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  1. Now playing for the very first time ever. No comments yet..
  2. Honestly over 95% of things that were released.. art my ass
  3. yb prometheus d-nox & beckers haldolium maybe I edit later. Didn't care about pie too much this year.. emo rock ftw
  4. I wish they'd release vocal mixes of all the tracks
  5. That Kukan Dub Lagan album is pants. No talent whatsoever behind it.. IMO
  6. There's this old saying "Niin metsä vastaa kuin sinne huudetaan." "The forest answers like it's yelled at." like you know.. echo But of course it means more like "be nice -> people are nice to you" ..or more generally "you do stuff -> stuff reacts to it" So perhaps you can now "get" the name of the album better
  7. http://www.myspace.com/varttina God damn it sounds good 4 real.. forgot how good they were. Especially live
  8. I mean WTF? Is that 4 real photoshopped belly
  9. 3) You listen to music in surround system if the music is mixed for a surround system.
  10. 2 minutes and 20 seconds and my 1st listening experience will start :posford: there's a torrent out there eh.. I'm so buying it but I can't wait for the physical media.. 1 minute 17 seconds OMGOMGOMG
  11. Mediocre release imo 7/10 Deleted the mp3s and not going to buy the album :drama:
  12. Says the new chairman of psynews members with bad taste club
  13. The kind that isn't boring I find all that sound scape stuff rather numbing. Like I find myself thinking "fuck why doesn't anything happen, can't the next tune start already..".. and that's not relaxing at all.. :wank: On the other hand I can enjoy very minimal music..uh there's a paradox here
  14. Maybe, because they're the ones who created the music in the first place Actors, directors, etc. = the artist The guy at the film theater who sits at back and 'plays the film' = the dj
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