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  1. here you can find a derango sideproject: http://www.myspace.com/nilsgoranerixonduo and here is one of mine: http://www.myspace.com/stellarinkpony =)
  2. really looking forward to antaris aswell! never been there before, but heard much good stuff about the vibe going on there...
  3. the new Procs homepage is up on the adress: http://www.procs.se/ please update your links! all the best Micke
  4. =) happy to hear! another tip would also be to check out derangos other project, nils göran erixon duo... as always when any of jens and ola is involved it is something truly special! http://www.myspace.com/nilsgoranerixonduo /Micke
  5. hello =) well.. not many chilltracks released by me. .. perhaps a full length in the future =) but not right NOW now ....but, for sure in the future! the idea is there, just the time that is taking ..hmm.. time... here you can hear some clips for now at least: http://www.myspace.com/stellarinkpony hope you like it! /Micke
  6. and it is those two dudes who is behind yggdrasil meeo and paul harbor
  7. just to give you some more weeks to listen..hehe dont think these ones were mentioned before so: scozbor - mountain lord ubar tmar - true process - one drop or two va - free as (edgecore)
  8. Thanks for the review. A really nice compilation. thanks alot to Mouka also. I can promise you more aces up my sleeve.. just holding on to some stuff to unleash it upon you in a not to far away future. If you can´t wait try to catch my live some day!
  9. offtopic. ok.. sorry then. just get frustrated with seeing sexist., rasist and such comments everywhere without people reacting.. maybe overreacted abit... just got irritated when I saw the smiley after your comment looking like "oh my god" or something, just misunderstood what you ment then..
  10. that was the dumbest thing I´ve ever heard.. even if it was a joke you should really think about what your attitude is about your fellow human beings on this earth.. what trance need is openminded people...
  11. If I am not mistaken this is just The delta - send in send back.. their second album.
  12. Procs

    v/a - Mechanophobia

    really happy to hear you liked my track. This is a more recent track than the album that you are talking about. The album was some sort of compilation from my work of the last 5 years, and the new track big fat large snoring lamas reflects more the kind of work that I am into right now. thanks mouka for making this compilation!!
  13. oh.. me myself + mike patton + acid mothers temple
  14. one of the best albums ever!!!!
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