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  1. Has St. Simon released anything during the last couple of months? What's to come? A new Shpongle at least, right?
  2. come 15th of Dec. I haven's smoked a cigarette in 3 weeks. I think this is it, the end.

  3. Flights to London [x] Tickets to concert [x] Waking up the morning after and realising that you don't remember shit from last night [x] Fuck you alcohol
  4. Uh, I didn't get any emails.. *feels left out Could someone maybe pm me?
  5. Well that kind of sucks.. Now what am I going to do when there's nothing to do? William blake said; Nothing is lost. Nothing is lost. And I, I really believe that. That we all move on.. Baaah, now I'll cry my eyes out :drama:
  6. So, uh.. what's the deal with no offtopic? Has some decision been made? No more offtopic??
  7. außerordentlich und ausgezeichnet
  8. the delta, extrawelt, probably new x-dream too soon(ish).. this is the best tech(no) year evargh! yaaarrr
  9. Surely you're not talking about that raped swamp thing?
  10. Listened to this the other day after a long long break. Still fresh, still amazing. 10/10 release for sure!
  11. I'm pretty sure I saw you and maybe Mars as well at the front dancing with some girls.. I was sitting slightly behind with one other guy and a girl..
  12. I don't know. Maybe I didn't catch you from the beginning. I do remember the visuals saying "OOOD". Was def not ambient playing at that time. I just remember thinking that this is nothing like the OOOD I've heard (and enjoyed) before. Not the end of the world. I remember being so disappointed that I made a mental note to whine about it in the internet.. sorry. Glad to hear about new bookings
  13. Not the best ever, but at the same time certainly not the worst either. It was all-in-all actually very good. Location could have been nicer (very much prefer nature over camping sites with cars, scooters and old people all around). There was some seriously good music. Klopfgeister (spiderpig, spiderpiiiig.. lalalalalala ) and Prometheus and Hallucinogen at main, and for sure Asura at chill. Way to go! There was a definite correlation (minus some anomalies) at main with the amount of daylight and quality of music. Days = good, Nights = rubbish I liked the crowd. The atmosphere was nicey nice. ..also food was overpriced and crap. Same with booze (the price part). But it's okay, after all there was a supermarket nearby edit. huh I look so whiney. Really I had a great time :posford: Great time even thou I fell asleep just as Ott started. Woke up to people dancing to YB (or maybe Shpongle), actually I made a point of sleeping really close to the stage so I'd have my personal crowd alarm clock. Turned out I was way too tired. So I just slept right there. No comments on the music which was played that night edited again for less future drama :drama:
  14. It's gonna be schweeet Come 21st.. :posford: e. aww crap I just realized I'm going to miss the beginning of the festival. If it's Simona Posfordian I'm going to cry my eyes out
  15. Label: Twisted Format: 320 mp3 Source: twisteddownloads.com Tracklist: 1. Dorset Perception (Deep Dive Corp Remix) 6:24 2. Dorset Perception (Gaudi Remix) 8:12 3. Dorset Perception (Lo-Step Balearic Breaks Re-Edit) 7:49 4. Periscopes of Consciousness (Greg Hunter Edit) 5:26 5. A New Way To Say Hooray (Greg Hunter Remix) 5:48 6. Dorset Perception (Brothomstates Remix) 7:31 I pretty much creamed my pants when I noticed this one at twisted downloads website. I reckon most of these tracks were supposed to be on Shpongle Remixed, but for reasons unknown they didn’t make it. So, lot’s of Dorset Perception, another one from Tales and one track from the latest album. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d want to hear some remixes to Are You Shpongled material, but yeah.. Deep Dive Corporation’s remix is quite chilled. Nothing unexpected I reckon. It’s Shpongle in their style. The only thing is that this tune is not Dorset Perception, but Once Upon the Sea Of Blissful Awareness. Nice one twisted.. Gaudi on the other hand goes more electro tribal. This time it’s Dorset Perception. That guitar(ish instrument thing) we all love has been replaced by this bass(ish) thing. Non-theatrical Juno Reactorish sound here.. kind of. I like it. Most of us have probably heard the Lo-Step one. It’s pretty much exactly like the original, only there are more breaks/drums/stuff on top the whole thing. I reckon I could have made this one even myself.. Greg Hunter delivers a slightly darker version of POC. No wonder they called it edit instead of a remix thou. It’s not that different to the original.. Hunter’s second attempt offers more. From the first second on you’ll know that you’re up for something different. I’m not so sure this really is A New Way To Say Hooray, but who cares. There’s quite Indian vibe to this.. And then an offering from Brothomstates. The sound is very Warp recordish and I cannot recognize this one as Dorset Perception or any other Shpongle tune for that matter but either way it’s quite cool tune to dig into. Rough around the edges, but still worth my 5,72€ for sure..
  16. Label: Twisted Format: 320 mp3 Source: twisteddownloads.com Tracklist: 1. All I Want (Cicada Remix) 9:12 2. All I Want (Cicada Instrumental Remix) 9:12 3. All I Want (Plimsole Instrumental Remix) 6:42 Pretty much my favourite song on "Last Days of Gravity". Hadn't heard of Cicada before. I'm guessing it's the same guys than here. Maybe not? Plimsole is someone close to Twisted. I'm guessing it's either Prometheus or Tristan, probably Prometheus, but it really doesn't matter, does it? The Cidada remixes take the song to more straightforward mainstream groove. It's all good. Plimsole's remix isn't really instrumental since the vocals are still very much there. It's more warp like electro weird warp sound stuff, but in the end not that experimental like that warp records stuff is. I really don't know what I'm talking about.. Bottom line: It costed 3.18€ ..very much worth it I reckon. It'll be part of my Summer 2008 soundtrack edit. sorry kind of fucked up the title..
  17. So I made an order and got an email that my account was successfully charged, but I still see no link to download e.got it now
  18. Shpongle - Unreleased Remixes OH MY
  19. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia Hallucinogen - Twisted Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger X-Dream - Trip To Trancesylvania X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness The Delta - Scizoeffective The Delta - Send In Send Back Midimiliz - Non Standards :drama:
  20. http://www.accessallareas.org >events >party & event listings search "shpongle" :posford: ..I hope it's the right party
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