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  1. I think after doing alot of research around and reading the manuals and reviews of various devices and software I think I'm going to go with getting the Korg Electribe emx. I still occasionally wish I had an actuall VA synth instead of my ROMpler Korg TR but it does have pretty nice sounds that can be altered quite a bit. So I think it is deffinately still a good machine. Especially since I do alot of playing at places where i uses a basic piano sound. I appreciate all the feedback you guys have given and I'm deff going to look into checking out some free VSTs and the demos of the nonfree software you guys mentioned. hopefully with alot more reading up and practicing on techniques you guys have posted around here I should be able to create something nice. but thanks alot, i feel like I have alot more resources to work with now than I thought I did.
  2. Yea, I'm completely aware that its mostly issues with me rather than the production process. In music theory I do fine with everything except rhythm. its quite frustrating but I've been working on it alot. I'll look into the midi controller with drum trigger pads. that sounds like it could be something worth checking out. And i try to make little sublte changes in the rhythm to switch things up but I guess i just need more practice with that.
  3. yea I'll give it a try, I found a 30 day trial so I'll be checking that out tonight.
  4. I have Logic express 7. Theres nothing particularly wrong with it, it just doesn't have everything that Logic Pro 8 has.
  5. To an extent that might be right, but not entirely. I just don't want to keep making my bass and drum patterns using the matrix input of logic. I'm sure alot of people do it that way but I haven't found that way very productive. So i was hoping to find I more intuitive way of creating patterns. its like someone who does something impressive in photoshop, Its not any less creative because they used the program to alter the picture instead of manually doing it pixel by pixel. The way I see it, the Matrix input process is like editing a picture pixel by pixel. And Logic is great, except I have Logic express... Logic express is pretty much just a sequencer, it has a nice score editor and it has i think three synths. No drum machine in my version of logic that I could find. But it is pretty nice. It does what its meant to do
  6. http://media.putfile.com/The-Intro-37 http://media.putfile.com/The-Intro-37 =/ These are the only ones i have access to from here. there both old and made just using garageband but you can hear how its just the same thing over and over and over and over.... I have better sounds with the TR now but I still have the same issues of getting stuck in a a repetetive pattern that never endsss... eveerrrr they aren't anywhere near the style I'm aiming for but I'm away from my computer for awhile and these were the only things I could get from online.
  7. The thing about using Logic to sequence the rythm part of the song is that I end up building a nice bass and drum line but it gets VERY repetetive. No fills, no breakdowns, no changes really. I get a drum beat and bass line then add a synth lead. I'll post something when I get to my computer. With logic I have transitional issues. It seems that the EMX would be beneficial in producing a flowing song that changes things up and doesn't just have one beat straight through. and yes, the TR is just a ROMpler. Nothing exciting. It does sound good though so it works for me for now.
  8. yea i agree, I'm just trying to figure out if what I'm looking at is the best choice for what I'm trying to accomplish
  9. Maybe the Korg ER1MKII is more what I'm looking for?? have they been discountinued? Or maybe one of the Roland grooveboxes?? ahh dear... so many choices!!!
  10. I was thinking I could use my Korg TR as the "pretty knob Laden/ fader laden midi controller". my fear is that I wont be able to get the EMX synced with Logic or my TR. And since I'd have two audio sources I'd need to get a mixer... =/ but i guess that was inevitable anyway. but yea, I watched the demos on youtube and loved what I heard. But i'm still concerned that I might have the wrong impression of what the EMX is actually designed to do.
  11. Not yet, I'll give it a try today though. Is there any sequencer you'd suggest to use with them or would Logic be fine? I'm still not sure if an EMX would be more productive in creating complex beats. I like the idea of being able to shape your music with the touch of a button instead of copying and pasting. It just seems like it would be alot faster and open up alot of possibilities. But i could use the EMX to control VST instruments right??
  12. My plan is to add something to my setup that will make the recording process less awkward and the product less cheesy. With my TR and Logic I can get a good idea out but It becomes very repetitive very fast. I was thinking a device like the EMX would help me to be able to move more gracefully through the song. However, I'm not sure if the EMX will completely take the place of logic as a sequencer. Would I still be able to use logic to fine tune my finished project If I used both a EMX and a Korg TR? If I made the EMX, TR, and Logic work together which devices would one set to be slaves and which one masters? Would logic be the master of both the TR and EMX or does the EMX always have to be master? I hope that all made sense... If not thanks in advanced for clearing things up.
  13. Hey, So I'm looking to add something to my setup so i can start recording some Infected Mushroom, Astral Prjection, Phoenix, and really any Goa/ Psytrance stuff. currently I have a korg TR and Logic express on my mac... Nothing too exciting. =/ I was thinking a few things, I could upgrade to Logic Pro I could buy a Korg Electribe EMX I could buy a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Maybe theres something that would be better for me to buy, but given my current setup and what I want to record does any one have any suggestions?? thankss
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