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    V/A - Floatation

    I got this cd a few months ago.. and i was expecting so much out of it, but.. IT'S BORING.. it's only that athmospheric sh*t.. just like: twelve, wabi, etc.. If you have one of those albums and you don't like them don't get this one..
  2. Is that cover taken from a f**king scooter album or something? I was thinking about buing this album. Well im not going to buy it now. I mean damn, look at that cover, that f*cking sucks. However.. STOP CRITISIZING HOM-MEGA.. Life Is = One of the very best complication known to man
  3. traveller

    V/A - Life Is

    OMG YOU MISSED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG ON THIS COMPL.. it's the space cat & elysium song with out any doubt.. ps. at first i downloaded this compl from audiogalaxy.. and then bought it from a store.. that's how good cd it is
  4. better than shpongle.. well it depend's of my mood.. BGM bloody good music
  5. The first track is extremly sweet.. if i wouldn't know who made it i would say infected mushroom.. one of their very best tracks.. but it's made by alien project.. i like the beginning of the doof track: that thing where the lady is talking and suddenly it switches to the telephone sound.. my "unfavorite" has to be the shpongle track.. the first 4 minutes are so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.. and then it changes into "hallucinogen crap".. honestly can any1 say when the sound is flute and when it's a girl singing??
  6. this cd is only 60 minutes long :-( It's much better than backroom beats, but it's not too psychedelic :-(.. it's a leap to the right direction
  7. traveller

    V/A - Wabi

    A week ago I got this cd and though it really sucked.. I gave it another try while i was trying to get some sleep.. I fell asleep in the middle of the trak 2.. I woke up somewhere around 5&6.. I think the first tracks are too chilled, but once you get to the later tracks they are good, specially if you just listen to them and don't think of anything
  8. I didn't know a cd that can compete with shpongles production exists.. i have heard a few track now and this is sweet sweet sweet.. u just gotta give the songs a little time
  9. traveller

    V/A - Kumharas

    This cd was my first touch on electronic music.. after this i just freaked uot on electronic music.. well that happened quite a few years ago.. but i still think that the messenger is one of the best tracks ever..
  10. Shulman - Soundscapes And Modern Tales Artist: Shulman Title: Soundscapes And Modern Tales Label: Shaffel Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 11'19" Small Grey Creatures 02. 03'00" New Paradigm 03. 10'48" First Came The Stars 04. 07'40" Take A Walk Outside 05. 10'09" Elements 06. 11'33" Avant Garden 07. 06'26" Fromage 08. 06'23" Shiogo 09. 04'01" Aion Review: Okay, this is my first "real" review ever so go easy on me. T1. Small Grey Creatures. The track aka song starts out with some dude telling stuff about UFOs that crashed in the northern Germany near the Baltic sea. The commentary goes on for about 1 minute, after that some strings join the play. After that some weird singing, that somehow reminds me from Waterjuice. The song actually sounds quite promising, even little psychedelic. Hypnotic pattern repeating, repeating, repeating, you get the point? At 03.30 I suddenly notice that there's also a chilled beat on the "background" and wonder when it came into the pattern. At five minutes there's a little chilling part that lasts until 06.30, this is a great time to fill your lungs with air, you might forget to do it later. Now on you have to concentrate on the music, just close your eyes, don't think, just listen to the "flow". At 08.00 the strings are BACK. Suddenly the song ends =(. T2. New Paradigm. IMHO this is an intro for the next song. It doesn't have any beats, just some looooooooong waves and effects. T3. First Came The Stars. Are they horns? Well anyways something like that starts out this masterpiece, after that a nice Raja Ramish flute joins the game. At 01.30 you might think that you are in India, although this only happens if certain chemicals are involved. The beat has some Violet Visionish influences, the Flute is still Rajaish. What a great mixture =). At 05.00 there's one of those brakes again just fot the purpose that Yaniv Shulman brilliantly builds the song back to perfection. The beat, bassline, weird stuff it just builds up brilliantly. We are starting to get some new instruments.. at 08.00 it's still building, and then suddenly. Am I in Shpongle Land? A nice solo joins the game and this is absolutely one of the album's highlights for me. I could imagine myself as being somekind of "Shrek" thing just chilling around Blobbish yellyish things, having the best time ever eating candy =). It's hard to explain. =) T4. Take A Walk Outside. Atfirst this song was a little bit hard for me to get into and so I decided to Take A Walk Outside, while listening this track through. I braved the forces of the nature and made a 10 minute walk in the blizzard. This song sort of stands out from this album, it's somehow more aggressive, more raw and predictable. The samples remind me of Violet Vision. Actually this track reminds me from "VIolet Vision Style", you know, the drum 'n bassish feeling.. Well this is also one of the highlights for me. T5. Elements. This song can also be found in the Hommega - Life Is compilation and I had already heard it like 100 times. I was hoping that this would be like a remix or something, but it wasn't. It's the exact same track, well maybe the end is a little different so that it mixes better with T6. A lot of people might think this as the best track of the album. It's tribal, hypnotic, really nice but I have just heard it way too many times. T6. Avant Garden. This is not really an ambient song. It's an ambient track, cause it has some BPMs. It also has some sort of Opera singing that blends really well with the other "instruments". The build up process can also be found in this track. This time the beats are Simon Posfordish. The BPMs sort of sneak up and suddenly they just are there. I'm starting to repeat myself, but this is a highlight again =). T7. Fromage. I don't know what fromage means, in the case that it actually means something of course. The song starts with some synths and wind. The beat and the bass arrive on 00.30. Then the weirdo singing stuff. A small break, more complicated beat, and the songs goes on. The Raja flute is BACK =), and no It went away =(. At 03.20 the evil BPMs enter (Go Away U SOB). No good without evil, no evil without good: the flute is BACK =). Suddenly it's all over. T8. Shiogo. Some will love it, some will hate it. This is one of those Interchill style songs. No beats, nothing radical, just a flow. I'm not a great fan of this sort of music, but this is okay though. Perhaps this is the Soundscape of this album. T9. Aion. aka "sort of outro" ("aion = i will" in finnish). I don't really know what this is. Perhaps Shulman took all the remaining things and arrenged them together. This could be a great song, too bad it only lasts 4 minutes. BOTTOM LINE: Psyshop called this album the "Israeli answer to Shpongle". And a lot of you people probably want to know if this is "better" than Shpongle. Well, it's not better, but it's not worse either." I'm glad I got it.
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