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  1. I'm sure such beautiful people play only the most beautiful music.
  2. Usually I wouldn't even consider naming the best track/band/movie/whatever ever, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. IMO the best psy trance track ever is Psychopod - Psychopod. It is an outstanding piece of music and it arouses amazing feelings in me. When I hear it, I feel relaxed and I think how much wisdom and "vision" there is in it, kind of like all the core things that make up human life (emotions, "laws" of human life etc.). YMMV. Followed by Hallucinogen - Space Pussy, Thugs in Tye Dye Astral Projection - Another World Dimension 5 - Beetlesnuff Pleiadians - Maia, Electra and many others
  3. The 12 Moons album is good indeed. However, I wish he would release more Neser DNA tracks. The two (My Name is Bruise and Stainless Steel) on Boshke compilations are so good, and such hard tech trance is rare. I emailed him about that last year or the year before and he sent me a link to a download store which had more NDNA choons, but I didn't think they were that good. That's sad because he has great potential and this world need a new The Delta!
  4. It's finally available! :bounce: Everybody (at least in the EU) should consider ordering directly from Suntrip so the label get as much of the money as possible - and you get the stickers.
  5. Great tunes, Filipe. I like that you are broadening your horizons and are not following the old goa formula so strictly anymore. Edit: Are you still going to release the Lost Buddha - Untold Stories 2004-2007 album? Please do!
  6. Prisoners of the Sun - Creating Social Success Somehow I didn't like it when it was released, but now that I relistened it, I like it very much. That happens sometimes. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional Release it already, damnit!
  7. My post was dead serious! I don't know because I'm fortunate not to have heard their 90's cheesefests.
  8. They were making nitzhonot before they started making serious psy trance. So they have just gone back to their roots. Everybody knows how important roots are for people!
  9. I like Imperial Project, esp. Gaia Spirits album and I have most of their tracks, except Flying Saucers, Parallel World and Acts of Violence from Remote Viewing album and Vimana, Boiling in Acid, Meeting@Infinity, Dubay and Life Force from Vimana. Anybody have these? I've been looking for them on P2Ps but haven't found them. BTW you can access their old website at http://web.archive.org/web/20021121024036/...w.cygnetic.com/ There are newer versions of the site than the 2002 one above at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.cygnetic.com but they don't have all pages. Sick studio.
  10. I downloaded a few of those DVDs a while back. Thanks for sharing. Your bandwidth expenses must be skyhigh. Please release the full "Goa Is Not Dead Yet" party video already! I'm dying to see it; the trailer sent shivers down my spine. Amazing vibe!
  11. It's the reissue, but hey it's the same album. No way I'm going to waste money on a far more expensive "original"; it's the music that counts, not which press the record is.
  12. Phony Orphants (sic!) - Symphony and it'cetra Behind Blue Eyes - Behind Blue Eyes - Fantastic!
  13. Electron Wave - The Uncertainty Principle Very good, hard & abstract psy trance from two of Dimension 5 guys. Truly a unique album. I paid 4 euros for it while some Canadian is asking 65 euros for it at Discogs.
  14. Dimension 5 - Second Phaze CD - *sigh* Vibrasphere - Echo CD - Damn this is so hard to find. A while back there was one very cheap on ebay.se but I couldn't get it. Hallucinogen - Space Pussy CD - Far easier to get on vinyl. Records I spent quite a while looking for but finally found: Pleiadians - IFO CD The Delta - Send In Send Back CD X-Dream - Irritant CD - Paid like 10 euros.
  15. The remastered sample sounds great. Splendid work, Meister Schuldt! Can't wait to get this baby.
  16. I must be blind then (or not just following every single thread going on in this section), because I've not seen that many mentions of them.
  17. How come they are mentioned so seldom here? Headlines EP and especially Dreampod single are simply fantastic. I must've played Dreampod & Psychopod like ten times in the last week and I'm not bored with them. Tons and tons of emotions & ideas, sections & layers zigzaging and intertwining and bombing your mind. I like Psychopod better than old Koxbox because it's more intense (faster?) and a bit less weird.
  18. This isn't an appropriate place to discuss warez.
  19. +1 Radios play too much sh*t. I choose to create my own happiness, thank you. I used to listen to Philosomatika and GoaBlaze (RIP) though.
  20. Well, I used to like his sets too years ago, but since then I've stopped listening to "kiksu" trance and nowadays his spinning makes me yawn. Some years back he played a good house set in the early hours of the night at Mr. A's VooDoo (man, that was a great series of events!) though.
  21. I don't know for sure. I just took the info from the elixiria.fi link above. I suppose it's a "real" album because announcing a soundtrack album without mentioning it's a soundtrack album (that's been released in Japan a while ago) is a bit daft.
  22. From Twisted.co.uk (23 January): "It was confirmed today that there is to be no Shpongle boxset to wrap up the Shpongle story...as the Shpongle tale is set to continue with a fourth studio album possibly completed late this year for release early in 2008. more details when we have them." The gnomes have found a new way to say hooray! Now if they (kind of) confirmed H3 too... It funny how it's taken so long for these news to actually get read and spread. Sideffect, there's a link to the official Shpongle page on the blog page I linked, in the upper left corner: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=49430046
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