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  1. Pleiadians - Alcyone (from A Taste Of Dragonfly comp.) :drama: I must say this track RULEZ (imho)
  2. cheese cheese cheese===money money money :wank: :posford: :clapping:
  3. Ricky M - Bongladesh since i heard it - always love this tune :drama:
  4. Haven't heard much from 2007 - and i don't think i lost much Those albums that i own and i like very much are: 1-Space Tribe - Kaleidoscopic Vision 2-Deeper In Zen - Silence 3-Various - Pure Planet 2 + just a track (but i like it so much too) - Ricky M - Bongladesh
  5. yerg

    one name.

    KoxBox/Saikopod - are the first for me :posford: I know i can't do this here (in this topic) but i have tosay it - the second one is JUNO REACTOR :drama:
  6. Well, this is cruel. I am not a big fan of dark-forest-psy, but... when i want all my agressive feelings blow out i dance to "Sanatonic audio"... then i fall breathless... and exhausted on my couch... turn on CBL-World of sleepers... and sleep...
  7. Fucking evolution/ Everything changes/ Even Pleiadians/ This album is total crap (well except of track 2)
  8. Oh believe me this album has energy I really like suomi and i can surely say this is one of the best suomisaundi albums of the previous years. Endless number of sounds, effects and different kinds of drums. And i don't care if the tracks are shorter or longer - that doesn't matter at all. The Artwork is Fantastic, too/
  9. GOT A QUESTION/ What's that 12th (HIDDEN--UNTITLED) track The beginning is really noisy - but then... maybe some info? pls
  10. Thankyou Abasio for this review I wouldn't know about it anyway, i'm not a big fan of chill albums) - but this one is BREATHTAKING The atmospheres the beats the words - everything everything is soooooooooooo nice Thankyou once more/
  11. yerg

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    KoxBox is an exceptional project. Their music influenced all my life since i was 11. My first ever trance tape was their Forever After album... and my mind opened. From there i began to gather more and more music in the same direction. Of course i found Astral Projection - but who didn't? Anyway i now listen to this piece and i find it very enjoyable. FrankE and IanIon didn't lose the feeling - they moved even further. U-Turn now is one of my 10 favourite albums of all. Each and every track is ACE.
  12. This album is so BAD that everyone wants to say that
  13. This album is simply amazing. So many cool and different ideas. Best track is BLUES LIKE ME Others are fun tracks to listen too. Not a usual album definately/
  14. I started listening to it... really But i couldn't get it at all... I appreciated all previous Infected albums but this one really stands out for me as the most horrible. This change of direction may be another experiment for IM. Maybe it's temporarily. Maybe forever... Anyway i didn't feel anything - yes it's full of many different noises but it's empty with all that useful content which had their previous albums.
  15. Artist: Aerospace Album: Earth Label: MIDIJUM Records Catalog#: MD CD 027 Format: CD Country: Germany Released: 08 Feb 2006 1 Aerospace - Earth (9:13) 2 Aerospace - The Future is Here (7:53) 3 Aerospace - Jellys (7:44) 4 Aerospace - Space Odyssey (9:22) 5 Aerospace & Yotopia - Corrupted (Remix) (7:23) 6 Aerospace - Minority (7:41) 7 Aerospace - Wanna Run (7:13) 8 Aerospace - Wind (8:57) 9 Aerospace - Raggadun Style (4:07) This is one of the best progressive/psychedelic trance albums of 2006. This year's another great release was "Flugbegleiter - Pilotfilm". But now about Aerospace or Guy Youngman or DJ GuyShanti's album "Earth". But i'm not going to describe each and every track - i'm gonna tell you just about my favourite ones (the most interesting). #3 - Jellys - Maybe the track itself is nice and really progressive but the best in it are the lyrics (Extasies, jellys, MDMs, cherries, candies, supermans, ninja turtles, UFOs/ Call it what you want/ It's all the same thing) Once again - great great words. #7 - Wanna Run - This tune is really about dancing - i mean evil dancing! The beats, the bassline soooooooooo goooooooooooood. I wish Guy made it a little longer:-) #9 - Raggaddun Style - This track's made for fun (ragga you know). The MC is really chilling out in India. But somehow my mind draws not India but Jamaica when i listen to this tune. The rest of the albumis also very nice. Well this was my first review on this forum (i hope the next ones will be more detailed - but now i'm too much smoked up with weed so can't write so much). Anyway try to get this album - it's a real gem.
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