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Found 7 results

  1. Which of these widely recognized classics best stood the test of time? (By no means a complete list, these are frequent ones that popped up in similar threads over the years.) Any more you think should be added, or removed even? Did some cheddar age badly or on the contrary perhaps gained a nice flavor and aroma? Milestones or overrated? All perspectives are welcome.
  2. A remastered (24-bit) version of the forest classic that propelled Sanaton Records to legendary status has been released as a 15 year Anniversary Edition. http://www.sanatonrecords.com/2020/12/04/va-boldly-audio-anniversary-edition/ From their website: listen and get it here https://sanatonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-boldly-audio-2https://sanatonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-boldly-audio-2
  3. So every now and then I travel back in time by means of revisiting old albums. Some of which many will agree upon as beeing essential and classics, something with a timeless appeal if you will. I often do so to see if they have aged gracefully and to see if nostalgia might've worn off. Some albums which were considered groundbreaking at the time might've lost some of the shimmer, but might still retain the compositional qualities which still makes them a joy to listen to. Others will still sound stellar, and one might argue not even beeing in need of remasters, due to how perfectly they were crafted. And then there's albums which will sound hopelessly dated. So my question is, what's your albums that have aged like a fine wine? And what albums are starting to really show their age? I will add some detailed examples of both as I revisit some classics. But for now I will say that the Infected Mushroom album Classical Mushroom, is still a damn funky album full of cool melodies and interesting sounds, it doesn't however sound as stellar mixwise as I remember it. It was very groundbreaking upon release, and much of it was probably due to how fresh and new it sounded stylewise as well as the additions of acoustic elements. These novelties are of course nothing unusual today so the initial wow-effect is somewhat dampened. A remaster might remedy some of this. The Hallucinogen Twisted album on the other hand I consider a splendid old wine, which I would highly recommend to any newcommer to this genre. It sounds as alien as ever, and the weird lysergic landscape it teleports your mind to is still unrivaled. The mixing and sound still to this day to my ears sounds fantastic, a very organic, living and breathing sound. It almost seems to me that some albums might have a shelf-life of perhaps 10 years, then they might start to sound dated, the true classics however thus far are still kicking it some 25 years later. So it begs the question as well, will they to become outdated some 25 years from now? Or will they stand the test of time until there is a new way of enjoying music in the future, which might not even be about recording/arranging music in the linear fashion we do today. We might be sipping on some drinks on mars listening to music on our Neuralink music players in our brains. With 3D music floating through our field of vision like a digital hallucination. Since we have seen an uptick in remasters over the last two decades, I will keep it open to add examples of remastered albums as well, as the remaster might have become old by now if it was remastered in the 00's for example. And besides sometimes the remaster in itself might reveal an old albums weakness. Or at other times you might not have enjoyed what the remaster did to an album and so for that reason skipped it, the puritan way so to say. Some might argue as well that certain albums should be appreciated in the vinyl format unmastered, just as they were intended. And at other times the remaster might've been just what the doctor prescribed and elevated an already stellar album to dizzying heights. Some examples that spring to mind in this category are some of the remastered albums released on DAT Records and Suntrip Records over the years, which were really good remasters, (Dimension-5, Crop Circles, Pleiadians etc). Since it was a long time ago now since the first wave of Neo Goa, the albums of that era are of course valid candidates to this thread as well. Ra - To Sirius is an album I plan to revisit, not sure if it needs a remaster or not. It always had a very plesant sound to me. Miranda - Northern Light still sounds ace to me, very good 90s mastering. I'm still curious about how it would sound remastered since the remastered collection of Miranda tracks released last year on Spiral Trax was really good.
