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  1. yerg

    In Bruges

    I suppose it is called Tragicomedy
  2. Human Blue – Motionrun
  3. yerg

    V/A - Urban Legends

    Great compilation. It is a mixture of minimal/progressive trance and pure goa. All tracks are very good, especially Parrket – Skeletonised and Human Blue – Motionrun. 9/10
  4. yerg


    dark is not supposed to scare you - it's all about the atmosphere (the feeling)
  5. Deep Dish - Live @ Home Club, Budapest Hungary (18.04.2003)
  6. +1 but eventually i did watch this movie because of the CGI - then i found the info how it was made and it is really amazing on the other hand the plot was a bit boring - it was quite hard to watch it to the end. Anyway it is not bad so 7/10
  7. yerg

    In Bruges

    Good movie. Some moments were realy funny and the whole story was like "WTF?".
  8. Model 500 - The Chase funny thing is that it's a third track with the title Chase which i really like during this week - must be a very popular title
  9. Texas Faggot Masssssacre ------LOL
  10. Not bad really. Nice tracks but the last one has extremely cheesy vocals - and that is not allowed in any psy-chill release Guys from Entheogenic still can't reach their "Spontaneous Illumination" break-through but for that one i send them my best compliments.
  11. also: Banco de Gaia - Big Men Cry
  12. Principles of Flight - The Chase
  13. yerg

    Minilogue - Animals

    I wonder why guys from Minilogue/Son Kite decided to go strictly minimal (even too much) on this release. Some of the first releases from Minilogue were absolutely catchy techy themes with lots of variation and so on. However this release shows that guys become calmer and calmer in their sound - though i haven't heard newer 12" releases yet. Upbeat cd is very relaxed and even lazy - somewhat black and white sound, that is one beat one melody. Only Jamaica, 33,000 Honeybees and Animals stand out as true dancefloor diggers. Ambient cd drowns and has no will for life and keeps falling into the depths of cold and thick water untill the shadows of death cover it totally. I would give it 7/10 and can't say it is boring, it has its moments. But when there is sun shinning and birds singing i would not risk to put this on.
  14. Solar Fields back to his downtempo roots. Nice album. Full of vibrating basslines which i like very much. Sol is indeed an excellnt track and next to that one are Circles of Motion, Sky Trees, Das Bungalow and Breeze (these are 10/10) - others are 8/10. For the whole cd 9/10.
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