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  1. Nilaia is my favorite AP track They have also some great tracks as SFX Y-Salem Reaching Out Butterfly Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPDic8Q1OQM
  2. This album is better than previous two (Vicious Delicious, IM the Supervisor) and probably best Infected Mushroom album (with Converting Vegetarians II) of new IM era. After years, this one becomes one of my most favorite IM album. It have epic oldschool tracks like Franks, Slowly and "Heavyweight brother" Project 100. Saeed is my favorite track here, never get tired of it Same with Poquito Mas..
  3. If you like CD 2 - The other Side, check out Converting Vegetarians II. After 12 years IM decided to do another experimental freestyle downtempo album http://www.amazon.com/Converting-Vegetarians-II-Infected-Mushroom/dp/B0149QFRIA https://pro.beatport.com/release/converting-vegetarians-ii/1601292
  4. The Messenger 2012 is epic, especially last two minutes! Nation of Wusses, The Rat, Swingish (my favorite track for running) are also very good
  5. Good tracks without vocals? Try Animatronica, Yamakas in Space, The Surgeon, Blue Swan.. I know, you asked about no vocal tracks, there are also Leopold, Mexicali without vocals, but there is one track that i need to mention.. And it is Pink Froid.. It have some vocals, but only few in the beggining. It's very unexpected Pink Floid style of track by Infected. Definitely one of the highlights of the album Same with Stuck in a Loop..
  6. The other side from first Converting Vegetarians is one of my favorite cd's! Outside this album there are also epic tracks like Dancing with Kadafi, The Messenger, Stretched, Heavyweight or Project 100.. So i was pretty excited when Erez and Duvdev announced another freestyle album like the other side Now after 5 months i love it. Listening to it almost every week since September and it's still growing on me My favorite tracks right now are Animatronica, Yamakas in Space, Blue Swan 5, Stuck in a Loop and Pink Froid.. Production on CV2 is flawless! It deserves to be listened in good qua
  7. Aninatronica, Pink Froid, Blue Swan 5, Stuck in a Loop and the Surgeon are my current favorites..
  8. It is indeed! The other side from Converting Vegetarians is still one of my favorite albums :-) They are working on psytrance ep which will come out later this year. Track in the video is from that ep, sounds promising!
  9. Converting Vegetarians 2 album is coming next month! http://www.amazon.com/Converting-Vegetarians-II-Infected-Mushroom/dp/B0149QFRIA/
  10. Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom remix) https://youtu.be/EIfkdz8FImA
  11. http://mindfullrecords.bandcamp.com/track/2037-lostbahnhof
  12. Short video from today's oldschool set! http://youtu.be/CJYICIIfW1M
  13. Good topic, many great tracks here! This one is also not much known, dark one Scotch or this one I like a lot Infected tracks between B.P. Empire and Converting Vegetarians. Like Red Filter, Dainai, Anyone else but me.. Most of them probably FACING, especially the last 3 minutes! :-) Here is another from that era, called Eva Dawn Lo ra sounds like Converting Vegetarians CD 2 the Other side (one of my most favorite albums with B.P.Empire)Elation Station, Avratz, Pletzturra, Jeenge, Elevation..
  14. Everyone here talking about the Gathering or Classical Mushroom. What about B.P.Empire it's also great album! Btw Infected have a lot of great compilations tracks, between their first albums. How you like this or One of my favorites..
  15. http://omvedarecords.bandcamp.com/track/dragon-and-ghreg-on-earth-quicksilver
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