositfiles.com/files/9yqat08pi CD1 WAV File (1gb): http://depositfiles.com/files/knhxx02z3 Cd 2: 01.- AQ'AB'AL - 02.- Chemical Spoon - Green 03.- Master of horror - The Devil Kiss 04.- Xtraterreste vs T-Virus - Universal Conspiracy 05.- Aghori Tantrik - Realms of Fire 06.- BrainKore & Yuppi - 2T 1T 07.- Leonofobia - Fatal Error 08.- Positr0n - American Horror Story 09.- Insane el rato - A cyborg day front of the sea 10.- Maleficium - Dr Doll CD2 MP3 PACK (169 MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/pr4rery4l CD2 WAV PACK (1.04GB) : http://depositfiles.com/files/ge05onlo9 Cd 3: 01.- Kujata & Mexkline - Arametika 02.- M.Y. Project - the shamanic contact 03.- Tantrix Terik - Kurenai 04.- Lepudness - Acid Wavex 05.- Miquiztli - Day 6 06.- Psy4tecks - Overdrive 07.- Yuppi & SooSpicey - Surrealistic Happenings 08.- Inimical Disorder - Goremala 09.- Brain & Bones - Im Dead 10.- Suffer Misery - Infernatum Et Satan CD3 MP3 PACK (182 MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/g05mllb40 CD3 WAV PACK (881 MB) : http://depositfiles.com/files/otbx4w24x ..........Thanks to all the artists for their support.......... Mastered By Altered Behaviour (Primeiro Studio) Free Release by Horrordelic Records[/img]
  18. Artist: VA Name: Dance Of Shadows Label: Horrordelic Genre: Darkpsy Release Date: 14. July 2013 Format: MP3 320 / WAV 44.1 Khz 16 bit Length: 30 tracks, 2 chapters Tracklist: Chapter 1: 1. Oraculo 13 20 – Beyond The Darkness 144bpm 2. Psytuga – The Beginning And The End Of Nothing 145bpm 3. Retohmorgon – Rainbow Fields 148bpm 4. Cthulhu – Cactus San Pedro 150bpm 5. Satyr Iasis – Tickler 150bpm 6. Sodoom – Break The Rules 150bpm 7. Nihil & Paranoia Sector – Dance Of Shadows 152bpm 8. Seven Dark – Something Wrong With You 152bpm 9. Spagettibrain – Cocops 153bpm 10. Nazrael – My Playground 154bpm 11. N0tag – The ride 156bpm 12. Archeos – Revolution For Evolution 150bpm 13. Holix – Invalid Answers 150bpm 14. M.Y. Project – Revolution 147bpm 15. Ferratek vs Osmosis – Feos 145bpm Chapter 2: 1. Aum Sector – Defective Existence 160bpm 2. Paratrip & Paranoia Sector – Can You Free Me? 165bpm 3. Aghori Tantrik – Sonic Diabolic Tonic (Cthulhu rmx) 167bpm 4. Gloomy Phantom – Dark Side 168bpm 5. Dra Orcon – Type 0 170bpm 6. Miquiztli – Your Fucking Dead 170bpm 7. Synthetic Forest – Pwecca 172bpm 8. Voodoo – Krazy Ride 170bpm 9. Aum Sync – Psychedelic Traveller 170bpm 10. Psy4tecks – Magic Saw 170 Bpm 11. Brain And Bones – Blood In The Streets 174bpm 12. CinderVOMIT Ft. EkimSKRID – Mental Hiccup 190bpm 13. Sarasvvati – Coaxial Out 185bpm 14. Master Of Horror – Mask Of Satan 170-180bpm 15. Dhrupad – Omkar Swarupa 168bpm Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents : A free NET compilation compiled by Paranoia Sector. Two big chapters covering the full spectre of The Darkpsy Underworld. From North to south, east to west, people came together for this project, and really showcase what Darkpsy action is about. Get your stereo loaded up with new tracks, mixers loaded, cds burned, joints rolled and bongs filled. 30 (!) new fresh tracks just in for the late summer season in 2013. Chapter 1 starting out with 144BPM to 156, showcasing the powerful darkpsy atmosphere, will drag you right in and let you flow, headbang`n`rock out ! Chapter 2 takes it faster, starting in 160BPM to 190BPM, giving you the kickstart and power engine trip, climb in and ride it! This ride is not stopping, beware of highflying action! DOWNLOAD LINKS: MP3: Chapter 1: https://depositfiles.com/files/qwppn1hn6 Chapter 2: https://depositfiles.com/files/zem2hc5uv WAV: Chapter 1: https://depositfiles.com/files/2ph18gc15 Chapter 2: https://depositfiles.com/files/0hlbx1sh7
