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  1. You can't really go wrong with Sinepearl https://sinepearl.bandcamp.com/
  2. Fluorotronik isn't really a "reissue" as it wasn't actually released until last year.
  3. Hahah, almost 4 years since I posted this Consider this 99% abandoned by me. I do have that Shakta album though.
  4. You mean this one? http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/kadasarva-steamagination
  5. Some random few recommendations that might interest you (trying to stay within 93-98). Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden X-Dream - Radio (German artist / UK label) Morphem - Out Of Focus Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare (German artist / UK label) Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Bug The Delta - Scizoeffective S.U.N. Project - Drosophila S.U.N. Project - Macrophage Montauk P - Def=Lim (German artist / UK label) Noosphere - Radiated (German artist / UK label) Children Of Paradise - Urban Alien Of course there's more to the type of sound I at least think you're after, if you want to stray outside of Germany
  6. The wonderful people at Kosmos Festival had a party for their 2017 artists and staff last weekend. I played some rather intense goa trance at midnight Tracklist: Triquetra - Renkinjutsu Omnivox - Gift Of Unsanity Filteria - Chaotic-Om (Morphic Resonance Remix) Pleiadians - Modulation X-Dream - Freak Hypnoxock - Mental Ascension GoaTree - No Time To Waste Proxeeus - Down The Six Thousand Steps (Unreleased Demo Version)
  7. Yeah. I've seen far worse covers than that (no, it's not bad at all, a bit generic however). I like the colours and somehow it looks like it could have been released on Spirit Zone 15 years ago or so
  8. Let's see, games played in the past ~year, after The Witcher trilogy... (with short comments). Rise of the Tomb Raider (20 year celebration edition) - fun, if you don't compare it to the original quintet. Limbo + Inside - disturbing, unnerving, occasionally irritatingly frustrating (both of them). Mad Max - one of the best optimized games I've played, and was good enough to satisfy my occasional craving for simple asskicking. Of course I did spend almost too much of my game time just driving around the landscape The Witness - did a rather good job of filling the hole left by The Talos Principle, even if the approach is quite different. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - was good fun, although the game world felt quite empty. The combat system is an absolute delight and for the first time maybe ever I actually enjoyed melee over ranged combat. With a sprinkle of magic. Minerva's Den - the only part of the BioShock series I hadn't played yet. Made me remember again that I don't really enjoy FPS games that much. Styx: Shards of Darkness - stealth games are usually my favourites, but this felt rather unfinished and rushed. I did enjoy the first game more than this one. Postal Redux - because sometimes you just need to switch off you brain and cause massive bloodbaths (in a game) :DD Submerged - because sometimes you need a game where basically nothing happens. Fortunately I didn't pay more than 2€ for this one. INFRA - this was an oddly satisfying puzzle game that I need to replay one of these days (I missed some things in th beginning). The Source engine is a bit meh for this approach, but hey, at least it was made by a Finnish game company The Turing Test - another puzzle game to satisfy this particular craving of mine. Runs on Unreal Engine 4 (and damn I wish INFRA would too). A bit too short, unfortunately. Archaica: The Path of Light - yet another puzzle game, but a completely different approach from the 2 previous ones. Enjoyed it, although it kinda just ended all of a sudden. Some really tricky puzzles in here. Enderal - a Skyrim total conversion mod that turns it into a completely different game. On many accounts even better than Skyrim. The only huge downside was the downright painful ending; without spoiling too much, the amount of quasi-philosophical bullshit at the end is absolutely mindboggling. Still, I managed to finish it twice this year. So...that was quite a list, and somehow I also managed to squeeze in quite a lot of gigs and some other music stuff during the year. Oh, and there's the Steam winter sale going on now. The new Life Is Strange is tempting me...
