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  1. Come on, let's hear a few demos! Dune 2 has 2 oscs with 32 x unison each + a 3rd 1 voice osc, with 8 voice unison on top of all that. (32 * 2 + 1) * 8 = 520 voices And that can be played polyphonically with a max. of 16 voices. trollface.jpg Passionate, creative people fail to take into account market economic reality. Disaster ensues. I was going to ask how you like the A4 for psy, as far as filter etc. are concerned. It's been called cold and bland on Gearslutz. Lastly what Eurorack envelopes and basic saw/pulse/tri/sine oscs do you like best?
  2. I think Zebra is quite overrated. With resonance some of the modes in the old filter module have an unpleasant, quite digital roughness to them. I also don't like how the XMF filters already start to self-oscillate around 12 o'clock. The FM also sounds meh for goa/psy, especially compared to Virus or Nord and for all the synth's modularity and flexibility you are limited a small number of waves with FM. Flabby is a very fitting description of psy bass out of Zebra. The filters and envelopes just aren't up to snuff. If you insist on using an u-he synth for bass, Hive is fantastic, up there with Sylenth1 IMO. Real quick to set up and equally phat, round and snappy. The envelopes (most important for the filter obviously) have just the right concavity in decay and are really fast. The filter is fat and round in the low frequencies. There's your magikal kbbb recipe.
  3. Yep a keyboard is an invaluable tool in sound design - velocity, checking timbre across octaves etc etc. Many experimental happy accidents to be found! I also really like improvisational playing. Anyhow I have two keyboards: IK Multimedia iRig Keys and Nord Lead. The iRig Keys is a mini keyboard with glossy (yuck!), springy plastic keys that wobble sideways. The feel when playing is terrible. That was 100 € ill-spent. The Nord has a Fatar keybed that responds very well to light and quick playing. A delight! No aftertouch but that's what the famed Clavia hands-on controls are for. trollol! I also had an Alesis VI49 from Thomann for a tryout earlier this year. The velocity response was insensitive despite multiple curves, the aftertouch was so stiff as to make your fingers hurt and the long travel of the keybed made quick playing difficult. Not recommended.
  4. My experience is that a good loop will immediately give inspiration to further material, and so help you get out of the loop. Conversely that inspiration is a convenient indication of quality. I agree with mixing being a separate step of the process.
  5. Yep running your own stuff through the Omnisphere DSP opens up a lifetime worth of options. The granular and FM synthesis sections are much improved over v. 1. There's also real wavetables now. The thing about v. 1 that's always bothered me apart from missing sample import - and I never saw this issue raised anywhere - is that in synthesis mode it's basically two single oscillator synths per layer. You can't run multiple oscillators (not counting unison mode) through a common filter, which is extremely limiting. In v 2 you can layer different waveforms in each part but the menu is tucked away.
  6. Yeah no demo for Trilian. I don't know if the filters are exactly the same, never bothered to test TBH. Huh? Lowpass? Do you mean highpass, because lowpass at 30 hz would make no sense. If you aren't using a linear phase eq for the high cut, phase shifting will be introduced in the sound, altering its character - which may or may not be subtle and sound good depending on the eq algorithm. Yep not all synths are created equal.
  7. Presumably you eq'd the mix versions because I didn't hear the boominess that was present in some of the kick + bass ones? Wow Harmor sounds great, really tight envelopes and clean sound. Definitely one to inspect closer. Olga OTOH sounds thin and limp, ugh. I've never liked Zebra 2 for rolling psy bass. There's some kind of unpleasant instability in the attack of the enveloped filter that I can't get rid of. It just doesn't sound as good and tight as the best options. Speaking of which there are some great ones not in your test. The most obvious is Trilian, fat and flexible with adjustable envelope curves. FilterscapeVA, while no good for wet acid sounds because of the digital character of the filter, produces one of the best psy basses IMO. The filter envelope is super stable and its concavity is just right. CronoX2 is good too - another one where they got the envelope just right - but it doesn't have the analog fidelity of say Sylenth1. Summa summarum if you want to make a psy bass with the least effort, use Sylenth1.
  8. Selling Pleiadians' I.F.O. CD, the '97 Dragonfly version. The disc is in good condition, some light scratches, but plays perfectly. The sleeve is in very good condition. 60 eur, Europe and European bank transfer preferably. Serious buyers PM for details or if you'd like to see pictures.
  9. Ok now I remember one belief I once held. It was that Hallucinogen is nothing special. Ok go ahead and laugh - like I do.
  10. Mantis - Papaver Somniforum (sic) :clapping: :posford:
  11. Actually I do like Shower of Sparks, Smoked Glass and Chrome and From Trunch to Stormness.
  12. I read your comment on the Suntrip site.

    Yes we DO release Goa (oldschool) music. That's our point. We do so because we love the music & believe others too.

    Looking into the future never was our intent, although I think there are new ways to go further with Goa music.

    We just share the music we enjoy. If I could relase a new Beatles cd, I would. Not because it...

  13. Heh some very funny stuff here, but this is my favourite - no offense intended of course. Unfortunately I can't recall any of mine right now.
  14. Logic Bomb's first two albums. They have way too many cheesy vocal samples. OTT. He has superb production values but most of his music is too dubby for me.
  15. I kind of rediscovered his music recently. My brother got Supermodified when it was released around ten years ago and I liked it then but over the years I forgot about Tobin. A few years ago I tried listening some of his albums but couldn't get into them. Now however I really dig Supermodified, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory OST and especially Foley Room. The Chaos Theory soundtrack is a great collection of brooding breaks, and Foley Room is exhileratingly freeform yet rich with emotion. IMO the only bad track on it is Kitchen Sink which is a silly collection of kitchen sounds.
  16. mitua604 has three dozen or so older goa and pie tracks.
  17. Psychaos - Dense Dawn He made some awesome psycore tracks capable of tearing your face off. Dense Dawn is one of them.
  18. I haven't bought new music in quite a long time but on the weekend I ordered HUVA Network - Ephemeris Aes Dana - Leylines :drama: :drama:
  19. I think the way forward for digital music should be a tag system that is common in many Web 2.0 applications such as Last.fm, blogs and image boards where you can use any number of tags for an item, like this: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Killers It is possible to assign multiple genres to a track in the the mp3 id tag for example but it doesn't get used much, and I don't know if WinAmp and iTunes can detect multiple genres. That "an item belongs to multiple categories" type of classification is not possible with files (well on Linux it might be) that you have to place on either this or that folder and obviously not with physical records.
  20. I should've checked my facts before posting. It was Spindrift who said they used Roland JD, and it was 800, not 990. But what do you mean, draeke selling the JD? Did Spindrift hear about that from draeke or are we even talking about the same thing here? Actually no one said there they used a Waldorf Q.
  21. What next? Godford releases Hallucinogen III and everyone and their imaginary friend scramble to copy-paste his divine killargh power to their full on. Result: neo full on! Godford, of course, being the god he is gracefully leaves the debacle behind untouched.
  22. There was a topic way back in the music making section of Psynews which discussed hardware synths. In it Filteria said a Pleiadians (and so probably CC too) staple was Roland JD990.
  23. +1 Funnily enough I don't have any problem with games as digital downloads.
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