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  1. I am a Freak best track on the album for me ... Ending this track is absollutely awesome. I love it ... I am a freak I am unique. This is fucking true beacuse I am a freak I am unique :clapping:
  2. IM are my favorite band too I like all their tracks... From The Gathering to latest (Saeed). Yes they change their sound, all albums is different, last one is more different , but i like the change! Cant wait for the new album
  3. mike.54

    V/A - Breathe

    The Midnight Fire is killer!!
  4. Psyfactor - Aries Madness Para Halu on The Patch - Wide Range VA - The Void Disintegration
  5. amazing album !! one of the best last year for me
  6. Para Halu on The Patch - Wide Range http://www.discogs.com/release/1214078 Amazing psytrance!! and Alien Mental - Mind Hack VA - The Void Disintegration
  7. i like it,for me is best 07album i am big IM fan i have only cca 10 psy albums this year and VD is my fav
  8. Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious
  9. Haha i am glad i amused you, but i also feel ashamed. Because i made post withut enlish knowledge at the time. Now it's waaay better i promise
  10. 1200 Micrograms - Magic Numbers 2007 http://www.discogs.com/image/R-150-985100-1180901457.jpeg 1 The Magic Numbers Theme (4:07) 2 Numberstruck (6:07) 3 Let's Get This Party Started (6:32) 4 God Of Rock (6:40) 5 This Is A Joint (6:56) 6 Double Helix (6:19) 7 Numbers Are Alive (24:51) The oldest albums are better....
  11. My favorite dark psychedelic album...
  12. i like Electrypnose┬┤s album Sublimal Melancholies and his melancholy track in VA MAgical Journey... CD 1 is very hard dark psy for me CD2 is nice Negative G is my fav
  13. wow one of my fav cds of this year
  14. Sorry my english and translator was terrible years ago
  15. It's my favourite album of this year.
  16. Previous albums were fantastic. And this album is also good only different. Tracks like Vicious Delicious, Suliman, Change the formality are awesome!!
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