  9. For some reason or other, this year Finnish party organizations had surprisingly many 5th and 10th anniversaries. This party was the last one of them, and happened on 1.12.2017 in Espoo, Finland. I played the finishing set of the party, and had loads of fun on stage (a comment from a friend of mine was "dude, you were absolutely on fire!") Tracklist: Ephedra - Neuro Stretch Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep (Short Mix) Eat Static - Bony Incus (Man With No Name Remix) Hypnoxock - You Have To Find A Brain Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream X-Dream - Panic In Paradise Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight
  10. I didn't know there's a jewel case version too, I have the Digipak. Well oops :DD it really looks like a jewel case in that picture. But yeah, figures why I got confused since I have all Backroom Beats releases (including the 1st comp) separate from my Twisted releases.
  11. What's that CD you have between Doof - It's About Time and Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible? The gray/silver with the Twisted logo/text. I have all Twisted CD releases but that doesn't look familiar
  12. Okay, no offense meant, but you quite thoroughly managed to confuse me with your likes/dislikes and goa monkeys Makes it a bit difficult to figure out what to recommend. And what exactly is there about Ektoplazm that you dislike? I can honestly say that you're the first person I've ever seen say that.
  13. What's definitely missing from your list is Algae Bloom - The Blossom, unless ~130BPM melodic prog (or "daypsy" as the artist himself likes to call it) is too slow for your tastes Just out of pure interest, mind giving one or a few examples of this? Just to see if your definition differs from mine (and thus, if there's something I should not recommend).
  14. May I suggest taking a listen to Varese Dream. Last time I played this in a DJ set the dancefloor exploded
  15. Out today on Ektoplazm too: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/fluorotronik That's OK, I think modern goa trance is in a need of a punk rock attitude anyway
  16. Ooh, thanks for that And I sure know Amygdala. I just wish he'd release more music
  17. I've already listened to this album more times than Museum Of Consciousness, and it's been out for less than 2 weeks. MOC was released 4 years ago :DD While I still don't consider this particularly groundbreaking or mindblowing, and while it has basically all ingredients you'd expect from a Shpongle album, it still manages to sound unlike anything else out there. There's less silly FX fuckery this time, and I'm positively amused by Raja's babblings (and it sounds like he's cracking up at the end of I Woke Up As A Shlummutz) Reminds me most of Ineffable Mysteries in its overall feeling.
  18. I just went through a few of the releases and identified some tracks. Seems like the most "effort" by this "label" has gone into coming up with shitty artist and track names :DDDD
  19. Listening to this album is a bit like reading a love letter to a girl you're not particularly fond of. If you didn't already know, I don't hold the Etnica / Pleiadians / Crop Circles trinity in nearly as high regard as much of the goa scene does. That being said, I can definitely feel the amount of passion poured into this, but as with the aforementioned love letter, that passion unfortunately doesn't reach me personally. I'm much more interested in hearing whatever own tracks he's been (and will be) cooking, as his recent compilation tracks have been nothing but stellar
  20. Thanks Antimatter, and Shaari Avadon too, are from the Qlippoth album.
  21. An independent DIY bicycle workshop in Helsinki had a support party last weekend, raising funds to keep them going. I played some rather organic and moody downtempo on the alternative stage. Tracklist: Altair - Outsider Looking In PhasePhour - Tetraphobia Blue Pilots Project - Gadfly Shulman - One Step Closer DownHill - Three Years Drought Bluetech - Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Remix) Symbioosi - Subterranea Carbon Based Lifeforms - Nattväsen Xerxes - Longyaard Krusseldorf - Higher Culture Easily Embarrassed - Smooth Operator Static Noise Bird - The Meltdown Of The Crestfallen Cygnet One Arc Degree + Cybernetika - Nether Moon Carbon Based Lifeforms - Loss Aversion
  22. Well that looks like a yummy tracklist, and I see a bunch of familiar artists from my own sets I do have a bad habit of barely ever listening to people's DJ sets, but I might take a listen to this in the upcoming weeks.
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