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Found 6 results

  1. UNIKORP - URBAN RIDDLES EP DVSM RECORDS - http://www.dvsmrecords.org Artwork by Benjamin Littin, Chile. Mastering by Maxim 'makus' Kurushyn' @ Overdream Studio. Cat#: DVSMDIG007 Renato Moreira, also known as LAB, has prepared some new Unikorp beats to accompany you this summer: a touch of lounge, experimental electronics and intelligent drum'n'bass. Enjoy! Samples & Download: https://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/urban-riddles-ep Will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Juno and other platforms on August 4. Wish you all a wonderful summer! /Alex @ DVSM
  2. PARANOIAC - RITMO Y SUSTANCIA EP DVSM Records / DVSMDIG005 / 2015.02.25 Mastered by Maxim 'makus' Kurushyn @ Overdream Studio Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart Atmospheric rhythms for the small hours (featured in Goa Gil's Divine Dozen). Hailing from Argentina, Paranoiac is the first South American artist to release an EP through DVSM Records. Through an infinite corridor of sound rhythmic sequences emerge – guiding and transforming – sustained by the ritual dance. Three tracks, each delving deeper, and deeper. Proud to present you with our new release, we bring you Ritmo Y Sustancia EP. Tracklist 01 - To Wash You 02 - Ritmo Y Sustancia 03 - Y Me Perdi SAMPLES / PURCHASE DVSM Bandcamp ​If you're interested in reviewing this release, please get in touch with us at info (at) dvsmrecords (dot) org.
  3. Keen to have some fun in the studio while the summer is still here? Why not remix a track by LAB from his 2012 science-fiction blast Clean Air Turbulence EP? Two remix files are up and ready to be downloaded onto your hard drive, packed with sounds from the title track and Ascendant Stars. Any remix to which the jury takes a liking will be considered for release on DVSM Records. Click the link below for instructions on how to enter the competition and get the packs. MDK here on Psynews used the following words to describe C.A.T: "My favorite is the title track with so much going on it reminded me of a John Woo fight scene." Get full instructions and download the remix packs here: http://www.dvsmrecords.org/?page_id=3163 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch: info (at) dvsmrecords.org Closing date: October 1, 2014. Would be fun to discover both new and old talents out there in cyberspace! :-) Have fun!
  4. VARIOUS - 71 DEGREES NORTH DVSM RECORDS What may be the first psychedelic trance compilation developed less than 2,000 kilometres from the magnetic North Pole... Winds, seemingly ceaseless, sweep across the barren moon-like landscape of rocks and fjords less than 2,000 kilometres from the magnetic North Pole. Traces of nine months of winter and Arctic hurricanes are visible on the weather-beaten houses along the Norwegian coast. In the night sky displays of northern lights dance in the darkness, a sun-expelled darkness that is fortified and complete for three months each year. Blue-purple tones are visible on the polar night horizon from mid November to early February. Roads, harbours and airports are closed due to severe weather systems and villages are cut off from the outside world for days on end. One can only guess where the sun is. Each year, however, the sun returns as though a miracle. The people celebrating its arrival with sun buns and hot chocolate. Perched in the sky from mid May to the end of July, the midnight sun brings about an explosion of verdure. Whales and seals swim close to shore where reindeers prepare themselves for the end of the short summer. Once more life prospers in the Arctic. Everything green soon transforms into a rustic orange, however, and winter engulfs again the northernmost point of mainland Europe, tightening its grip. This is life at 71 Degrees North - where nature rules. Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart Mastered by Colin (OOOD) at the Stooodio, Bristol, UK. Compiled by Kiriyama. Features works by Phobium, Bloomen, Time For Slime, Zoon, Scope, Silent Horror, Terratech, Paranoiac, Sundance Kid and Yggdrasil. Available for purchase and instant download: http://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/71-degrees-north (Bandcamp purchase includes front and back cover, inlay and desktop wallpaper.) Limited edition CD to be developed this summer as soon as we're off work and vacation starts... http://www.dvsmrecords.org
  5. Hey everyone, It's getting darker and darker up here in the north as we're approaching winter. The first snow fell in the Dalecarlian mountains just last week and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the skiing season than releasing something fresh that'll keep you warm this winter? UNIKORP - WORLD TRAVELLER EP DVSMDIG003 / DVSM RECORDS OUT: October 14, 2013 Six tracks ranging from ambient, intelligent dance music and d&b showcasing a different side of Renato Moreira's (LAB) output. Mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD). Design by Rusty Psyflyart. Online experience: http://www.dvsmrecords.org/dvsmdig003 Get: http://dvsm.bandcamp.com - every penny goes to the artist. We're stoked about this release and hope you'll enjoy it just as much as we do. :-) All the best, Alex @ DVSM http://www.dvsmrecords.org (updated design)
  6. DVSM RECORDS COMPETITION Would you like to get a free copy of Séance? Join our new competition! Up for grabs are five copies of Silent Horror's new album and you could be one of the lucky few. All you have to do is to answer the three questions below and send your answers to info (at) devilsmindrecords (dot) org (don't forget to change the (at) and (dot) ) The competition will run throughout 22 March. Winners will be randomly selected provided they have answered all the questions correctly, just like at the airport these days. NB! Don't forget to include your name and where you'd like us to ship your CD! Good luck! Question 1: DVSM was founded in... a ) Late summer of 2004 b ) Early spring of 2005 c ) A few weeks before the release of the first compilation, Refused Question 2: Jigar 'Silent Horror' has released quite a few tracks on various compilations and made guest appearances on artist albums. How many, roughly speaking? a ) About 20 tracks b ) About 30 tracks c ) More than 40 tracks Question 3: The track Drums In The Deep was originally not supposed to be featured on the album Masters of Outhouse. Nevertheless, it was featured on the final version of the album. Why? a ) There was another track that was supposed to be the first one on the album, but there was a glitch in the recording that could not be fixed. Thus, Drums In The Deep filled the slot. b ) Lulle 'Ka-Sol' included Drums In The Deep by accident when he mastered the CD. Upon discovering the new track, Alex was adamant that they keep Drums In The Deep instead of the original first track, and David 'Buddha' and Lulle took his advice. c ) This is a trick question. Drums In the Deep was thought to be a track that had a solid, given place on the CD already when the first discussions on the track list took place.
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