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  1. Had the chance to record the Dj-Set I played last weekend Enjoy !! https://soundcloud.com/onkelbibber/bibber-live-zuruck-zu-den-wurzeln-festival-2017-set
  2. I don't really see (or hear) the similarity to Thongoro, but great that you guys enjoyed listening
  3. well, actually I'm not playing at those parties, and barely playing tech-stuff at all at the moment. I used to but now it's just psytrance in public. Maybe you have some faster stuff around 138-140? it can still be quite tech, but would be great as an intro for a psy set
  4. like it ! we have a party series here in Berlin just playing psy-techno stuff on one of the floors, would great there
  5. ENJOY https://soundcloud.com/onkelbibber/onkel-bibber-is-walking-on-air-set Have a listen to my label-friends most recent live recorded sets as well: [media]https://soundcloud.com/shackadelic-sounds[/media]
  6. These guys are known for weird techno/trance stuff, but this old one is pretty psy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkjYd3nYfK8 this what they are known for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbB3iGRHtqA
  7. sounds pretty good to me. big stage, good drums good job! maybe kick and bass could have a little more presence in the mix on some parts. especially when they first come in fully on 0:55. maybe try to boost above 2.5k or something or try a general boost of 1db. might be enough...
  8. I think this could make some good sounds if you have a nice fx chain on it and use it subtle (not really recognizing it as a vocal). And as said before, if you have a complex chain, it doesn't really matter which mic you use. SM58 is great because of it's price fr the quality, but you could even use cheaper ones.
  9. I think this kind of music i make is predestined for being played on big system and having people dance to it. And that is also why i make this music, except for enjoying the results by myself it's a great feeling to see people having fun with something you've created. In those situations you've helped them having a good time and therefore have a good time together. And as it's definitley focused on the bass on some parts the bass has to be good by itself. Sure this is also a matter of taste and i sometimes listen to "pro" basslines through my dt880s and think that they don't sound so good by itself. But they work on the big systems. So even if you have a different taste of bassline there are some things that should be payed attention to to have them be working on big systems (or on any system, if that is your goal).
  10. In general to the layering question: How do you people layer your basslines? Some people have 3 layers (click, saw, sub), you use 2 (saw, sub) and I don't layer at all. I use one osc and processing. sometimes i add a click to it, but not always. According to materias interview on youtube i try to keep it simple. Any advises here from more experienced users?
  11. Maybe there are better synth for psy basses with which you can have your results more easily and quicker, i don't know, lack of experience except operator and zebra. But the longer i use zebra i think the results are getting better and better. Of course a good bassline needs some experience, too. Here are my 2 latest basslines with zebra 2 (no enbedded player because it's private: https://soundcloud.com/onkelbibber/aberan_07_sample/s-wJIXu https://soundcloud.com/onkelbibber/abinit_13_sample/s-2Jrcw
  12. Thanks for your review. That's exactly the issue i have with these tracks, too. Bassline ^^
  13. I also do have pretty much the same start for a bassline. Some parameters change of course and the further eq/compression/saturation varies.
  14. i like it. maybe a little bit more mides to get it more presence but fits good to the track.
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