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Found 6 results

  1. Juno Reactor has always been an oddball. While their early albums truly defines the early Goa sound (very 242 inspired), it's not exactly what most people would recognize as Goa Trance today. It's almost more EBM than Trance at times, but that's exactly what made the early pioneers so awesome. They all had their own unique style and sound. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey there community, This is a long shot, last week I was at Babylon fetsival in Australia and heard(From the back of a campers truck) this incredible track. The only real info i can give is a 2-3 minute build up of spanish guitar playing in a way that sort of tricked you into not knowing when the kick was about to come in. I can really only liken it to'Juno reactors Conquistador part 1' track. However it was without the vocals but very much with the spanish vibe. When the kick came in the song clearly had that proggy sound. Any recommendations would be great. Or if you are thinking "How the heck does this guy expect us to figure out which gosh dang song he is talking about" then any recommendationsof tracks with that sexy spanish vibe to it would also be appreciated. Much love, happy hunting.
  3. CoCo Agency Present TRIBAL GATHERING => Live In Concert SHPONGLE (Twisted Rec, UK) Full Concert with the entire Band. The only concert in Europe in 2014 outside Uk One !!!! Mc Coys SUN PROJECT (Sun Project, Germany) Full Guitare Live Concert => Dj JUNO REACTOR (CoCo Agency, UK) Oonah vs Danolite (CoCo Agency, Be) Anoebis (SunTrip Records, Be) => Decoration & Animation: Fireter Street Theatre (Bulgaria) BOTN deco+Vj team (Greece) => Venue: Somewhere in Brussels => Tickets: (ONLY 2000 TICKETS) Presale Point: Fnac: Belgium, France, Swiss, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil Primera: Holland Worldwide: =>https://www.facebook.com/CoCoAgency/app_153680921360383 ° 40 € PreTicket (SOLD OUT) ° 45 euro (only 1300 tickets) ° 50 euro (only 300 tickets) ° 40 € Bus Paris - Concert (Return) Support: CoCo Agency Twisted Records SunTrip Records Dacru Records Akida Promo www.psybient.org
  4. It´s only in german, Juno talks about working on the road, the process of composition and how translates to play it with a band. Is a couple of pages long, but if you are interested in synthesizers the magazine is well worth it. http://www.synthesizer-magazin.de/
  5. Here is a mix I uploaded on soundcloud (please read mix page description) : It has a long intro built by samples / tracks from various soundtracks which I think enriched the mix. THANK YOU
  6. TRIBES GATHERING FESTIVAL www.tribesgathering.org http://www.facebook.com/tribesgathering :6 3 DAYS - 100 ARTIST - 7 STAGES :6 FUCK THE SUBCULTURE WE ARE ONE CULTURE = MUSIC After our second edition where 7000 souls came together on 7 different stages to manifest their tribe and culture, we are happy to welcome you once again during the weekend of 06/07/08 of april 2012 to manifest your values. Travellers and Street Theater Festival Our festival is a free space for street artist and travelers from all over the world. We are happy to open our doors for everyone that who want to share their experience and talent. Theater, dance, fire shows, jugglers, clown’s, abstract art, installation, freestyle dancers, mime, circus, witches, magicians…maybe Harry Potter you never know !!!! If you are an artist and want to share your special gift at our festival we are more than open to let you inside and do your show. “Everybody is a little artist inside, he needs only to search it in his soul” Please submit your project in a short text explaining your act. We are looking forward to your response! Alternative Music Festival Friday from 18.00: Warming Up Rave Party !!!!! Saturday from 16.00: Rhakti Dei Stage JUNO REACTOR (Old School DJ SET) FURIOUS (CCCP Live) CRAZY ASTRONAUT (CCCP Live) Confirmation Movie Furious: WHICKED HAYO (Belgium Live) HISHIRYO (France Live) VIRTUANOISE (Italy, Live) FRAKTOPHON (Belgium Live) PZYKO (Belgium Live) PSYGASUS (Belgium Live) D-THER (Belgium Live) JIMSON (Belgium Dj Set) FOOSE VS LEECH (Belgium Old School Dj Set) 7 stages that will give you the next sounds OldSchool Techno// Techno//Electro//Minimal//House//Hardcore//French Core//Experimental//Psytrance//Dubstep//Dub//Idm//Ambient//Worldmuziek //Reggea//Dancehall Some artist that have already confirmed: SPIRAL TRIBE SOUND SYSTEM NIGHT (Galaxy 01) ALEC EMPIRE (Germany) FUNK'D'VOID (UK) MIKE DRED (UK) HELLFISH (UK) THE KOSMIK KOMMANDO (UK) CEEPHAX ACID CREW (UK) ROTATOR (France) ACID KIRK (Belgium) TRISH VAN DE EYNDE (Belgium), XENTRIX (Belgium) TOM HADES (Belgium) REDHEAD (Belgium) CELTRIC (Belgium) KLAINA (Belgium) MARISKA (Belgium) MASSIMO MEPHISTO (Belgium) KSYS (Belgium) FILIP DP (Belgium) ISHTAR (Belgium) MAIHEM (Belgium) TERROR (Belgium) THE OFFENDERS (Belgium) ELEGANT PERVERTS (Belgium) NO LIMIT PARTY CREW (Belgium) SABATA (Belgium) KHC FAMILY CREW (Belgium) BRIAN KX (Belgium) RALF STORM VS FRESH WARRIOR (Belgium) L-REAK (Belgium) ARNOID (Belgium) SYNCOPE (Belgium) DREAM VS NOCID (Belgium) SEVENUM SIX (Belgium) WIN (Belgium) MUFSON VS TAXIDERMIST (Belgium) TRAND VS NOSE JOB (Belgium) TREETRONE (Belgium) LAWAAIGE BUUR (Holland) RAMONSTER (Holland) SAMOTH (Belgium) Presale PRESALE START @ 15 SEPTEMBER Past year we have been sold out !!! So buy your ticket asap !!! 10 euro for 3 days (first 1000 tickets) SOLD OUT 15 euro for 3 days (1000 tickets) (+ 5 euro eco camping tax at the gate) Online Via Paylogic: https://frontoffice...._of_sale_id=828 Shops In alle FNAC en CARREFOUR shops in Gent, Brussel, Antwerpen, Hasselt,.... http://be.fnacspecta...3-DAYS-TRI1.htm @ Gate Festival Ticket 35 euro Friday 20 euro Saturday 20 euro Sunday 15 euro (+ 5 euro eco camping tax) => ALL STAGES WILL BE COVERED FOR RAIN Groen = Jin = Metal = Spiral Night Stage Wit = Mu = Wood = Hardcore // Breakcore // IDM Paars = Kong = Aether/ Void = Psychedelic Geel = Feng = Air = Rave// Acid Blauw = Shui = Water = Minimal House Rood = Huo = Fire = Techno// Electro Bruin = Tu = Earth = Ambient// Live // Chill Out FUCK THE SUBCULTURE WE ARE ONE CULTURE IF YOU WANT TO HAVE NEWS ABOUT OUR FUTURE PROJECTS PLEASE BECOME MEMBER OF OUR GROUP ON FACEBOOK Venue GOUVY, BELGIUM Movies From Tribes Gathering: Goa View On the Festival: Rave View On Tribes Gathering: After Party on Tribes Gathering
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