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  1. He IS that big http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003817/bio
  2. Great comp. It is always nice to hear some of the lost gems - every track is different and they're all very good. Faves are: GMS Vs Earthling - Cheese Balls, Talamasca - Telepathic Atmosphere, Total Eclipse - Alternatif, X-Dream - The 2nd Room (Future Prophecy Remix) and of course Etnica - Trip Tonite (Remix).
  3. i was listenning to Holden's Live dj sets recently - actually two of his sets: one from Igloofest (Canada) and the other from Rex Club (Paris) - both 2009 - he played a lot of unreleased (or soon to be released tunes) of Border Community and i have to say it is the most innovative and creative minimal-tech sound i've ever heard if you have any chance listen to those (easy to find via google) - both 3 hours long - a trip guaranteed
  4. oh, i enjoy it very much you mean his Balance 005 - and i do support the discogs rating as it is one of my all-time favourite progressive mixes (but that's me) yeah, i've read a lot of positive reviews on Joris Voorn's Balance - and will check it out as soon as i get it
  5. Gattaca OST - The Departure maybe not in tears but still very emotional
  6. Extraterrestrial Travellers what a track - any psy-floor needs this and the whole album deserves respect as well
  7. Many many thanks for those many many hours spent listenning to the Jikken's music. I must be honest - very upset to know he's leaving the scene.
  8. +100000000000000000000000000000 but i'd give it 5/5
  9. +1 i laso like Lawler's "Homelands" and "NuBreed" and was really impressed by Superchumbo (Tom Stephan) Essential mix 2001
  10. One of the best. Nathan Fake - the Sky Was Pink (James Holden remix) - what can i say more
  11. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Adam Freeland Tsunami One Remix)
  12. Well that is just my limited knowledge of dark-scene - outer space sounds very harsh to me when inner space sounds very deep. and that is CPC right? not PCP
  13. Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron
  14. KinDzaDza my man. Waves from Inner Space - there just can't be anything better on the grounds of the dark scene.
  15. Droidlock - Elefantronika can't remember anything similar - a unique release
  16. Thanks, I usually like DI.FM when i can't decide what to listen. That line-up looks
  17. ^^downloaded and unzipped without problems edit: listened twice already, good job Jikken
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