  4. Hello all, Story Begins** "Thanks to the rain, Thanks to the low tyre pressure, Thanks to the dog that ran into the road. I ended up crashing my bike. And special thanks to me quitting job for studies, I am forced to sell few CD's to get my bike fixed. " Story Ends** If only I had that damned Dj Spy CD I would sell it a jiffy. Anyway, here's the list: All the following CD's are Mint or Near Mint. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy Koxbox - Dragon Tales & Forever After Flying Scorpions - Lipoptena Cervi Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences Mystery Of Yeti/The Infinity Project - Mystery Of Yeti, Mystical Experience - close to Mint!! MFG - New Kind Of World Rock Bitch Mafia - Played just once!! Like New S.U.N Project - Drosophila Sandman -Witchcraft Shpongle - Nothing lasts.. Nothing is Lost. Oforia pack: Tandu - Multimoods.(NM) -- Delirious - NM. Piggies - Sealed. (Pigs in Space) Toires - Oued Sanäti - Dakini Records - like new!! X- Dream pack : We Created our own Happiness - Tunnel records (NM), Irritant (NM) , Radio (VG) Ubar Tmar - Ubarpedia - New! Unplayed, unsealed ++ Obi Zirrex - Lost in Time -(3XCDr) Promo - this is VG - VG+ Few compilations: VA - Retrodelica : Back from Future VA - Ganesha Propoganda VA - Oxycanta - 1 - 2006 Nova - Albedo - Played Once!! Resealed. VA - red, white, blue. - TIP records VA - Black Rhino - NM - looks great! VA - Strong Sun Moon VA - history Of Goa Trance ----------------------------------------------------------- Following are Sealed VA - Locomotion VA - Voyager : First Plateau VA - Voyager : Second Plateau Zirrex - Ritual Dance Zirrex - Lost In Time (3XCD) normal version Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch (Avatar Re-issue) Toi Doi - Technologic (Avatar) Libra - Phoenix Deviant electronics - Green Room Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries ..... Filteria - Daze, Sky Input. E-Mantra - Nemesis Mizoo - Greenosophy Solar Fields - Movements ---------------------------------------------------------- Some Special one's (Ashamed to put these for sale!) 1.Hallucinogen - Lone Deranger -- Disc - NM, Cover - Signed by "Simon Posford" He has written "Stay Shpongled" on it. 2.Prana - Geomantik Prana - Cyclone Both Prana discs - NM Both are signed by "Tsuyoshi Suzuki" on the cover. 3.K.U.R.O - Vision Of Mars - NM Note: this one is going to be a bit costly. I also have most of the classics from Ultimae Records. Aes Dana, Asura -- All first versions. CBL(make a good offer and i'll think about it) Sorry no Solar Fields and H.U.V.A Network CD's Prices: Do leave me a message with a decent offer considering rarity and CD condition. We can work something out. Payment: Paypal Shipping: Registered Post (++Tracking) Thanks for looking.
  5. Namaste ~*~ On this mix, I selected the most special tunes that I've heard during my years... music is mostly from the 90s, from the best psybient and idm producers I'm aware of. https://soundcloud.com/sab-kuch-milegator/shiva-shanti-downtempo-mix-2015 Tracklist is as follows: 1. Sun Electric – Castor & Pollux (Apollo 1995) 2. Sun Electric – Uschba (Apollo 1996) 3. X-Dream – Time Begins Tomorrow (Orbit Fly) (Tunnel Records 1993) 4. Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla (Astralwerks 1994) 5. Global Communication - Delta Phase (Dedicated 1993) 6. Prins Thomas - Feel A.M. (Eskimo Recordings 2005) 7. Q-Continuum – Tintintin's Rocket (Jupiter 2004) 8. Global Communication - Gamma Phase (Dedicated 1993) 9. Reagenz - ä (Source Records 1994) 10. Autechre – Bike (Warp Records 1993) 11. Boards Of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden (Warp Records 2000) 12. Gescom - Go Sheep (Clear 1995) 13. Sun Electric – Spreewald (Apollo 1996) 14. Spacetime Continuum - Pressure (Astralwerks 1994) 15. Bola - Forcasa 1 (Skam 1998) 16. Secede w/ Kettel - Leraine (Sending Orbs 2005) 18. Orbital - Adnan's (Internal 1996) 19. FSOL – Papua New Guinea (Jumpin' & Pumpin' 1991) 20. EU – Alien Encounter (Part 1) (Spirit Zone Records 1997) 21. Man With No Name - Azymuth (Concept In Dance 1996) 22. X-Dream - Out Of Your Control (Blue Room Released 1998)
  6. Dear All, it is with extreme pleasure that I announce that I signed the deal! I will re-release the singles of Crop Circles! Lunar Civilization and Full Mental Jackpot will appear on CD Single this year on DAT Records... The time is right and the energy will continue to flow with the music of our Heroes of Psychedelic Trance. The full tracklist of the singles is being decided right now, but be sure that there will be some surprises and some unreleased tracks never heard before But the deal has been reached and that is what matters. Once again a big Thanks to Max and Mauri of Etnica and to Lotus Omega for allowing me to release them. Draeke
  7. Hi! I came here for some help. Long story short... The years around 2000 I went to alot of parties and listen to some heavy shit like X-dream and also some Ololiuqui, Intact Instinct and Son Kite among others. Since then I have been busy with a lot of other things like life and all that include. Now Im back for some more hardcore psy trance and I thought there would be a ton by now but where is it? On youtube there is only "happygoalovetrancemelodies", that is girls music to me. I need some hardcore X-dream shit when Im training, I cant train to happy ecstacy tunes, I need hardcore LSD psychomachine stuff, but where is that? So my question is...what have happened since let say 2002, what is the "new" classics, I mean there should be some within the last 10 years, I just don't know about them. Would anyone be nice and tell me what classic hardcore psytrance that has been made the last decade? I don't mean fast Thunderdome music, I need heavy X-dream music. I can't do music my self because I have other things I do with my time so for now I need some already done music, but heavy shit. Im open for electric house or what ever genre as long as its heavy, I can´t stand that happy melody shit for many minutes. I don't mean that all the other music is bad, it's just not for me. Thanks for all help I can get!
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