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  1. https://shunyatarecords.bandcamp.com/album/return-trip-ep Available now as a free download or name your price to support the label and artist, the "Return Trip - EP" is somewhat of a concept EP, featuring 4 tracks increasing in bpm as the EP progresses, the idea of the EP is to start a journey be it outward or, inward and to return changed for better or worse, while its roots are definitely in the forestpsy genre, there is something new also afoot with very spacey vibes, happening to suit the concept of the ep. Track Listing > Positive Charge (outward motion) 155bpm > Crystalline Transmissions 160bpm > The Encounter 165bpm > Negative Charge (return trip) 170bpm Artwork - Charly Ryan (Mariochainsaw) Distribution - Shunyata Records Bandcamp Mastering - Skyhighatrist ''Sound Is The Only Truth''
  2. thanks for taking the time to listen man, i appreciate it!
  3. hey folks, new track finished and up for free download, it goes from 120bpm to 50bpm, kinda swampy forest psy vibe
  4. hey folks! its been a few years since ive been on here, hope everybody is keeping well! i recently put together an album featuring 17 psychedelic trance tracks ranging from the bright-side to the dark-side, 147bpm and upwards, i decided to put it on bandcamp as im a firm believer in the D.I.Y aspect of the psychedelic scene, so you can check it out here if you like https://mariochainsaw.bandcamp.com/releases
  5. 147bpm night time dtuff, unmastered but as good as i can https://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw/mariochainsaw-lol
  6. 147bpm , bodering on the dark side with some twisted melodies hope y'all enjoy https://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw/mariochainsaw-enter-the
  7. HEY GUYS! here's a free download of my latest track 147bpm spacey night time / darkpsy hope you enjoy http://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw/mariochainsaw-all-my-friends
  8. https://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw some new music, hope you enjoy :)
  9. Mariochainsaw - temple of cubensis http://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw/temple-of-cubensis 147bpm hope you enjoy
  10. had a go at some 170bpm i know it could be a bit longer but im just trying it out anywho hope yall enjoy, all comments welcome http://soundcloud.com/mariochainsaw/schitzobreaker
  11. nice one dude new album on the way, its gonna be out there hehe
  12. hey folks! got a bit bored of the same ole same ole, so i decided to put together a track featuring most styles at the raves we go to, have a listen peace also better quality audio on soundcloud
  13. hey folks just finished a new track, have a listen here if you have the time as always all comments greatly appreciated thanks a mill charly
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