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  1. Finally i tested some tracks on the dancefloor. "The queen of the dead" and "Cerberus" - back2back works properly - everybody's dancing like cracy
  2. Talpa - Art Of being Non Talpa - When the Somberness Becomes a Game Artifakt - Artifakts Artifakt - Artifakts II Artifakt - The Magus Principles Of Flight - Chaos Opera i consider these to be GOOD modern Psytrance
  3. The last classic book i read was Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina". I read it in three days - though usually i read quite slowly - but this one was so interesting and the ending "the suicide scene" was so intense and brutal - i was shocked the way Tolstoy described it - so 10/10 for this. But actually i'm more into sci-fi. Now reading Asimov's "Foundation" - liking it very much. Concerning ancient books - i spent last year reading various buddhist texts.
  4. Zybex - Surreal Energy ESP - Electric Space Phenomenon ESP - Sensory Overload Deeper in Zen - Silence
  5. Leeeeeeeeroy is da best! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqvK6xaik_k
  6. Orbital - Omen that deep voice stuck in my head
  7. i haven't listened to this for almost 8 years - happy to find it again
  8. i like it - their mash-up technique is awesome - blending three different tracks in one with adding new melodies and samples sounds crazy and spectacular at the same time. :posford:
  9. yerg


    I'll watch it for sure - Lynch is a real deal.
  10. Just post a list of albums you consider to be essentials. What is the point telling us that we are somewhat limited in tastes or somethn'. This is a mutual development of members who are interested. I never thought of kraut-rock to be an essential. no offense.
  11. you must be kidding? this whole topic is one big essential collection for any fan of electronica ...and why no d'n'b? Goldie - Timeless - is one of the greatest releases of the scene Photek - Solaris - not all d'n'b but some pretty wicked tunes in there Ed Rush - Torque - puts your head off and plays soccer with it and don't forget about LTJ Bukem - his Progression Sessions are fantastic
  12. Is there any big fan or somebody who knows Eno's music well to recommend the best of his works? As i know he is a father of ambient - but i heard one of his albums (neroli) and it was so unmusical - i really couldn't listen to it. So is there anything really special, catchy and intruiguing or is his music "invisible" all the way?
  13. It was harder than i thought. I chose OTHER - because i like all of them equally and i think it would be easier to put this poll in a way "Your not so favourite style" (and i would say it's DARK - the only kind i am very picky about). edit: always thought polls with many points should have multiple choices, no?
  14. i found this full O. Lieb discography http://www.tursa.franken.de/OliverLieb_discog.html it is really interesting what a huge work this man has done
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