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  1. Finally! Ordered mine today from Arabescue distribution bandcamp It includes download in all digital formats and unlimited streaming
  2. Original Demons of Pain is nice song with beautifull lyrics. This is Infected remix version for this album.
  3. Nutmeg is awesome!! Middle part sounds like a heaven for my ears Really strong track from beggining to the end.. Btw the tittle track Return to the Sauce is out there if you pre order on iTunes!
  4. I'm also looking forward to this album It comes out next week! 27.1 on HoMmega
  5. https://soundcloud.com/hommega-official/gravity-waves-2017 https://soundcloud.com/hommega-official/milosh What do you guys think? Looks like they are back on psy! Edit: Album is out! https://arabdigitalhommegaproductions.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-the-sauce
  6. Nice! I was waiting for this album for years Thank you for this release Ghreg and good luck with the label! I like the album, it have special and unique atmosphere. And the unreleased tracks in usb extras folder are very interesting! It's nice to finally have track Velcro Nuevo which i know from khove soundcloud for years
  7. They're going back to psytrance roots. Here is latest single from upcoming album!
  8. Nutmeg https://www.beatport.com/release/nutmeg/1847878
  9. Check out this guy. He made some great piano covers! Youtube playlist of all his Infected Mushroom covers (35)
  10. Combustion is fantastic! It was also one of my first psytrance albums There are some Infected Mushroom tracks with guitars. Their most heavy guitars album is Legend of the Black Shawarma. Some nice guitars are also in Converting Vegetarians Cd 2 - the other side but in more chill out style like this one
  11. mike.54

    VA - Magnet

    Funky Monkey is my 2th favorite here
  12. My favorite track here is Chapel Perilous. Really special atmosphere in it!
  13. Serpentine Apotheosis is monster! http://beatspace.bandcamp.com/track/ghreg-on-earth-serpentine-apotheosis-shaman-films-records http://beatspace.com/2758/Shaman+Films+Records/Various/AH+PUCH+Lord+of+the+9th+Demension/detail.aspx
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