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  1. hi:) many moons ago i used to post on these forums...i am selling a large selection of my collection. im located in Melbourne, Australia but will post worldwide. Contact me through Discogs. I wont be checking PM's. Singles = AUD $8 (5euro / 4gbp / 7us) doubles = AUD $15 triples = AUD $20 heres the list... http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=AdzWriot Discount for Bulk Lot. cheers.
  2. i didnt say its on ebay right this minute. but i have seen quite a few copies being sold still factory sealed....i bought my copy factory sealed for 99 cents.
  3. i wouldt say its rare. it is afterall a commercial release. you can pick it up very cheap on ebay...the 'holiday in cambodia' cover is amusing;p
  4. back when you couldnt make that sample fit in to a flat bpm they had to use decimal points.... before timestretching and also when timestretching was not as good as today's...also because it was all hardware apart from the computer sequencer. perhaps somone can give you a broader perspective but that gives you the gist.
  5. i am well aware of The Nommos but do wonder how much he had to do with the actual producing of the tracks... im sure Kode IV has always takin a large part in The Nommos tracks.
  6. Black Sabbath wrote their own music. Goa Gil just plays other peoples music.
  7. today i got - Texas Faggott - Kossi Kuittaa EP yesterday or maybe the day before...i got Shaolin Wooden Men - Trickster EP Psyko Disko - Sikamoto / Khao Pen Khon Laos (thanx ukiro:) LONG LIVE VINYL!!!
  8. AdzOm


    the version on tantrance is about 10 seconds longer...? unfortunately i dont have the 2nd disc with my Tantrance 2 CD cos i lent it to an old friend and he fuckin lost it in his pig stye!
  9. Punk is much more ALIVE in the true spirit of it all than Psychedelic Trance.
  10. as far as i have read the term 'TRANCE DANCE' was being used back then for Full Moon parties etc...in Goa...but i dont think people were calling the music Trance Music as such...
  11. haha i dont have this anymore...but i remember buying it years ago and playing it at a friends house when we were all tripping and the voices were doing peoples heads in
  12. ahh yes thats it! because they released both those tracks on a 12" single
  13. nice one psyko disko album is one of my favourites! i have both the flying rhino and psy harmonics versions on vinyl as well as the cd....psy harmonics has an extra track i think on the vinyl... i also got that germinator album aswell as another germinator album on high society, which at first i didnt like, but listened to it the other day and it is growing on me like a fine moss... just today i received; Pan - Murphy EP - PROMO 12" Various - All Boundaries Are Illusion 3x12" 8]
  14. thanx for the info! and Smooth Mix!
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