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  1. Artist : BLISARGON DEMOGORGON (Macedonia) Title : "Book of Magic" Format : CD digipack Cat. n° : IME 011 Barcode : 9120014351279 Release : 22 February 2007 Mastered By : Tim Schuldt/4CN (Germany) Worldwide Distribution : wirikuta.at Web : inpsyde-media.com ____________________________________________ **** THE LONG AWAITED DEBUT ALBUM **** Decades have passed, the world moves on blanketed by delusions and false imagery. Do you belong here? Entrapped and suffocated in these chapters, your mind will kick, scream and manifest the insanity that has been lying dormant within you. Your thoughts are bound to wander and rearrange themselves in chaotic symmetry so that you fully soak in the eternal truth about the world that does exist beyond your perceptions of sight and sound. On the hidden sides of all ancient doctrines, behind all the darkness and strange rituals of all magical initiations, under the seals of the most holy manuscripts, upon the fragile crumbling stones of old temples and shrines and in the mystical paintings and works of art which interpret the "invisible force" to the faithful, in the cryptic emblems of this old book on alchemy, in the ceremonial practices at receptions by all secret societies, there are indications of a doctrine which is omnipresent and is carefully concealed in ambush, just waiting to accentuate reality. This doctrine is that of Magic -- the highest science and the most splendid art. By no means think of this as a game -- wise men elate and drop everyday for the use and abuse of this arcane science. Dare to risk the insanity in these chapters? Blisargon demogorgon info : Blisargon Demogorgon's real name is Valentino Trencev and he's originally from Macedonia, born in the year of 1982 in the capital city Skopje. His perfomance nick as DJ is Montezuma and he got involved within the trance scene at the age of 16. He went on some trance parties but at the age of 18 he started to perform and play at private parties in Skopje. Naturally, after a few years he started to make his own parties as well. Montezuma has performed on parties with big names like Digital Talk, Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Kluster, Azax Syndrom, Miraculix, Shane Gobi, Dark Soho and many others. In the year of 1999 Valentino started to produce his own tracks, and he started out with Fruityloops. Valentino didn't seem to find the right power in order to express what was going on in his mind, and turned his seights to Mod plug tracker, Cubase and finally established a great connection with the combination Logic/Cubase. Valentino's first track got released on Nabi records and also after he released few tracks on labels like Stone age, Acidance, Manic dragon, Kagdila, Peak, Golden dawn, Ketuh, Doof, Plutonic, Pixan, Alkaloid, Digital psionics, Psyshark,Hypnotica and Bhooteshwara records. The music that streams out of this project is generally very dark and powerful, with a lot of rhytms and loaded with atmospheres. Tracklist : 01.Samara is back 146 02.Toxic soul 148 03.Legend of the past 150 04.Shadows on the road 152 05.Book of magic 154 06.Fear of hell 152 07.Illusion of death 150 08.Black Zodiac 148 09.Magical Portal 146 ____________________________________________ Upcoming release scheduled : Ime 012 PARANOIZE (Isr) "In the lab" CD www.inpsyde-media.com Trance Mission Worldwide
  2. V/A "Hate" Golden Dawn Records (God 002) ____________________________________________ Tracklist : M.W.S. (Austria) - Hexenhammer CANDY POWER (Russia) - Terminator QUASAR (Usa) - Oliphant ALIEN MENTAL (Usa) - Nukem PHOBIUM (Norway) - 8 bit future ALIENATION vs M.I.T. (Greece) - Robo terrorist SILENT HORROR (India) - Nocturnal wizard PEACESPECT vs DEJAN vs HISHIRYO (Swe/Fra) - Fort europa SAVAGE SCREAM (Japan) - Acid clown After the great response of the first "Dreams like desert" compilation, the sinister GOLDEN DAWN RECORDS presents another piece of innovative psychedelic trance release for nightime, including nine unreleased tracks of worldwide respected and innovative composers. This release is available in 500 handnumbered copies worldwide. No more repress. Not for Mp3/traders or Cd-r followers ! Not for sun lovers ! For True open minded listeners and ancetral dancers only. Not available in all usual online shops. Underground spirit release here. Available here only : Beatspace.com http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=2423 Wirikuta.at http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=99715
  3. Artist : DERANGO (Swe) Title : "Tumult" Format : CD digipack Cat. n° : IME 010 Barcode : 9120014350524 Release : early October 2005 Mastered By : Lawrence Hoffman aka CHROMATONE (Usa) ____________________________________________ First of all this is not dark music! Are you still there? Derango's debut album is pure twisted psychedelic forest trance from Sweden. Mysterious atmospheres give way to corrosive noise spasms, assembled to powerful bouncy kick & bass combinations with percussive dirges, tribal feel, melodius distortion and occasional hints of obscurity. It is all there, solidly composed and arranged displaying indisputable craftsmanship. Music of a shadowy, majestic ancient nature; an entire soundtrack to forbidden acid pagan rituals that invoke the elder gods of creation and all sort of holy/unholy allegiances. "Tumult" definitely stands out among other current releases and is a must-listen for anyone into fast new groundbreaking full psychedelic trance,or anyone just looking for something different. Tracklist : 1. Deranged 2. Confusion is next 3. Made out of Vapour 4. Masterdamnit 5. All channels open 6. The poisonous square 7. Lost Theory 8. Fnatt 9. We’re all mad here (Rmx) ____________________________________________ Upcoming release scheduled : Ime 009 NOCTURNA "Cronik" CD Ime 011 V/A "Deathlike dance" compilation Ime 013 PARANOIZE (Isr) debut album Thanks for your attention and interest in Inpsyde Media. Distribution worldwide : wirikuta.at Online sales : beatspace.com ********************************* www.inpsyde-media.com Trance Mission Worldwide
  4. Artist : V/A Title : "Dreams like deserts" Format : CD (limited to 500 copies worldwide) Label : Golden Dawn Records Cat n° : God 001 Tracklist : 1.PARANOIZE (Israel) – Long Time no See 2.DOMINATOR (Russia) – New Generation 3.WIZARD LIZARD (Israel) – Nightmare rmx 4.BLISDRAGON DEMOGORGON (Macedonia) – Programing Concentration 5.N3XU5 (Portugal) – Cybergothic 6.PSYCHOTIC MICRO (Israel) – Imorality 7. SUNGIRL (Russia) – Inoy 8. KEMIC-AL (Malta) – Sophisticated Vampires 9.CLAW vs PARANOIZE (Cyprus-Israel) – Lochnes File under : Night full psychedelic trance This is the first GOLDEN DAWN RECORDS release truly dedicated to the modern underground darkpsy movement. This release is available in 500 handnumbered copies worldiwde only Not for Mp3/traders or CDr lovers ! If you are a real quality music collector reserve your original copy today : It will be available online exclusively : http://www.beatspace.com http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=1966 http://www.wirikuta.at http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=78851 ---------------------------- www.goldendawn-records label@goldendawn-records.com
  5. This is a piece of worlwide trance history. For this reason it will be re-released in 2002. No one could miss it ! Inpsyde Media / Blueroom 2002
  6. Although the inlay designs and concept looks pretty commercial (something like WARP releases) the music is definitively MASSIVE !!! A high quality production with great ideas and killer songs arranged by talented minds ! Buy this release without thinking two times !
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