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  1. Yeah its cool.. But since I dont have place for it Im just gettin Sound burst - Northmood which is virtually Nord.. also its nice to have Discovery PRO 3 VST and original patches from Nord lead 2 which you load as sysex files into disco..
  2. Yeah but is not as fun as with turntables
  3. Whats wrong with logic? I didnt like the look of it in previous versions but new ones are great..
  4. Axiom 49 is great.. But this little thingy is really portable..
  5. First get Cubase SX 3 than get this, then this, than this and this.. It sure helps a lot, even if u are pro.. Repetition is mother of knowledge..
  6. First Go HERE and it will all be CLEAR.. Second Use Cubase.SX.v3.1.1.944. (H2O of course) No problems.. Windows XP PRO 32 bit.. No crashes.. Ultimate. No comparison.. PRO.. Of course, you will need Adobe Audition 3 with it for audio purposes.. Also no comparison.. Everyone who has worked on most of DAWs will claim it and most of the studios have it beside Pro tools and Logic.. I doubt there is some studio with FL, or Magix Music maker for instance.. Now Im not saying those are bad progs, theyre fun but just not.. PRO
  7. tried fruity, reason, logic, pro tools, ableton, sonar, sequel... but cubase sx 3 is by far most universal.. I mean common, steinberg developed VSTs..
  8. Did someone compare real oscar with imposcar VST like someone did with nord lead and discovery?
  9. U can listen to my new track made for Steinberg Sequel project at MySpace .. Track is made only with Sequel, cause of the rules for competition.. It was nice working with something new and explore possibilities of Sequel Enjoy!
  10. First u get audio cds, than u convert them to mp3 and put on mp3 cd.. And again your collection grows and u have as much as mp3 cds as u had audio cds, so u put them on dvd, then again your collection grows and even a dvd is no good, so u put them on double layer dvd and again u have lots of double layers, u put them on blu rays or a hard drive, man where does this stop? Most funniest thing is if u damage that double layer or dvd or blu ray7hard u will lose uncomparebly larger amounts of data if u would damage your one audio cd, you would still have others but if u damage this only one disc ur in big trouble.. Im just saying that how much is better, that larger mediums, its also riskier in same amount to put your music on to such medium.. I always make backup on dvds, just in case anything goes wrong, you never know when u can scratch your discs..
  11. Just be sure to stay on a weekend.. I also had a "weekend VST mania" and I picked up that VST syndrom, now its almost two years and that VST weekend still didnt pass.. I have more than 20 gigs of VST.. Kinda collecting them..
  12. Knobs are pure Evolver copy but man this looks waay better than evolver and original also.. Stuned.. Does it have those shrooms and sanskrit writings inside like that older version had?
  13. Huge but still smaller than wav and better for exchangeing between producers.. For loops and such
  14. I dont tolerate anything under 192.. If u can, go for 320 check this
  15. Thats not a problem, its same like changing patterns in reason, u have that 8 buttons with A, B, C, D slots below them and that means u can make 8 x 4 different patterns.. Its located on the left of the 303, 808, 909 in rebirth, u cant miss it.. Easier way to switch between the patterns would be pressing record and choosing rebirth tracks for record and than just as the track plays u push patterns in order u wish, rebirth will automatically switch pattern after previous is finished without u need to worry about sync, which means u press the button anywhere in the pattern and after its done it will go into next pattern.. Anyways, its a bit hard for me since I didnt use it for a long time and I can only find 250 x 300 pixel screenshot of a rebirth.. If u dont manage it with theses instructions, grab a screenshot of rebirth and reason with everything open and I will draw it to you.. VSTs I would recommend are ABL 2, Phoscyon, Silverbox, Alien 303, Muon Tau 2.. For 808, 909 I would recommend Neopheton and Drumazon, ADM.. Also check this for some inspiration.. As I can see from a video u should have reason rewired and record patterns in reason on rebirth track in the bottom of the screen where u record everything else, piano rolls and stuff.. But I think theres tracks for recording also in rebirth, probably the guy from a video just hide it so he can have free space on a screen for live performance..
  16. I dont get it.. Why would you wanna use rebirth if u cant automate it? As much as I remember I just pressed record and twiggled the knobs and automated rebirth but in general the sound of it sucks bad so I kicked reason and rebirths but out off my setup.. Why dont u use vsts? No problem with automation and much better sound, in some cases even better than original.. Theres about 5 acid vsts you can choose from.. Also theres better vsts for 808 and 909 emulation parts of rebirth..
  17. With CMX Bitstream 3X great! Only the crossfader is reversed but theres a way to fix that.. Still didnt set it up good with serato. Hope to get it work @ amphiton Yeah but you forgot to write LIVE! I prefer Ableton for live, deckadance fits better for djing.. Live! can be used for djing but thats not what its actually meant for like the full name says, Ableton Live Deckadance= use it with decks for dance.. Its all in the name..
  18. image-line deckadance supports VSTs, timecode records.. I just got serato records and I hope its gona work with deckadance..
  19. Actually we used them on outdoor party for <200 people and it was no problem.. They tried to gain the speakers and I was in charge of supervising the speakers so they dont get damaged, and man was it a hustle.. You know when guys just want to gain and gain and gain, like it will be better if its louder.. But in the end they were OK, suffered a lot but survived.. Woofer would be nice, yeah.. V2 can only be better, I don't doubt at mackie.. Top class
  20. Just added full version of the track , low res
  21. Search no more You can get one of these for the $750 mackie srm450v2 But unfortunately, only one.. They are good for smaller parties, although they are used as monitors in some clubs.. Ive been to one party and when it was closing time, they shut down main speakers and dj turned mackies monitors to the crowd, awesome.. I played on earlier version and the sound is incredibly clear and loud enough..
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