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  1. I don't know, some big house DJs? I saw Digweed once. He was really good. He did far more that push play and beat mix thou. Don't think many DJs out there are quite on par with his skillz, especially in our little scene What goes for 'reading the crowd'. Um yeah, I bet most (psy) DJs decide 95% what they play (latest UNRLSD KILLLLAAR) way before their gig and just bring in their collection for show. Tell me it isn't so?
  2. I never understood how some DJs get so much money for a set. FFS they're just playing music others created. It's not that hard to beat mix or whatevargh.. creating music, now that's another story.
  3. I've got the Sörkkä Sonic album somewhere at my parents' place. Haven't seen it in years but I'm sure it's there. If I ever find it I let you know It's not actually mine, but a friend's but since it's been like more than half a decade since I saw this friend I reckon it's mine now
  4. Unrespect! No really, I don't give a flying fuck Goa Gil & Raja Ram, counting money in a tree..
  5. Do you have the Sörkkäsonic album?
  6. think psychedelic... ? Think gay tasteless Apple commercial.. Where's the old pietrance?
  7. your profile pic is suckre low fi

  8. I reckon the old Infected is pretty crap too in general.. that music just didn't stand the test of time.
  9. I think he played this tune during his Shpongle DJ set in Finland a while back Actually right in between Shpongle DJ and Hallucinogen Live :posford:
  10. leaked to the net! :posford: not really beh I want to hear it already
  11. traveller


    Haha that cover and all the conversation it sparked Yeee baby I'm lerger then life! Oo yeah babyy..
  12. *keeping fingers crossed and praying that the computer gods are willing
  13. Firmware update gone wrong?
  14. Is the track that got me into pietrance
  15. What, you never fell in love with an album? I happen to be a Haldolium fanatic.. what they do can't be wrong. It's the same with Simon Also the album happens to be fucking fantastic! :posford:
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