  19. OUT NOW! Hook up here: http://www.sonictantra.com/agh0ri-tantrik---patala.html B00m!!
  20. 11 tracks full of dark atmospheres, pressing melodies and movie quirks made by czech producer UNTR. check the album preview here:
  21. --- 15 - 18 August 2014 --- The World Iz Turning --- Darkpsy party Norway Underground Power Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar !! Part1: Tracklist Part1: 01: Crone - Fire And Blood (170bpm) Horrordelic Records 02: Necroillusion - Mr. Hyde Is Coming (170bpm) Triptec Records 03: Lepudness - Energy Heaven (178bpm) Horrordelic Records 04: Mk Ultra - LSDeath (180bpm) Triptec Records 05: Bones vs Miquiztli - Voces En El Abismo (180bpm) Triptec Records 06: Miquiztli - Ceremonial Circles (180 bpm) Triptec Records 07: Uphurya - 13 - Tales of Victory (190bpm) Dopetec Records 08: Azzault - 06 - Om Namah Shiva (180bpm) Horrordelic Records 09: Voidscream & Akira - 06 - Purgatory Gates (175bpm) Scared Evil Records 10: Asamori - Warped Instinct (177bpm) Scared Evil Records 11: Gloomy Phantom & Synthetic Forest - 01 - Knocking on Hells Door (164bpm) Scared Evil Records 12: Bones - Dark Voices (Tribute To Jim Morrison) (160bpm) Triptec Records 13: Prospectum Mortis - Kill The Monster rmx (160bpm) Obscurum Records 14: Made In Hell and DeeJoker - Demonizz da Garoa (157bpm) Obscurum Records 15: Dark Chico - Real World (158bpm) Darknox Records Part 2: Tracklist Part 2: 01: Nazrael vs Zaiklophobia - Fantasy 02: Holix & Dark Element - Spirit Guide (150bpm) 03: Space Alien - Happy Birthday To Us (148bpm) 04: Satyr Iasis - Tickler (150bpm) 05: Lost Reflection - The Weight Of The End (157bpm) 06: Zigorat - The World Can Not Restore Equilibrium (150bpm) 07: Ozore - A Night In The India (155bpm) 08: Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama 09: Necroillusion - Feel My Pain (154bpm) 10: Nazrael - Dark Days 11: Unfug - Hazy Fog Ooops, wrong button here ... But back at it 11: Aum Sync - Lunatik Karma - 172bpm 12: Paranoia Sector - No More Badtrip 168bpm 13: Selective Mood - Maine Frame 184bpm 14: HyperBurst - Star Childrens 185bpm 15: Kaya - Swastika 185bpm 16: Blind-ox - Eleusinian Mysteries 188bpm 17: Motorbrain - 10 - Blood Moon 190bpm 18: Somarobotics - Mentally BLind 19: Surupo - Dark Saga 20: Cyko - Data Beast - Darkpsy Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar Find all tracks FREE @ Tracklist: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/ http://facebook.com/horrordelic - http://horrordelic.com
  22. Horrordelic Records presents: VA: The doors of Shiva Artwork by Paranoia Sector Mastered by Anomalistic Records Download Free Wav/MP3: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/va-doors-shiva-horrordelic/ Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp29_dIDwYCEAGCSobQmXAd8UL Music is a transmitting pole of God! It should electrify you with His presence! When Shiva speaks, it is poetry itself, It is the sky caressing the Earth, from His lips did song itself take birth.In this rare painting, Shivji sings a Dhrupad on His Primal Tanpura. As Ganesha accompanies on the Pakhawaj, The Goddess of Ragas, Ragini Rageshwari herself appears.The picture depicts once again, how lord shiva is the Origin of all things. Aum Namah Shivaya! Lord Shiva is known for love, but he is also known as a protector. The tracklist for this album is: VOL 1 1] Mk ultra- Natraja Tandava [150bpm] 2] Ohm-in - No-Identity [152bpm] 3] Highstyle-Sexy dance fighting [148bpm] 4] Yaotzin Tech -Regression's [150bpm] 5] BAR - Trinetra [152bpm] 6] DarkChico - Power Of Mandalas [152bpm] 7] Voodoo - Sik Bastards [163bpm] 8] Leonofobia - Great Strength [155bpm] 9] Skup - Energy Invasion [152bpm] 10] Yogh - Zargh [149bpm] 11] Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama [159bpm] 12] T-Virus - Karma [160bpm] 13] Gloomy Phantom - The Twilight Zone [166bpm] 14] Hector Miller - Pure [???bpm] 15] Plasma force - Legend of Shivatron [170bpm] VOL 2 1] Gloomy Phantom - Soulcatcher [160bpm] 2] Xochipilli - Secret Shiva's Face (knowing the unknown) [160bpm] 3] Miquiztli- Inside [160bpm] 4] Neosapiens & Massive Noise In The Top of The World [160bpm] 5] Psy4teks - Ancient Voices [160bpm] 6] Limbo- Shamanic Ritual [160bpm] 7] Paranoia sector- Chronic Pain [164bpm] 8] Paratrip- Blazer Lights [169bpm] 9] Psyoyorale - Om 'Doom [160bpm] 10] Dirty Phreak VS. Deadhead - Delirium in Detail [174bpm] 11] Qakbatzulu - Om Namma shivaye [190bpm] 12] Lyzergik Brain - Mahamrityunjaya Mantra [178 Bpm] 13] Master of Horror- Beyond the Doors [160bpm - ???bpm] 14] Lepudness Energy Heaven [178bpm] 15] Fractal DNA vs Plasma Force - Dimensional Disintegration [180bpm] VOL 3 1] Crone - Fire And Blood [170bpm] 2] Sepehraka - In my Head [180bpm] 3] Maantrik frequency(Btoxik&sampler) - New world shit [180bpm] 4] Baphomet Engine - Casaducarai [185bpm] 5] Kliluk- Everything is possible [186bpm] 6] Azzault Om Namaha Shiva [180bpm] 7] Mentalsystem vs Necronomus - Torturer of souls [186bpm] 8] Mekanikal mind - Of Course [190 bpm] 9] Yoshua Em - I am a Ghost [190bpm] 10] Walhalla Project - Florestrial [180bpm] 11] Dhrupad - Naamo [The Doors Of Shiva] [194bpm] 12] Lisergico Saeure The King among Physician [190bpm] 13] HOSMO ZONIK - This Is Me [190bpm] 14] Manik buluk- Anadenant Peregrina [195bpm] 15] DarknesSs - Darkness In Shiva [210bpm] This is Free Release to for you to copy and share please! Horrrodelic 2014. Download top
  23. Artist: Various Title: 71 Degrees North Label: DVSM Records Date: May, 2014 1. Phobium - Calyx 2. Bloomen - Echodroplets 3. Time For Slime - Apparater 4. Zoon - Dreamer 5. Scope - ElecTroll 6. Silent Horror - Itami 7. Terratech - Crystal Cascade 8. Paranoiac - Peace From Other Space (Part II) 9. Sundance Kid - Tesla 10. Yggdrasil - Ratatosk 11. Phobium - Bulb "Today we talked about turning your daydreams into reality. Tonight I want each one of you to go home and do just that!" c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.... 71 degrees north? The parallel? Like the Arctic and sh*t? Sounds desolate. I can already hear the f bombs an alien would drop if that's where he crash landed. "Mother...f*cker! Why the f*ck did you drop us here? There's nothing! Zero! F*cking nobody! I swear if you weren't my sister's kid I would've vaporized you!" If aliens were so advanced they'd stop landing in the middle of nowhere and start prepping for splashdown in Bermuda. Let's see what countries inhabit that area...Norway, Canada, USA (Alaska of course why wouldn't is be?) Greenland (ain't no green there) and Russia. What could these countries possibly have in common? That's once you get into the parking garage. I mean really? This is a place where hard on's go to die and shrinkage is a perpetual state. A place that is denied the sun for 3 months straight, cut off from the outside world due to storms like arctic hurricanes. I mean what the f*ck those two words aren't even supposed to go together! But just when you'd think that all is lost and the vampires would rule the eternal darkness, the sun comes back and the people celebrate with hot chocolate. DVSM is back with their latest compilation and what a varied effort it is. You've got everything in here. Darkpsy, forest, ambient...and the artwork is a perfect partner to the music inside. Calyx- Cold and vast the tundra sprawls before me. I force myself to move a little faster as the sun slowly