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  1. Very nice track! Loving the vocals and the flute! Great track, thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks everyone Nice to see you here too Magnus, love your stuff. Havent heard anything from you in along time now tough. Make sure to put something new up
  3. Very nice sounds indeed! Great dark feel. Really like it. It could have been abit longer tough, the end was a surprise to me. Your cpu has to be overloaded man, you must have bounced every track?
  4. Thanks!! I'm glad you like it I dont know, it's this sound i wanted. I can make it cleaner, but i think it would sound more booring that way, dont you think? Tried to get that old warmth to it, giving it more life. Anymore comments on the sound would be very appreciated.
  5. Hey! I want to share my latest track with you This track has like two sides of it, one happy and one evil side. I even took up the mic and sang abit What do you think? http://richardgalemusic.free.fr/speactra/S...t_Moons_192.mp3 Cheers //Alexander
  6. Very nice track Cybernetica! I love the melodies, very trippy. For me it's not too monotone, it's so much going on and it's intresting the whole track. The only thing i would do is to make the drums more subtle the first minutes. Great track! //Alexander
  7. Really like the beggining Great roars there. Really hard kick, like that The melodies in the beggining are nice, atmospheric and not too evil. In the beggining I thought the track would evolve into something atmospheric and emotional. But it evolved to just another darkpsy track. sorry, but the beggining kinda swindled me. I dont like the guitars, imo it doesnt fit the track. I would insert a nice bubbling synth instead But thats my personal taste, i dont really like psyguitars. Bassline sounds nice, hard and powerfull. The overall sound is abit clippy as said. This track d
  8. I like this alot! Great tracks! Especially Yello, i love it! Great atmospheric lead, lovely 303 lines and the track is so driving Travelling is also very good, the kick and bassline is top! Nice vibe Great album! Thanks for sharing! //Alexander
  9. So Seawasp, lets see what you've got here I havent listened much at all at DnB, so cant tell you so much there. But it sounds great with all those stuttered and processed drums. Good work with the synthlines and fx's. But as cybernetica said it's very chaotic and unstructured, and also it's very long, making me tired after a while It's very different and i havent heard something like this before You've done some great work with it but it's too chaotic for me //Alexander
  10. Hey Cybernetica! This is absolutely great! I love all those sounds and fx's in the background, it's so much going on, and it sounds great! Great atmosphere in this one. There's some things that you can fix, if it was finished in a hurry i can see why.. at 2:08 for example, the melody just drops suddenly. Better with some fading out or an echo or something. and at 6:31 the drums does the same.. My favourite part is the last one, after 7 mins, great lead there, amazing sounds Love it! Great work and thanks for sharing it with us! //Alexander
  11. Thanks alot guys! I'm so glad you liked it and sure seawasp, i know you Seems like tranceaddict isnt that much for psy glad i found this place, seems really good! Have found alot of info here
  12. Sure I remember you Cybernetica We miss you there, i've seen people asking of you over there... Cool to find you over here Thanks alot for the comment! I'm very glad you like it! Will check out some of your tracks, havent heard anything new from you in ages
  13. Hi everyone! I'm new here and want to share my latest track I'm very happy with it and the closest I can categorize it is goa, inspired by the mystic forests of Sweden I hope you like it! Speactra - Arctic Moss - Right click and "save as" Cheers //Alexander
  14. Thanks alot!! I found it on audiojelly You made my day
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