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  1. I had no real love for this kind of psytrance until recently at Connection festival where I heard it out of a large rig for the first time. Was quite blown away by how hypnotic it was. Really didn't expect it to be any good at a primarily Goa trance festival, but the experience definitely sparked a little bit of interest for me. If any of you have any dark psy that you think is great I'd love to hear it as I know very little about it. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help. For sure my favourite track from from them I have heard. Has a very memorable sound.
  3. Can anyone help me find the track name @ 46 minutes in? https://youtu.be/43WfOS0GXRM?t=2758
  4. https://www.discogs.com/Trilithon-Trance-Dance-128/master/158782 If by early you mean like pre-1994. or if not maybe: https://www.discogs.com/Razors-Edge-Exquisite-Sin/master/57958 and theres always Union Jack
  5. Perhaps its worth bringing this after the recent topic i saw brought up a few days ago Really excellent
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