attempts to reach the horizon. Superbly descriptive opener. As I begin to hunker down for the night I notice a penguin remains close. Echodroplets- This track sounds like the artists name. Cool slow downs and synths that are in kind of goa motion. Apparater- Time for slime? Don't mind if I do. Over 13 minutes of delicious forest psychedelia. Not in a dark way either. Outstandingly done with sounds that tumble over each other as if they where water molecules in slow motion. Dreamer- Very BOTFB hallucinogenic goa trance. Scando-goa if you will. And that's all right by me. Pretty intense and dripping like a Salvador Dali painting. Dali-goa I guess. Electroll- This is what happens when you don't make it back to base camp before sundown. Stuck in a thick forest with only the northern lights for illumination. Every sound makes me jump as the sound of tortured souls break the silence. Well layered bubbly stuff of horror movies. I can't find my penguin friend at all. Itami- I just need a window in, something to make the darkpsy more accessible and the lush detail here provides it. Echoing tones and eerie melodies make this my absolute favorite track from Mr. Shah. It's otherworldly and bursting at the seams with effects. Crystal Cascade- Another rapid and pummeling darkpsy track where tones sound like tumbling crystals as the bass rumbles and hammers away at your sanity. This is darkness incarnate. The wind is still blowing and you begin to question your decision to outlast the arctic hurricane. Those two words together are still frightening. Peace From Other Space (Part II)- After the last track has flayed the sinew from your body the aliens with a poor sense of direction arrive and well, I guess it's time for the probing. This is not as mind numbing with a little more melody work. Harsh sounds of machinery screech above the deep bass and yeah that big pointy thing is about to enter your business end. But it's definitely on the lighter side. Tesla- We are in the much softer portion of the album with glacial pads. I survived the hurricane and looking forward to the hot chocolate. Light and airy, but ultimately not that interesting to me. Tatatosk- Dubby beats to let you drift away. Staring at the horizon sipping my hot chocolate I can't help but wonder if my penguin friend made it out ok. Bulb- A wary closing bit of ambient reminding you to not underestimate nature's power and the 71st parallel. I'm not a darkpsy guy, but I appreciate the talent and skill it takes to put the mass of sounds and detail together into a cohesive structure. And this was some of the most enjoyable dark stuff I've listened to. The Phobium tracks are also some of his best work for me; as lush and moving as I've heard from him. The flow of the album really stands out and it's very fluid. Even though I may not have liked every track,without being partially mixed this was smooth. As I mentioned you get a little bit of everything and it's the closest you can come to being in this fascinating ecosystem without strapping on the cold weather gear and snowshoes. Well done guys, it's not perfect, but I believe this to be your best release yet. Hey what's that? *sees penguin with one wing tucked into Kate Upton's bikini bottom* You sonofa... DVSM Bandcamp Mdk
  24. Stereopanic - Revelations EP Tracklist: 1. Stereopanic - Psy, It's Never Gonna Die! 2. Stereopanic feat. Terranoise - Revelations Painting & Graphics by Ina Spyra @ Spyrart Studio, Portugal. Mastered by Dale Byl @ dB Mastering Studio, Cape Town. Release Date: June 9th 2014 2 Weeks Beatport Exclusive: http://www.beatport.com/release/revelations-ep/1321638
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